Complete Solaria Appoints Solar Industry Veteran Aaron Semliatschenko as VP, U.S. Operations

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Complete Solaria (NASDAQ: CSLR) announces the appointment of Aaron Semliatschenko as VP, U.S. Operations, effective May 16, 2024. Aaron brings extensive experience from his tenure at Tesla's Solar City and Sunrun, where he managed large-scale operations and revenue centers. He will oversee Complete Solaria's main office in Salt Lake City, known as America's 'Solar Valley.' CEO T.J. Rodgers emphasizes the strategic importance of hiring top talent like Aaron to drive the company's growth and success.

  • Appointment of Aaron Semliatschenko as VP, U.S. Operations, bringing extensive industry experience.
  • Aaron's past roles include leading Sunrun's U.S. field service operations and profit centers, managing half of Sunrun's $2 billion revenue.
  • CEO T.J. Rodgers highlights strategic importance, indicating a focus on high-quality talent acquisition.
  • No financial data or earnings updates are provided, leaving investors without quantitative metrics to gauge immediate impact.
  • The press release lacks specifics on how Aaron's appointment will translate to financial performance improvements for Complete Solaria.

FREMONT, Calif., May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Complete Solaria, Inc. (“Complete Solaria” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: CSLR), a leading solar technology, services, and installation company, today announced the appointment of Aaron Semliatschenko to the position of VP, U.S. Operations. Mr. Semliatschenko will report to Complete Solaria’s COO, Brian Wuebbels.

Mr. Semliatschenko ran the San Diego operations of Tesla subsidiary Solar City for eight years ending in 2014. He then took over the San Diego operations of Sunrun in 2015 and – over the next nine years – was promoted three times: 1) to run Sunrun’s New England operations, 2) to run the profit and loss center of all of Sunrun’s non-California operations, which accounted for half of Sunrun’s $2 billion in revenue, and 3) to run Sunrun’s U.S. field service operations, which guaranteed system performance and flawless service to one million customers. In short, Mr. Semliatschenko has done every job at Sunrun equivalent to Complete Solaria’s entire operation – but at a scale of one hundred times that of Complete Solaria.

Aaron assumes the role of VP U.S. Operations, and will run the Company’s main office in Salt Lake City, the center of America’s “Solar Valley” from which many of America’s solar companies operate.

Complete Solaria CEO, T.J. Rodgers said, “Convincing Aaron to join our team is a big next step in our transformation. Silicon Valley taught me that hiring the best people is essential for success. And this rule of success now transfers to Aaron, who well understands this challenge and states on his resume that in his first job at Solar City/Tesla, he ‘oversaw the hiring process for new employees in order to ensure compliance with company standards’ [read: smart and hardworking].”

Aaron Semliatschenko said, “I am delighted and honored to join Complete Solaria, a company that will be important in the solar-America transformation. I look forward to building a team at Complete Solaria that delivers the best solar solutions and experience to our customers. I am also looking forward to working with T.J. Rodgers, a demanding leader from the semiconductor industry, as he strives to bring Moore’s Law excellence to the solar industry.”

About Complete Solaria
Complete Solaria is a solar company with unique technology and end-to-end customer offering, which includes financing, project fulfilment and customer service. Complete Solaria’s digital platform together with premium solar products enable one-stop service for clean energy needs for customers wishing to make the transition to a more energy-efficient lifestyle. For more information visit www.Complete Solaria and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Who has Complete Solaria appointed as VP, U.S. Operations?

Complete Solaria has appointed Aaron Semliatschenko as VP, U.S. Operations.

What experience does Aaron Semliatschenko bring to Complete Solaria?

Aaron Semliatschenko brings extensive experience from his roles at Tesla's Solar City and Sunrun, where he managed large-scale operations and revenue centers.

When did Complete Solaria announce Aaron Semliatschenko's appointment?

Complete Solaria announced Aaron Semliatschenko's appointment on May 16, 2024.

Where will Aaron Semliatschenko be based in his new role at Complete Solaria?

Aaron Semliatschenko will be based at Complete Solaria's main office in Salt Lake City, known as America's 'Solar Valley.'

What is the stock symbol for Complete Solaria?

The stock symbol for Complete Solaria is CSLR.

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