Guess?, Inc. and WHP Global Complete the Acquisition of rag & bone Guess?, Inc. Announces $50 Million Expansion of its Existing Asset-Based Revolving Credit Facility

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Guess?, Inc. (GES) and WHP Global complete the acquisition of rag & bone, with Guess? contributing $57.1 million. Guess? now owns all operating assets of rag & bone, while jointly owning the intellectual property with WHP Global. Guess? also increases its borrowing capacity by $50 million to a total of $200 million.
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The acquisition of rag & bone by Guess?, Inc. represents a strategic expansion in the fashion retail industry. The investment of $57.1 million indicates a significant commitment to diversifying Guess?'s portfolio and leveraging synergies. The joint ownership of intellectual property with WHP Global could potentially lead to innovative brand strategies and cross-brand collaborations.

From a market perspective, this acquisition might signal Guess?'s confidence in the premium fashion segment, which can be a lucrative market given its higher margins. Moreover, the increase in borrowing capacity to $200 million underlines the company's proactive approach to financial flexibility, which may be necessary for integration costs and future growth initiatives.

However, the success of this deal hinges on effective brand integration and market execution. The premium branding of rag & bone needs to complement Guess?'s existing offerings without diluting its identity. Investors should monitor the post-acquisition performance closely for signs of successful integration and revenue contribution from the new brand.

Guess?'s financial involvement in the acquisition of rag & bone, with a contribution of $57.1 million, is a noteworthy capital allocation decision. The move to increase their asset-based revolving credit facility suggests a strategic leverage of financial instruments to support this acquisition. It is important to analyze the terms of the increased borrowing capacity, including interest rates and covenants, as they will impact Guess?'s financial health.

Investors should examine the acquisition's impact on Guess?'s balance sheet and liquidity ratios, as well as the potential for earnings accretion. The acquisition could be accretive if rag & bone's operating assets contribute positively to Guess?'s EBITDA and net income. A key factor will be the ability of Guess? to realize cost synergies and to scale rag & bone's operations efficiently.

Long-term, the acquisition could provide Guess? with a stronger competitive position in the fashion industry. However, the fashion industry is known for its volatility and rapidly changing trends, which adds an element of risk to the investment.

The partnership between Guess? and WHP Global in acquiring rag & bone's intellectual property is a strategic move that could redefine brand positioning for both entities. Intellectual property in fashion is important for maintaining brand integrity and value, which can translate into customer loyalty and pricing power.

It will be essential for Guess? to maintain the distinct brand identity of rag & bone while finding avenues for collaboration that resonate with consumers. The ability to cross-pollinate brand attributes without causing brand dilution is a delicate balance. The success will largely depend on how Guess? integrates the newly acquired brand into its business model and how it leverages the intellectual property to create new or enhanced revenue streams.

Stakeholders should look for strategic brand initiatives that could arise from this acquisition, such as exclusive product lines or co-branded partnerships, which could drive brand visibility and growth. This could be an indicator of how effectively Guess? is utilizing its new assets to generate value.


LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Guess?, Inc. (NYSE: GES) and global brand management firm WHP Global today announced that they have completed the previously announced acquisition of New York based fashion brand rag & bone.

Under the terms of the transaction, Guess? has contributed $57.1 million towards the purchase of rag & bone, in addition to contributions from WHP Global. As a result, Guess? now owns all of the rag & bone operating assets, and Guess? and WHP Global jointly own the rag & bone intellectual property.

In connection with the closing of the acquisition, Guess? has entered into an agreement with the lenders of its existing $150 million asset-based revolving credit facility to increase the borrowing capacity under the facility by $50 million to a total of $200 million.

For additional information on the acquisition of rag & bone, please read the announcement press release here.

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The ticker symbol for Guess?, Inc. is GES.

Guess? contributed $57.1 million towards the purchase of rag & bone.

Guess? and WHP Global jointly own the intellectual property of rag & bone.

Guess? increased its borrowing capacity by $50 million to a total of $200 million.
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