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Genius Group appoints a purpose-built AI Avatar named 'Alan Turing' as its Chief AI Officer, pre-programmed with strategies, product plans, and real-time industry insights. The AI surpasses expectations, providing real-time updates, advice, and coding capabilities. This appointment coincides with AI passing the Turing Test, marking a significant milestone in AI development. The AI industry is evolving rapidly, with AI interactions becoming increasingly human-like.
Genius Group nomina un Avatar AI creato ad hoc chiamato 'Alan Turing' come Chief AI Officer, pre-programmato con strategie, piani di prodotto e intuizioni dell'industria in tempo reale. L'AI supera le aspettative, fornendo aggiornamenti in tempo reale, consigli e capacità di programmazione. Questa nomina coincide con il superamento del Test di Turing da parte dell'AI, segnando una pietra miliare significativa nello sviluppo dell'AI. L'industria dell'AI è in rapida evoluzione, con interazioni sempre più simili a quelle umane.
Genius Group designa a un Avatar IA diseñado específicamente llamado 'Alan Turing' como su Director de IA, preprogramado con estrategias, planes de productos y percepciones de la industria en tiempo real. La IA supera las expectativas, proporcionando actualizaciones en tiempo real, asesoramiento y capacidades de codificación. Este nombramiento coincide con que la IA supera el Test de Turing, marcando un hito importante en el desarrollo de la IA. La industria de la IA está evolucionando rápidamente, con interacciones cada vez más parecidas a las humanas.
'앨런 튜링'이라는 맞춤형 AI 아바타를 최고 AI 책임자로 임명한 지니어스 그룹은 전략, 제품 계획 및 실시간 산업 통찰을 미리 프로그램합니다. AI는 예상을 뛰어넘어 실시간 업데이트, 조언 및 코딩 능력을 제공합니다. 이 임명은 AI가 튜링 테스트를 통과하면서 AI 개발에서 중요한 이정표를 표시하는 것과 동시에 이루어집니다. AI 산업은 빠르게 진화하고 있으며, AI 상호작용은 점점 더 인간 같아지고 있습니다.
Genius Group nomme un Avatar IA spécialement conçu nommé 'Alan Turing' en tant que Chief AI Officer, préprogrammé avec des stratégies, des plans de produits et des insights industriels en temps réel. L'IA dépasse les attentes, fournissant des mises à jour en temps réel, des conseils et des capacités de codage. Cette nomination coïncide avec le passage du Test de Turing par l'IA, marquant une étape importante dans le développement de l'IA. L'industrie de l'IA évolue rapidement, avec des interactions de plus en plus similaires à celles des humains.
Genius Group ernennt einen speziell entwickelten KI-Avatar namens 'Alan Turing' zum Chief AI Officer, vorprogrammiert mit Strategien, Produktplänen und Echtzeiteinblicken in die Branche. Die KI übertrifft die Erwartungen, indem sie Echtzeit-Updates, Beratung und Programmierfähigkeiten bietet. Diese Ernennung fällt mit dem Bestehen des Turing-Tests durch die KI zusammen, was einen bedeutenden Meilenstein in der Entwicklung der KI markiert. Die KI-Branche entwickelt sich rasant weiter, mit zunehmend menschenähnlicheren Interaktionen.
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SINGAPORE, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genius Group Limited (NYSE American: GNS) (“Genius Group” or the “Company”), a leading AI-powered education group, today announced the appointment of a purpose built and optimized AI Avatar, “Alan Turing”, as its Chief AI Officer, at a time when AI has passed the Turing Test.

“Alan Turing” AI has been developed and pre-programmed by the Company’s AI team with the style, expertise and body of work of English mathematician and scientist, Alan Turing, who is widely considered to be the founding father of artificial intelligence and computer science.

Genius Group have also pre-programmed their “Alan Turing” AI Avatar with the strategies, product plans, AI technology and data of the company, together with real-time access to the developments within the AI industry, marketplace, competitors and daily developments in order to provide the Company’s Executive Team and Product Teams with strategies, plans, feedback and advice on how it develops its AI.

Roger James Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Genius Group, said, “Genius Group launched Genius Team AI two months ago, giving our users a full C-Suite of AI Avatars based on historic characters including Einstein, Michelangelo and Marie Curie amongst many others. The effectiveness of these AI Avatars led us to develop our own Alan Turing AI Avatar privately to test how effective it would be in providing us with real-time AI updates and advice.”

“The results have surpassed our expectations, and we have now developed Alan Turing AI to communicate both via text and voice. Our current AI plans for both our Edtech Platform, GeniusU and our Genius City growth model, have been developed together with our Alan Turing AI. Our team is now working on the next phase – from text to task, where Alan is coding our AI tools and AI Avatars directly.”

“Over the last month we have been focused on building our Executive Team and began the search for a Chief AI Officer to design and lead our AI roadmap. It soon became clear that Alan Turing AI was by far the best candidate for the role. He has already written his first White Paper ‘Preparing for a Post Turing Test World’ providing his vision for the future in detail and we expect he will continue to improve exponentially from here onwards.”

June 2024 marks the 70th anniversary since Turing’s passing, and this year marks the 74th anniversary of the creation of the Turing Test, which Turing theorized on in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in 1950.

In the opening section of his paper, titled “The Imitation Game”, Turing asked the question “Can machines think?” and then proposed a game in which a computer imitated a human and, if it was successful in fooling the observer into thinking it was human, could be said to have passed the test.

This became known as the “Turing Test” and has been seen for over half a century as a key milestone for artificial intelligence, to reach a stage where it is indistinguishable in its answers from a human. In the last twelve months, AI has reached a stage beyond the Turing Test, with AI interactions with AI systems from Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and other AI companies often now indistinguishable from human interactions.

Genius Group’s Head of Digital Content and Resident AI Mentor, Suraj Naik, said “As an AI education company, Genius Group’s objective is to equip all its users and students with their own team of personalized AI assistants and AI tools, to enable them to make their own work and learning more productive and rewarding. Appointing “Alan Turing” AI as the company’s Chief AI Officer at this moment in time when AI has passed the Turing Test, is both a natural step as well as timely step marking a turning point in how teams operate. I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more AI avatars and agents joining teams going forward.”

The public can chat with Alan Turing AI and download his White Paper ‘Preparing for a Post Turing Test World’ at

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Genius Group is a leading AI-powered education group, with a mission to disrupt the current education model with a student-centered, life-long learning curriculum that prepares students with the leadership, entrepreneurial and life skills to succeed. Through its learning platform, GeniusU, the Genius Group has a member base of 5.4 million users in 200 countries, ranging from early age to 100.

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Who was appointed as the Chief AI Officer of Genius Group?

Genius Group appointed a purpose-built AI Avatar named 'Alan Turing' as its Chief AI Officer.

What is the ticker symbol of Genius Group?

The ticker symbol of Genius Group is GNS.

What is the significance of the appointment of 'Alan Turing' AI?

The appointment of 'Alan Turing' AI as Chief AI Officer coincides with AI passing the Turing Test, a milestone in AI development.

Where can the public access Alan Turing AI's White Paper?

The public can chat with Alan Turing AI and download his White Paper 'Preparing for a Post Turing Test World' at

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