Domo Boosts Flexible Data Foundation with Robust Enhancements to Cloud Amplifier

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Domo (DOMO) announced enhancements to Cloud Amplifier, enabling seamless integration with multiple cloud data platforms for actionable AI-driven insights. The update includes Magic ETL, allowing efficient data querying and transformation in native systems. Users can now access data from leading cloud platforms like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Databricks, with new integrations for Azure SQL, MySQL, and Amazon Athena coming soon. Customizable settings for data refresh rates aim to optimize cloud costs. Testimonials highlight increased productivity and streamlined data access with added governance through Cloud Amplifier.
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Business intelligence and data integration are critical components of modern business strategies. The recent enhancements to Domo's Cloud Amplifier signify a considerable advancement in the field of data integration and management. The introduction of Magic ETL, with its drag-and-drop functionality, represents a significant shift towards user-friendly data transformation tools. This allows for a more streamlined process when handling data from various cloud sources, potentially reducing the time and complexity involved in data preparation.

By enabling direct query and transformation of data within its native environment, Domo is addressing a common pain point for many businesses: the need to extract data before processing. This not only minimizes the risk of data corruption during transfer but also enhances efficiency by leveraging the computational power of third-party clouds. Consequently, decision-makers can access and utilize their data more rapidly, which is essential for timely business insights and actions.

The ability to customize refresh rates and control cloud communication frequency is another notable feature that reflects an understanding of cost management in cloud operations. This granular control could lead to significant cost savings for organizations by avoiding unnecessary data transmission and processing charges.

The integration with leading cloud platforms such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift, is a testament to Domo's commitment to versatility and wide-ranging compatibility in the cloud ecosystem. By providing native and bi-directional data access, Domo is facilitating a seamless flow of data, which is important for organizations that rely on multiple cloud services for their operations.

From a scalability perspective, the ability to read and write data across various platforms without the need for significant infrastructure investment is a game-changer. It allows businesses to scale their data analytics capabilities as they grow, without being hindered by their current system's limitations. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in dynamic markets that require agility and the ability to pivot quickly in response to changing conditions.

Furthermore, the emphasis on security and governance in Domo's announcement aligns with the growing concern for data privacy and regulatory compliance. The added governance features provide organizations with the assurance that their data is managed securely, which is a non-negotiable requirement for many businesses today.

From a market perspective, Domo's enhancements to Cloud Amplifier are likely to resonate well with businesses that are increasingly data-driven. The emphasis on ease of use, coupled with powerful integration capabilities, addresses a common market need for tools that can simplify complex data processes. This can be particularly attractive to small and medium-sized businesses that may lack the resources for extensive data management infrastructures.

As businesses continue to seek out competitive advantages through data analytics, the demand for solutions like Domo's Cloud Amplifier is expected to grow. The ability to quickly access and analyze data can directly impact a company's agility and responsiveness to market trends. By reducing the barriers to effective data utilization, Domo is positioning itself as a facilitator of data democratization, where more stakeholders within an organization can leverage data insights for decision-making.

Moreover, the endorsements from industry experts and customer testimonials add to the credibility and potential market impact of Domo's offering. Positive feedback from market studies and real-world applications can serve as powerful marketing tools and could influence the adoption rates among potential customers.

New data integrations make it easier than ever to unlock and leverage data from any source

SILICON SLOPES, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced at Domopalooza: the AI + Data Conference enhancements to Cloud Amplifier, the company’s multi-cloud data offering, to enable users with the powerful and flexible tools they need to fully integrate with multiple cloud data platforms and deliver actionable AI-driven insights while maintaining the security and governance organizations need. Included in today’s announcement is the availability of Domo’s Magic ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) drag-and-drop solution powered by compute from 3rd party clouds, allowing users to efficiently query and transform data directly where it resides.

Through extensive integrations with some of the world’s leading cloud platforms, Domo Cloud Amplifier provides native, single and bi-directional data access with:

  • Snowflake: Read & Write Generally Available (GA); Magic ETL (Beta); OAuth (Beta)
  • Google BigQuery: Read, Write and OAuth (GA)
  • Databricks: Read (GA)Dremio: Read (GA); Write (Beta)
  • Amazon Redshift: Read (GA)
  • With Read Beta’s coming soon for Azure SQL, MySQL and Amazon Athena

“We’ve always been a platform that unlocks new ways to get value from data and these offerings expand Domo's ease of use to new corners of the data environment,” said Daren Thayne, chief technology officer and EVP of product, Domo. “Millions of users across these cloud platforms no longer need to pull data out of their native systems to transform, clean and derive value from their data. Domo simplifies and streamlines this process so people can start taking action and make an impact on the business.”

As part of its effort to make data more efficient, Domo introduced new functionality to customize Cloud Amplifier settings so that users can easily control their data refresh rate in Domo. Given that cloud costs are a key consideration for any modern business, these new Cloud Amplifier settings allow you to control how often Domo communicates with your data cloud, ensuring data meets the needs of the user or organization but is managed in an efficient way to avoid unnecessary costs.

“Cloud Amplifier makes it easy to access even the largest BigQuery data sources we need, and the added governance provides peace of mind that our data is safely shared internally or even securely published externally via Domo Everywhere,” said Chris Haleua, VP of Product at GUIDEcx. “Our employees and customers have both been able to access data at speeds that increase productivity when compiling embedded analytics used to be the thing that slowed us down. The ability to eliminate additional steps by transforming data right within our cloud platforms will save a ton of time for GUIDEcx decision makers. I love it even more when I see Cloud Amplifier eliminating headaches for our customers, too.”

“In our most recent Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence (BI) Market Study, our survey respondents noted that reliability, access and availability, scalability and ease of use are the perceived most important advantages of cloud. The flexibility and scalability offered by cloud BI solutions can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to adapt quickly to changing market conditions or to scale their operations without significant upfront investments in infrastructure,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services.

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Domo puts data to work for everyone so they can multiply their impact on the business. Our cloud-native data experience platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics, making data visible and actionable with user-friendly dashboards and apps. Underpinned by AI, data science and a secure data foundation that connects with existing cloud and legacy systems, Domo helps companies optimize critical business processes at scale and in record time to spark the bold curiosity that powers exponential business results.

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What enhancements did Domo announce for Cloud Amplifier at Domopalooza?

Domo announced enhancements to Cloud Amplifier at Domopalooza, enabling users to integrate with multiple cloud data platforms and access actionable AI-driven insights. The update includes Magic ETL for efficient data querying and transformation in native systems.

Which cloud platforms can users access data from through Domo Cloud Amplifier?

Users can access data from leading cloud platforms like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Databricks, and more through Domo Cloud Amplifier.

What new functionality did Domo introduce for Cloud Amplifier settings?

Domo introduced new functionality for Cloud Amplifier settings, allowing users to customize data refresh rates to optimize cloud costs.

How does Cloud Amplifier benefit businesses according to Howard Dresner?

According to Howard Dresner, Cloud Amplifier offers flexibility and scalability, providing businesses with the ability to adapt quickly to market changes or scale operations without significant upfront investments in infrastructure.

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