BlackBerry Introduces Cylance Assistant, the Next Level of Cybersecurity with Generative AI Capabilities

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BlackBerry has introduced Cylance Assistant, a generative AI cybersecurity advisor aimed at enhancing organizations' decision-making and threat detection capabilities. This tool provides fast, expert guidance to security analysts, simplifies complex cybersecurity issues, and empowers security teams to outmaneuver sophisticated threat actors. Cylance Assistant leverages the power of Cylance AI to deliver on-demand insights and recommendations, helping organizations fortify their cyber resilience without incurring additional costs.

BlackBerry ha presentato Cylance Assistant, un consulente di cybersicurezza basato sull'intelligenza artificiale generativa, progettato per migliorare le capacità decisionali delle organizzazioni e il rilevamento delle minacce. Questo strumento offre una guida rapida ed esperta agli analisti di sicurezza, semplifica le questioni di cybersicurezza complesse e potenzia i team di sicurezza per superare gli attori di minacce sofisticate. Cylance Assistant sfrutta la potenza dell'AI di Cylance per fornire intuizioni e raccomandazioni su richiesta, aiutando le organizzazioni a rafforzare la loro resilienza cibernetica senza costi aggiuntivi.
BlackBerry ha introducido Cylance Assistant, un asesor de ciberseguridad con IA generativa destinado a mejorar la toma de decisiones de las organizaciones y la detección de amenazas. Esta herramienta proporciona orientación rápida y experta a los analistas de seguridad, simplifica los problemas complejos de ciberseguridad y empodera a los equipos de seguridad para superar a actores de amenazas sofisticados. Cylance Assistant aprovecha el poder de la IA de Cylance para ofrecer recomendaciones y perspectivas bajo demanda, ayudando a las organizaciones a fortalecer su resiliencia cibernética sin incurrir en costos adicionales.
BlackBerry는 기관들의 의사결정과 위협 감지 기능을 향상시키기 위해 generative AI cybersecurity 조언자인 Cylance Assistant를 도입했습니다. 이 도구는 보안 분석가에게 빠르고 전문적인 지침을 제공하며, 복잡한 사이버보안 문제를 단순화하고 보안 팀이 정교한 위협 행위자를 제압할 수 있도록 지원합니다. Cylance Assistant는 Cylance AI의 힘을 활용하여 수요에 맞는 통찰력과 추천을 제공함으로써 조직이 추가 비용을 들이지 않고도 사이버 회복 탄력성을 강화하는 데 도움을 줍니다.
BlackBerry a introduit Cylance Assistant, un conseiller en cybersécurité à IA générative destiné à améliorer la prise de décision des organisations et la détection des menaces. Cet outil offre des conseils rapides et experts aux analystes de sécurité, simplifie les problèmes de cybersécurité complexes et permet aux équipes de sécurité de déjouer les acteurs de menaces sophistiquées. Cylance Assistant utilise la puissance de l'IA Cylance pour fournir des insights et des recommandations à la demande, aidant les organisations à renforcer leur résilience cybernétique sans engendrer de coûts supplémentaires.
BlackBerry hat Cylance Assistant eingeführt, einen generativen KI-Cybersicherheitsberater, der darauf abzielt, die Entscheidungsfindung und Bedrohungserkennung von Organisationen zu verbessern. Dieses Tool bietet schnelle, fachkundige Anleitung für Sicherheitsanalysten, vereinfacht komplexe Cybersicherheitsprobleme und ermächtigt Sicherheitsteams, ausgeklügelte Bedrohungsakteure zu überlisten. Cylance Assistant nutzt die Kraft der Cylance AI, um bei Bedarf Einblicke und Empfehlungen zu liefern, und hilft Organisationen, ihre Cyber-Resilienz zu stärken, ohne zusätzliche Kosten zu verursachen.
  • Cylance Assistant enhances organizations' decision-making and threat detection capabilities.

  • The tool provides fast, expert guidance and valuable recommendations to security analysts.

  • It simplifies complex cybersecurity issues and empowers security teams to make rapid decisions.

  • Cylance Assistant leverages the power of Cylance AI, the industry's longest-running predictive AI, to deliver on-demand insights and recommendations.

  • It uses privacy-preserved, responsible AI principles and doesn't share customer data.

  • There may be potential challenges in the implementation and integration of Cylance Assistant into existing security operations centers.

  • Competitor offerings may pose a threat to the adoption and success of Cylance Assistant in the market.

BlackBerry's introduction of Cylance Assistant leveraging Generative AI marks a significant advancement in cybersecurity operational efficiency. By integrating Cylance AI, a predictive AI with a proven track record, organizations can enhance threat detection and response without augmenting their operational expenses. This is particularly noteworthy given the increasing sophistication of threat actors using adversarial AI and polymorphic malware.

