AgriFORCE Receives Australian Patent Allowance for Its High Fiber, High Protein Low Carbohydrate Flour and Technology

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AgriFORCE Growing Systems has received a standard patent from IP Australia for its high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate flour and technology. The patent was granted on April 4, 2024, under the title 'High fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate flour, sweetened liquid, sweeteners, cereals, and methods for production thereof.' The Company is focused on providing innovative solutions to agricultural challenges and is commercializing its first line of flours under the UN(Think) Awakened Flour Brand. The patented process allows for the production of nutritious flours by lightly germinating wheat and activating enzymes at the optimal time.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems ha ricevuto un brevetto standard da IP Australia per la sua farina e tecnologia ad alto contenuto di fibre, proteine e basso contenuto di carboidrati. Il brevetto è stato concesso il 4 aprile 2024, sotto il titolo 'Farina ad alta fibra, alta proteina e basso contenuto di carboidrati, liquido dolcificato, dolcificanti, cereali e metodi di produzione degli stessi.' L'azienda è impegnata a fornire soluzioni innovative alle sfide agricole e sta commercializzando la sua prima linea di farine sotto il marchio UN(Think) Awakened Flour. Il processo brevettato permette la produzione di farine nutrienti attraverso la leggera germinazione del grano e l'attivazione degli enzimi nel momento ottimale.
AgriFORCE Growing Systems ha recibido una patente estándar de IP Australia para su harina y tecnología de alto contenido de fibra, proteínas y bajo en carbohidratos. La patente fue otorgada el 4 de abril de 2024, bajo el título 'Harina de alta fibra, alta proteína, bajo contenido de carbohidratos, líquido endulzado, edulcorantes, cereales y métodos para su producción.' La compañía se centra en proporcionar soluciones innovadoras a los desafíos agrícolas y está comercializando su primera línea de harinas bajo la marca UN(Think) Awakened Flour. El proceso patentado permite la producción de harinas nutritivas mediante la germinación ligera del trigo y la activación de enzimas en el momento óptimo.
AgriFORCE Growing Systems는 고섬유질, 고단백질, 저탄수화물 밀가루 및 기술에 대한 표준 특허를 IP Australia로부터 받았습니다. 해당 특허는 2024년 4월 4일에 '고섬유질, 고단백질, 저탄수화물 밀가루, 감미액, 감미료, 시리얼 및 이의 생산 방법'이라는 제목으로 부여되었습니다. 이 회사는 농업 도전과제에 혁신적인 해결책을 제공하는 데 집중하고 있으며 UN(Think) Awakened Flour Brand라는 첫 번째 밀가루 제품 라인을 상업화하고 있습니다. 특허받은 과정은 최적의 시간에 밀을 경미하게 발아시키고 효소를 활성화함으로써 영양가 있는 밀가루의 생산을 가능하게 합니다.
AgriFORCE Growing Systems a reçu un brevet standard de l'IP Australia pour sa farine et sa technologie riches en fibres, protéines, et faibles en glucides. Le brevet a été accordé le 4 avril 2024 sous le titre 'Farine riche en fibres, en protéines, pauvre en glucides, liquide sucré, édulcorants, céréales et méthodes de production de ceux-ci.' La société se concentre sur la fourniture de solutions innovantes aux défis agricoles et commercialise sa première ligne de farines sous la marque UN(Think) Awakened Flour. Le procédé breveté permet la production de farines nutritives en faisant germer légèrement le blé et en activant les enzymes au moment optimal.
AgriFORCE Growing Systems hat ein Standardpatent von IP Australia für sein hochfaseriges, proteinreiches und kohlenhydratarmes Mehl und Technologie erhalten. Das Patent wurde am 4. April 2024 unter dem Titel 'Hochfaseriges, proteinreiches, kohlenhydratarmes Mehl, gesüßte Flüssigkeit, Süßstoffe, Getreide und Produktionsmethoden dafür' erteilt. Das Unternehmen konzentriert sich darauf, innovative Lösungen für landwirtschaftliche Herausforderungen zu bieten und vermarktet seine erste Mehlreihe unter der Marke UN(Think) Awakened Flour. Das patentierte Verfahren ermöglicht die Herstellung nahrhafter Mehle durch leichtes Keimen von Weizen und Aktivieren von Enzymen zum optimalen Zeitpunkt.
  • AgriFORCE Growing Systems has successfully obtained a standard patent from IP Australia for its high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate flour and technology.
  • The Company is dedicated to addressing agricultural issues and providing novel solutions for sustainable crop development and financial solutions for farmers worldwide.
  • AgriFORCE is commercializing its first line of flours under the UN(Think) Awakened Flour Brand, which utilizes the patented technology to produce nutritious wheat Whole Kernel flours.
  • The patented process enables the production of Awakened Grains and Awakened Flour, which can be used in a variety of products beyond breads, including pastas and pastries.
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (“the Company”) (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW), an intellectual property (IP) focused AgTech company, announces that IP Australia, the intellectual property branch of the Australian government has granted the Company a standard patent for its high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate flour. Patent number 2018215090, titled, “High fiber, high protein, low carbohydrate flour, sweetened liquid, sweeteners, cereals, and methods for production thereof,” was granted on April 4, 2024.

AgriFORCE Executive Turnaround Consultant Jolie Kahn commented, “We continue to expand our extensive intellectual property portfolio where we remain dedicated to providing novel and feasible solutions to key agricultural problems from sustainable, nutritious crop development to new financial solutions for farmers throughout the world. In the meantime, we are grateful for our ongoing relationship with IP Australia and look forward to continuing to grow our patent estate for the benefit of our stockholders.”

The Company is currently commercializing a first line of flours under the UN(Think) Awakened Flour Brand, which utilizes the technology. These wheat Whole Kernel flours are produced in the first phase of AgriFORCE’s patent-pending process. The process allows for a precise method to lightly germinate wheat by utilizing carefully monitored humidity and temperature to activate the product’s enzymes at the ideal time to maximize the nutritional elements of sprouted grains. Once milled, Awakened Grains are turned into Awakened Flour. Because the wheat isn’t sprouted completely in AgriFORCE’s proprietary process, it can be used not only in breads like sprouted wheat, but also in other products including pastas and pastries.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW) is an AgTech company focused on building an integrated AgTech platform that combines the best technology, intellectual property, and knowledge to solve an urgent problem – providing the best solutions to help drive sustainable crops and nutritious food for people around the world. The AgriFORCE vision is to be a global leader in delivering plant-based foods and products through an advanced and sustainable AgTech platform that makes positive change in the world—from seed to table. Additional information about AgriFORCE is available at:

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