Forrester’s Generative AI Tool, Izola, Now Available To All Forrester Decisions Clients

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Forrester (FORR) launches Izola, a generative AI tool, to help clients accelerate progress on top initiatives through research synthesis. Over 400 clients have beta tested Izola, reporting benefits in starting new projects and validating ideas. Izola is now fully integrated into Forrester's digital client experience platform, offering enhanced answer quality and accuracy.
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The introduction of Izola by Forrester represents a significant enhancement in the realm of market research tools. This AI-driven platform serves to streamline the process of data synthesis, which is a critical component for businesses seeking to inform strategy and decision-making. With over 400 clients already engaging with the tool, the shift towards AI-assisted analytics is evident, suggesting a potential increase in demand for Forrester's services.

The integration of Izola into Forrester's digital client experience may lead to an improved user experience, which can be a competitive advantage. The tool's ability to rapidly provide reliable data could translate into efficiency gains for clients, potentially resulting in cost savings and expedited project timelines. However, the long-term success of Izola will hinge on its ability to consistently deliver accurate insights and adapt to the evolving needs of Forrester's clientele.

Forrester's launch of Izola aligns with the broader industry trend of incorporating generative AI into business operations. The enhancement of Izola's interface and answer quality reflects a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to maintain relevance in a competitive market. As generative AI continues to advance, Forrester's early adoption positions them as a forward-thinking player.

However, the reliance on AI tools like Izola raises questions about the potential displacement of traditional research roles and the implications for data privacy and security. It's essential for Forrester to address these concerns transparently to maintain trust among its client base. Moreover, the scalability of Izola and its impact on Forrester's operational costs will be key factors in evaluating the tool's long-term viability and influence on Forrester's financial performance.

The market's reaction to Forrester's announcement of Izola may be indicative of investor sentiment towards AI integration in the research sector. If Izola delivers on its promise of speed and accuracy, it could result in an uptick in client retention and acquisition for Forrester, potentially impacting the company's revenue streams positively.

Investors should monitor the adoption rate of Izola among Forrester's clients, as well as the tool's contribution to the overall revenue mix. A successful rollout to Market Insights clients could further bolster Forrester's market position. However, the costs associated with the development and maintenance of Izola and how they weigh against the revenue generated, will be important in assessing the financial implications of this strategic move.

Izola empowers Forrester’s clients to make progress on their top initiatives faster, with trusted answers based on relevant research and insights

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced the availability of its generative AI tool, Izola, for all Forrester Decisions clients. As genAI fundamentally reshapes the way individuals interact with information, Izola is designed to help Forrester’s clients accelerate progress on their top initiatives through a rapid synthesis of Forrester’s research, data, and insights.

Forrester launched Izola in October 2023, becoming one of the first major research firms to bring a genAI offering directly to its clients. Since then, Forrester has been working side by side with clients to continue to refine and innovate the tool. To date, more than 400 Forrester clients have beta tested and worked with Izola. Clients who have already used Izola say that it has helped them start new projects, validate ideas and direction, and lay the groundwork for new strategies. Based on positive feedback received from clients, Izola is now fully integrated into Forrester’s digital client experience platform, featuring both an upgraded interface as well as enhanced answer quality and accuracy.

“Just as genAI keeps evolving, Izola will, too,” said Carrie Johnson, chief product officer at Forrester. “Along with speed and self-service, Izola offers dependability and trust by answering questions based on Forrester’s rigorous research and data. Our clients should think of Izola as a shortcut and starting point for tackling their most pressing business problems. Forrester Decisions clients will benefit from Izola by rapidly accessing trusted answers, insights, and data to guide a new plan or strategy. I am proud of our teams who custom-built this tool and excited to offer Izola access to our Forrester Decisions clients.”

Izola access will be expanded to Forrester Market Insights clients in the coming months.


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Source: Forrester

Forrester has launched Izola, a generative AI tool, to assist clients in accelerating progress on their top initiatives.

Over 400 Forrester clients have beta tested and worked with Izola.

Clients have reported benefits in starting new projects, validating ideas, and laying the groundwork for new strategies after using Izola.

Izola is now fully integrated into Forrester's digital client experience platform, featuring an upgraded interface, enhanced answer quality, and accuracy.

Carrie Johnson is the chief product officer at Forrester mentioned in the press release.
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