The strategic use of AWS's Generative AI service, Amazon Bedrock, underscores a growing trend where companies harness cloud-based AI services to innovate rapidly. It's a synergistic partnership, combining BlackBerry's domain expertise in cybersecurity with Amazon's AI and machine learning prowess. This integration may streamline cybersecurity workflows and bolster the value proposition of BlackBerry's products, potentially leading to increased market penetration and customer loyalty.

The introduction of Cylance Assistant represents a leap forward for security operations centers (SOCs). Providing real-time, context-aware recommendations, this technology will likely reduce the cognitive load on analysts, leading to faster threat resolution times. The fact that Cylance Assistant does not share customer data to train its models is a significant nod to privacy concerns, which are paramount in today's data-sensitive environment.

Furthermore, Cylance Assistant's claim of seamless integration without additional costs could make it an attractive option for organizations looking to bolster their defense against cyber threats without incurring significant financial outlay. This aspect might encourage adoption among cost-conscious businesses that historically may have shied away from advanced cybersecurity solutions due to budget constraints.

Easy-to-understand insights delivered on-demand to fortify your cyber resilience

WATERLOO, ON, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced the general availability of Cylance Assistant, a generative AI cybersecurity advisor that will help organizations speed up decision-making and stop more threats faster with fewer resources.

"Cylance Assistant is not just a generative AI cybersecurity advisor; it's the ultimate one," declared Shiladitya Sircar, senior vice president, Product Engineering and Data Science at BlackBerry. "It helps thwart more threats and empowers your staff to make quicker, more informed decisions, catapulting your security operations to new heights. Cylance Assistant understands context because it knows where you are in your investigation, reducing time spent identifying and remediating risks in a single platform without incurring additional costs for the service."

Cylance Assistant brings together a set of advanced capabilities that leverage the power of Cylance AI to do more with less. These AI-driven features are built into the Cylance cybersecurity platform. Cylance Assistant provides fast, expert guidance and valuable recommendations to security analysts to enhance your security operations center. It simplifies complex cybersecurity issues by analyzing large quantities of data and combining it with our threat research to deliver recommendations in plain language. It virtually looks over the shoulder of each analyst to evaluate, interpret, and suggest the best course of action in real-time. Unlike competitor offerings, there is no need to step away from your workflow to ask a chatbot what you should do. The Cylance Assistant understands the context and provides expert guidance without asking. The result is quicker investigations and reasonable resolution of security threats.

With Cylance AI always available on demand, security analysts can now identify and block a broader range of threats, expedite investigations, and make rapid decisions. The introduction of Cylance AI, the industry's longest-running predictive AI, along with Cylance Assistant, empowers security teams to take complete control of their operations, outmaneuvering sophisticated threat actors who employ adversarial AI and polymorphic malware. Cylance Assistant uses privacy-preserved, responsible AI principles and doesn't share customer data to train models. It is included with CylanceENDPOINT to maximize your budget and simplify your operations.

BlackBerry's Cylance Assistant utilizes Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Generative AI service Amazon Bedrock to help organizations greatly enhance their cyber security operations and achieve better outcomes. Amazon Bedrock provides foundation model choice from leading AI providers via a single API for companies to build and scale generative AI applications.

"BlackBerry has a long-standing reputation for its innovative security solutions. Cylance Assistant is a great example of how Generative AI can help solve some of the world's most difficult challenges," said Matt Garman, AWS senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. "As BlackBerry continues to drive cybersecurity innovation, we're proud to offer them the most  popular and advanced foundation models with Amazon Bedrock."

For more information about Cylance Assistant, please visit here.

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BlackBerry (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments worldwide. The company's software powers over 235M vehicles.  Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company leverages AI and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, safety and data privacy solutions, and is a leader in the areas of endpoint security, endpoint management, encryption, and embedded systems. BlackBerry's vision is clear - to secure a connected future you can trust.

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What is BlackBerry's latest cybersecurity advisor called?

BlackBerry's latest cybersecurity advisor is called Cylance Assistant.

What are some key features of Cylance Assistant?

Cylance Assistant provides fast, expert guidance, simplifies complex cybersecurity issues, and leverages the power of Cylance AI.

How does Cylance Assistant help security analysts?

Cylance Assistant helps security analysts identify and block a broader range of threats, expedite investigations, and make rapid decisions.

What AI service does Cylance Assistant utilize?

Cylance Assistant utilizes Amazon Web Services' Generative AI service Amazon Bedrock to enhance cybersecurity operations.

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