Beacon Announces Acquisition of Metro Sealant

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Beacon (Nasdaq: BECN) acquires Metro Sealant & Waterproofing Supply, expanding its service offerings in the Mid-Atlantic region. Metro Sealant brings 35 years of expertise in commercial construction waterproofing solutions. Beacon aims to enhance customer experience and resiliency in the built environment through this acquisition.
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The acquisition of Metro Sealant by Beacon represents a strategic move to expand its waterproofing division, which could potentially increase its market share in the specialty waterproofing sector. By incorporating Metro Sealant's 35-year industry experience and its established customer base in the Mid-Atlantic region, Beacon is poised to strengthen its competitive position and diversify its service offerings.

This expansion is indicative of Beacon's growth strategy and its commitment to achieving the Ambition 2025 plan. The move may be viewed favorably by investors as it signals Beacon's proactive approach to scaling operations and improving shareholder returns, which have already surpassed the targets for 2023.

However, the integration of Metro Sealant into Beacon's operations will require careful management to realize synergies and maintain service quality. The success of this acquisition will depend on effective assimilation of the workforce and the alignment of product offerings with existing sales channels.

Beacon's latest acquisition is a clear indicator of its aggressive growth strategy and commitment to expanding its national footprint in the specialty waterproofing market. From a financial perspective, the acquisition is expected to contribute positively to Beacon's revenue streams, as evidenced by the company's history of surpassing its Ambition 2025 revenue and shareholder return targets.

Investors should consider the implications of this acquisition on Beacon's balance sheet, including the costs associated with the integration and potential financing of the deal. It's also important to monitor how this acquisition will affect Beacon's earnings in the short-term and long-term, considering the potential for operational efficiencies and expanded market reach.

It is crucial to analyze the acquisition within the context of the industry's growth trends, particularly the increasing importance of resiliency in construction due to extreme weather events. As demand for waterproofing solutions rises, Beacon's strategic positioning may provide it with a significant competitive advantage.

The acquisition of Metro Sealant aligns with a broader industry trend towards consolidation in the construction materials market. Specialty waterproofing is becoming increasingly critical in the context of climate change, as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events necessitate more resilient building practices.

Beacon's focus on distributing specialty waterproofing products through this acquisition not only addresses a growing market need but also reflects an understanding of the importance of technical expertise in construction materials. The technical know-how of Metro Sealant's team is highlighted as a top industry standard and their expertise could be a key factor in driving innovation and maintaining high service quality within Beacon's waterproofing division.

For stakeholders in the construction industry, including contractors and design professionals, the expanded services offered by Beacon could mean greater access to high-quality waterproofing products and technical support, which could ultimately contribute to more durable and sustainable construction projects.

Specialty waterproofing contractors in Mid-Atlantic region gain expanded service from Beacon

HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Beacon (Nasdaq: BECN) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Metro Sealant & Waterproofing Supply, Inc. (“Metro Sealant”) headquartered in Springfield, VA with three additional branches located in Ashland, VA, Linthicum, MD, and Virginia Beach, VA.

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Metro Sealant

Metro Sealant

Metro Sealant has a 35-year history serving contractors, design professionals, and owners with tailored sealant and waterproofing solutions for commercial construction. “We are proud to join the Beacon team and its growing waterproofing division, which is now nearly nationwide,” commented Garth Viar, Metro Sealant’s CEO. “We are confident that the customers and employees our family has worked with for over three decades will be fully served by Beacon with its added products, services and focus on the customer experience.”

“The Viars have built a strong business through dedication to expertise in waterproofing, restoration, glass, and glazing. Their team’s technical know-how is at the top of the industry, and we are thrilled to welcome them,” said Martin Harrell, Beacon’s Division President, Waterproofing. “Resiliency in the built environment is a growing concern and waterproofing products are a tool to guard against storms and extreme weather. Beacon’s continued investment in distributing these specialty products positions it to provide protection in communities across the country.”

Metro Sealant is Beacon’s second acquisition of 2024. The company continues to drive above market growth and become recognized as a national leader in specialty waterproofing. Beacon exceeded its Ambition 2025 revenue and shareholder return targets for 2023 and continues to advance on achieving its full Ambition 2025 plan.

About Beacon

Founded in 1928, Beacon is a Fortune 500, publicly traded distributor of building products, including roofing materials and complementary products, such as siding and waterproofing. The company operates over 530 branches throughout all 50 states in the U.S. and 6 provinces in Canada. Beacon serves an extensive base of nearly 100,000 customers, utilizing its vast branch network and diverse service offerings to provide high-quality products and support throughout the entire business lifecycle. Beacon offers its own private label brand, TRI-BUILT®, and has a proprietary digital account management suite, Beacon PRO+, which allows customers to manage their businesses online. Beacon’s stock is traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol BECN. To learn more about Beacon, please visit


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Source: Beacon

The ticker symbol for Beacon is BECN.

Metro Sealant is headquartered in Springfield, VA.

Metro Sealant has three additional branches located in Ashland, VA, Linthicum, MD, and Virginia Beach, VA.

Metro Sealant is Beacon's second acquisition of 2024.

Beacon exceeded its Ambition 2025 revenue and shareholder return targets for 2023.
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