BlackBerry Announces Collaboration with AMD to Advance Foundational Precision and Control for Robotics Industry

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BlackBerry collaborates with AMD to revolutionize the robotics industry by enhancing real-time performance, precision, reliability, and scalability. The partnership aims to deliver affordable and powerful platforms that offer 'hard' real-time capabilities for robotic systems in industrial and healthcare sectors.
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Collaboration to revolutionize robotics industry with enhanced real-time performance, precision, reliability, and scalability

NUREMBURG, Germany, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At Embedded World today, BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) announced a collaboration with AMD designed to revolutionize next-generation robotic systems by enabling new levels of low latency and jitter, and repeatable determinism. Together, the companies will address the critical need for 'hard' real-time capabilities in robotics-focused hardware with an affordable and powerful platform that delivers enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability for robotic systems in industrial and healthcare.

The platform combines BlackBerry® QNX® expertise in real-time foundational software solutions and the QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP) with heterogeneous hardware solutions powered by the AMD Kria™ K26 SOM that features both Arm® and FPGA programmable logic-based architecture. With Kria, an Arm® sub-system can power the advanced capabilities of the QNX microkernel real-time operating system (RTOS) while allowing users to run low latency, deterministic functions on the programable logic of the AMD Kria KR260 robotics starter kit.

This combination enables sensor fusion, high-performance data processing, real-time control, industrial networking, and reduced latency in robotic applications. Additionally, customers can benefit from seamless integration and optimization of software and hardware components, resulting in streamlined development processes and accelerated time-to-market for innovative robotic solutions.

"With the QNX Software Development Platform customers can start development quickly on the AMD Kria KR260 Starter Kit and seamlessly scale to other higher performance AMD platforms as their needs evolve," said Chetan Khona, senior director of Industrial, Vision, Healthcare and Sciences Markets, AMD. "Combining the industry-leading strengths of AMD and QNX will provide a foundation platform that opens new doors for innovation and takes the future of robotics technology well beyond the constraints experienced until now."

"An integrated solution by BlackBerry QNX through our collaboration with AMD will provide an integrated software-hardware foundation offering real-time performance, low latency and determinism, to ensure that critical robotic tasks are executed with the same level of precision and responsiveness every single time," said Grant Courville, VP Product & Strategy at BlackBerry QNX. "These are crucial attributes for industries carrying out finely tuned operations, such as the fast-growing industries of autonomous mobile robots and surgical robotics. Together with AMD, we are committed to driving technological advancements that address some of these most complex challenges and transform the future of the robotics industry."

The integrated solution is now available to customers.

At Embedded World, visit BlackBerry (Hall 4, stand 544) to experience its new robotic arm demonstration, powered by the QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0 and designed for precision and performance optimization in industrial and medical environments.

AMD will also be present at Embedded World. Stop by the AMD booth (Hall 5, Stand #5-111) for real-world demonstrations of how its portfolio of adaptive and embedded devices are helping customers solve problems across industries.

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What collaboration was announced by BlackBerry at Embedded World?

BlackBerry announced a collaboration with AMD at Embedded World to revolutionize next-generation robotic systems.

What are the key focus areas of the collaboration between BlackBerry and AMD?

The collaboration focuses on enhancing real-time performance, precision, reliability, and scalability in robotic systems.

What platforms are being combined in the collaboration between BlackBerry and AMD?

The collaboration combines BlackBerry QNX expertise with the AMD Kria K26 SOM platform.

What benefits can customers expect from the integrated solution by BlackBerry QNX and AMD?

Customers can expect real-time performance, low latency, determinism, and seamless integration of software and hardware components.

Where can customers experience the new robotic arm demonstration powered by the QNX Software Development Platform?

Customers can experience the new robotic arm demonstration at the BlackBerry booth (Hall 4, stand 544) at Embedded World.

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