Actelis Receives $260,000 Order for Major Mid-Atlantic US County Traffic System Modernization

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Actelis Networks, a market leader in networking solutions for IoT applications, announced a $260,000 order to modernize the traffic systems in a major Mid-Atlantic county. This project leverages Actelis' hybrid-fiber technology to improve traffic management, safety, and environmental initiatives. The County, home to over 1 million residents, is important for the region's economy and infrastructure. Actelis' advanced Ethernet aggregators and access devices will enhance the operational efficiency of traffic signals and safety cameras, aligning with the County's long-term goals of eliminating severe collisions by 2030 and promoting climate resilience.

  • $260,000 order for traffic system modernization.
  • Enhanced traffic flow and safety using hybrid-fiber technology.
  • Supports County's goals of reducing collisions and promoting climate resilience.
  • Expands Actelis' footprint in the intelligent transportation sector.
  • None.

The $260,000 order from a major Mid-Atlantic US county underscores Actelis Networks' ongoing traction within the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) market. ITS involves the use of advanced technologies to improve transportation safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability. This sector is rapidly growing due to urbanization and the increasing need for efficient traffic management solutions.

From a market perspective, this order not only reinforces Actelis' credibility but also highlights the company's capacity to scale its technology to different regions and applications. Investors should understand that while the order amount is relatively small ($260,000), the real value lies in proof of concept and market validation. Continuous wins like these can pave the way for larger contracts and long-term growth opportunities.

Moreover, Actelis' hybrid-fiber technology is a key differentiator. This technology allows for the deployment of high-speed internet over existing copper networks, offering a cost-effective solution compared to laying down new fiber infrastructure. This attribute is appealing to municipalities aiming for rapid deployment and cost efficiency.

In the short term, this order may not significantly impact Actelis' financials. However, in the long term, such projects can enhance the company's reputation and customer base, positioning it as a reliable provider in the ITS market.

Actelis' hybrid-fiber technology is at the forefront of smart traffic system innovation. This technology combines the best of fiber optics and existing copper infrastructure, delivering fiber-like speeds without the high costs of full fiber installations. For many counties and municipalities, this offers a pragmatic solution to modernize traffic systems within budget constraints.

From a technical standpoint, the deployment of Actelis’ advanced Ethernet aggregators and access devices (EADs) enables efficient traffic management, important for urban centers grappling with congestion. The specific implementation here focuses on improving traffic signal synchronization and camera system management, which are critical for reducing traffic congestion and enhancing public safety.

This project aligns well with broader trends toward smarter cities and IoT integration, suggesting that Actelis is positioned to benefit from these larger technological shifts. For investors, understanding these technical strengths can provide insights into the company's strategic advantages and potential growth in a tech-driven future.

Enhancing traffic flow and safety in major County, Actelis' hybrid-fiber technology supports key priorities in intelligent transportation and environmental initiatives

FREMONT, Calif., July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Actelis Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASNS) (“Actelis” or the “Company”), a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking solutions for IoT applications, today announced that it has received a significant order valued at $260,000 to modernize the traffic systems in a major Mid-Atlantic county in the United States. This project continues Actelis’ momentum in the intelligent transportation space, following its previous announced wins in Washington, DC, Bakersfield, CA, and Italy, for a national transportation infrastructure project.

“We are thrilled to be chosen to support these traffic system modernization efforts,” said Tuvia Barlev, Chairman and CEO of Actelis. “This order, alongside several recent announcements underscores the growing trust in our innovative, secure and cost-effective hybrid-fiber technology and its ability to not only enhance traffic flow, but also support critical safety, transportation, infrastructure, and environmental initiatives. With our expanding portfolio of innovative solutions continuing to gain traction across various sectors, we remain steadfast in its commitment to driving growth and delivering exceptional value to our customers and investors.”

The County, home to over 1 million residents and numerous US government offices, research centers, and major corporations, plays a pivotal role in the region. Efficient traffic management is essential for maintaining the County’s thriving economy and accommodating its significant visitor influx.

The County is responsible for maintaining thousands of lane miles as well as hundreds of managed traffic signals and safety cameras. Actelis’ innovative hybrid-fiber networking solution provides immediate fiber-grade connectivity over the County’s existing fiber/copper network infrastructure. By leveraging Actelis’ advanced Ethernet aggregators and access devices (EADs), the County can efficiently manage traffic signals and camera systems at intersections, ensuring seamless control and enhanced operational efficiency. Actelis’ solution addresses the County’s key priorities, including:

  • Safety and vision zero: The County has put resources in place to eliminate serious and fatal collisions by the end of 2030. By enabling fiber-grade connectivity at traffic intersections, County staff is able to monitor traffic flow and configure signal timing to ensure safety for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • Environment and climate resiliency: The County has one of the nation’s most aggressive climate action plans. Actelis’ solution helps traffic flow more freely, reducing vehicle emissions caused by unnecessary traffic jams.
  • Economic development and Equitable Access: By extending the lifespan of the existing network infrastructure, Actelis allows the County to allocate resources to other critical areas, promoting economic growth and equitable access.

About Actelis Networks, Inc.

Actelis Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNS) is a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid-deployment networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications including federal, state and local government, ITS, military, utility, rail, telecom and campus applications. Actelis’ unique portfolio of hybrid fiber-copper, environmentally hardened aggregation switches, high density Ethernet devices, advanced management software and cyber-protection capabilities, unlocks the hidden value of essential networks, delivering safer connectivity for rapid, cost-effective deployment. For more information, please visit

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What is the value of Actelis' recent order for traffic system modernization?


Which area is Actelis' new project targeting?

A major Mid-Atlantic county in the United States.

How does Actelis' technology help in traffic management?

By providing immediate fiber-grade connectivity, enhancing control over traffic signals and safety cameras.

What are the key goals of the County’s traffic modernization project?

Improving safety, reducing vehicle emissions, and promoting economic growth.

What is the stock symbol for Actelis Networks?


Actelis Networks, Inc.


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