Stock Titan Gold Membership

Stock Titan Gold Membership

What do you get with Stock Titan Gold?

Real Time news 24/7 Real time news

Zero delay news delivered as fast as possible, with a priority feed that is at least 15 seconds ahead of the public.

If you believe our public feed is fast, we can do even better.

Voice news Voice news

Through our Discord channel you will be able to access a voice channel with our TTS bot.

All incoming news will be read to provide constant updates, even when you have other elements on the screen.

Watchlist Watchlist

Every day we provide on our Discord a list of top performing stocks with recent news, helping every day the research for hot stocks to watch.

Soon also available on the website in a dynamic version, updated frequently during the day. to always show the most relevant headlines of the day.

Stock news filters Stock news live filters

All the power of our platform in filtering news in real time.

Filters can be applied to exchanges, stock symbols, tags and keywords. Only the news compliant with the user set conditions will be shown, without adding any delay, to help creating a customized news feed.

No Advertisement No Advertising

No more ads means not having annoying elements on the pages, a cleaner layout and higher page loading performances.

New updates Constant updates

New features are frequently released to improve the platform. We listen to our users requests and keep adding features overtime.

What are the differences in time between a free user and a Stock Titan Gold member?

Free news feed

The Stock News Live page for free users is delayed 15 seconds.

Twitter is delayed 15 seconds.

Discord public channels are delayed 15 seconds.

Gold news feed

The Stock News Live page for Gold users is in real time.

Discord gold channels are in real time.

How do I become a Stock Titan Gold member?

Gold features are assigned to our Patreon supporters. It will be enough to register with our members on Patreon to be eligible.

How much does Stock Titan Gold cost?

There is only one tier available on Patreon at $50 a month. Patreon is billing the subscriptions on the 1st day of each month.

How do I redeem my Gold rights?

Website Website

Register on the site, preferably with the same address used for Patreon, to allow automatic identification by the system. On your next login you should see the privileges updated and the logo change to Gold.

If the emails are different, once registered you will be able to access the Profile page, where you can enter the email address with which the registration to Patreon was made. The system will verify the identity and assign the Gold status.

Discord Discord

Join our Discord channel here.

Once joined, message StockTitan Bot [StockTitan#3084] that you will find in the list of moderators, with the command:

register <your email>

For example, if you are registered on Patreon with the email [email protected] the command will be:

register [email protected]

Discord step1

Where <your email> must be the one used on Patreon, to allow our system to confirm the identity and assign Gold privileges. With the latter it will be possible to access the features and view channels restricted to Gold users.