Ault Alliance’s Subsidiary, Sentinum, Announces 89 Bitcoin Mined in April 2024

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Ault Alliance's subsidiary, Sentinum, mined 89 Bitcoin in April 2024, with 46 Bitcoin from its Michigan data center and 43 Bitcoin through Core Scientific. CEO William B. Horne expressed optimism about reducing power costs and focusing on profitable mining post-Bitcoin halving. The company acknowledges that Bitcoin price volatility, mining difficulty fluctuations, and power provisioning challenges may impact future results. Ault Alliance is prepared to adjust its operations accordingly. For more information, consult Ault Alliance's public filings and press releases.

  • Sentinum mined 89 Bitcoin in April 2024.
  • 46 Bitcoin mined at the Michigan data center.
  • 43 Bitcoin mined through Core Scientific.
  • Installation of miners at Montana mining locations.
  • Focus on reducing power costs and profitable mining operations.
  • Future results subject to Bitcoin market price volatility.
  • Potential impact from fluctuations in mining difficulty.
  • Challenges in providing necessary power for mining operations.
  • No prediction on Bitcoin price post-halving.
  • Uncertainty in mining operations adjustments.

Ault Alliance’s announcement that its subsidiary Sentinum mined 89 Bitcoin in April 2024 provides substantial insights for investors. Given the current Bitcoin price roughly at $30,000 (subject to market fluctuations), this translates to approximately $2.67 million in mined Bitcoin for the month. This figure is particularly relevant when considering the impact of the recent Bitcoin halving, which typically reduces the rewards for mining by half, thereby increasing the profitability of mining operations if the Bitcoin price remains stable or increases.

The Bitcoin halving event tends to reduce the inflation rate and create a scarcity of new Bitcoins, which can put upward pressure on the Bitcoin price over time. Additionally, the mining difficulty, which adjusts every 2016 blocks (approximately every two weeks) to ensure a consistent block discovery time, plays a critical role in determining profitability. Given that Sentinum has managed to mine 89 Bitcoin in this context, it suggests that the company is efficiently managing its operations and power costs, particularly with its new installations in Montana.

One aspect investors should keep an eye on is the volatility in Bitcoin prices and the regulatory environment, which can substantially impact the company’s financials. Nonetheless, the ability to mine 89 Bitcoin in a single month post-halving is a positive indicator of operational efficiency. This, coupled with efforts to reduce power costs, could lead to higher margins in the long term, assuming stable or rising Bitcoin prices.

The technical aspects of Ault Alliance's Bitcoin mining operations shed light on the company's strategic focus. The announcement notes that approximately 46 Bitcoin were mined at Sentinum’s data center in Michigan and 43 Bitcoin by using miners hosted by Core Scientific, Inc. This diversification of mining locations helps mitigate risks associated with any single point of failure, be it technical malfunctions or regulatory hurdles.

Establishing mining operations in Montana is strategic. Montana offers relatively low-cost electricity, which is important for the energy-intensive process of Bitcoin mining. Efficient power usage is fundamental given that power costs are one of the most significant expenses in Bitcoin mining. The ability to lower power costs while maintaining or increasing mining output is a strong indicator of operational efficiency and can significantly improve the profitability of mining operations.

Furthermore, leveraging third-party hosting by Core Scientific indicates a flexible approach. It allows Sentinum to scale its operations rapidly without incurring the high capital expenditures associated with setting up new data centers. However, investors should remain vigilant of potential dependencies on third-party hosts.

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ault Alliance, Inc. (NYSE American: AULT), a diversified holding company (“Ault Alliance,” or the “Company”), announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sentinum, Inc. (“Sentinum”) mined approximately 89 Bitcoin in April 2024. Of this total, approximately 46 Bitcoin were mined at Sentinum’s data center in Michigan, with the remaining approximately 43 Bitcoin having been mined using the miners hosted by Core Scientific, Inc.

William B. Horne, Chief Executive Officer of Ault Alliance, stated, “The Company recently announced that Sentinum has now installed the first miners at one of its two Montana mining locations. We are excited with the progress we are making and are looking forward to bringing our power costs down as well as focusing on profitable mining operations after the recent Bitcoin halving.”

Ault Alliance notes that all estimates and other projections are subject to the volatility in Bitcoin market price, the fluctuation in the mining difficulty level, the ability to build out and provide the necessary power for miners, and other factors that may impact the results of Bitcoin mining production or operations. The Company makes no prediction with respect to the price of Bitcoin after the recent halving at any time in the future but is prepared to adjust its mining operations as it deems appropriate.

For more information on Ault Alliance and its subsidiaries, Ault Alliance recommends that stockholders, investors, and any other interested parties read Ault Alliance’s public filings and press releases available under the Investor Relations section at or at

About Ault Alliance, Inc.

Ault Alliance, Inc. is a diversified holding company pursuing growth by acquiring undervalued businesses and disruptive technologies with a global impact. Through its wholly and majority-owned subsidiaries and strategic investments, Ault Alliance owns and operates a data center at which it mines Bitcoin and offers colocation and hosting services for the emerging artificial intelligence ecosystems and other industries, and provides mission-critical products that support a diverse range of industries, including metaverse platform, oil exploration, crane services, defense/aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical/biopharma, consumer electronics, hotel operations and textiles. In addition, Ault Alliance extends credit to select entrepreneurial businesses through a licensed lending subsidiary. Ault Alliance’s headquarters are located at 11411 Southern Highlands Parkway, Suite 240, Las Vegas, NV 89141;

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Source: Ault Alliance, Inc.


How many Bitcoin did Sentinum mine in April 2024?

Sentinum mined 89 Bitcoin in April 2024.

Where were the Bitcoin mined by Sentinum in April 2024?

46 Bitcoin were mined at Sentinum’s Michigan data center and 43 Bitcoin through Core Scientific.

What are Ault Alliance’s future plans regarding Bitcoin mining?

Ault Alliance plans to focus on reducing power costs and profitable mining operations.

What factors could impact Sentinum's Bitcoin mining results?

Factors include Bitcoin market price volatility, mining difficulty level fluctuations, and power provisioning challenges.

What is the stock symbol for Ault Alliance?

The stock symbol for Ault Alliance is AULT.

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