GridStor Announces Close of Tax Credit Sale for Goleta Energy Storage Project

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GridStor closes tax credit sale with J.P. Morgan for Goleta Energy Storage project, supported by NORD/LB and Mitsubishi HC Capital America. The project, the largest lithium-ion battery facility in Santa Barbara County, aims to aid California's decarbonization goals.
  • GridStor successfully closed its first tax credit sale with J.P. Morgan for the Goleta Energy Storage project.
  • The Goleta project is the largest lithium-ion battery facility in Santa Barbara County, with 44 emission-free batteries.
  • NORD/LB and Mitsubishi HC Capital America provided long-term debt financing for the project.
  • The project aims to support California's goal of decarbonizing its power sector by 2045.
  • Battery storage assets are expected to play a significant role in the broader energy transition.
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The involvement of NORD/LB and Mitsubishi HC Capital America in financing GridStor's Goleta Energy Storage project underscores the growing financial sector interest in renewable energy assets, particularly in battery storage. As the demand for clean energy solutions escalates, financial institutions are increasingly recognizing the potential for strong returns on investments in this sector. The tax credit sale with J.P. Morgan facilitates the project's funding structure and reflects the attractiveness of tax incentives for renewable energy investments. This financing model could set a precedent for future energy storage projects, potentially accelerating the deployment of similar assets across the country.

The long-term debt arrangement is indicative of the confidence lenders have in the viability and profitability of energy storage systems. Given the size of the Goleta project, its success or failure could have significant implications for future investments in the sector. A successful operation may lead to increased valuation of energy storage assets and attract more institutional investors, while any operational hiccups could raise concerns about the bankability of such projects.

GridStor's Goleta Energy Storage project is a notable development within the renewable energy landscape, particularly for its role in supporting California's decarbonization goals. The operational commencement of the largest lithium-ion battery facility in Santa Barbara County represents a strategic move towards enhancing grid reliability and managing peak load demands. The ability of the 60 MW / 160 MWh batteries to power over 30,000 households during peak times is a testament to the scalability of battery storage solutions.

From a market perspective, the project's alignment with federal investment tax credits and the ability to transfer these credits to other entities is a strategic financial mechanism that could influence investment trends. This structure not only benefits GridStor but also incentivizes other companies to invest in battery storage, potentially leading to increased market competition and innovation within the sector.

As sustainability continues to drive corporate strategy, the commitment of Mitsubishi HC Capital America's Sustainable Development Group (SDG) to finance clean technology projects like the Goleta Energy Storage is significant. The focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria reflects a broader trend in the investment community, where there is a growing emphasis on sustainable and responsible investments. The Goleta project's ability to provide emission-free energy storage solutions is aligned with global sustainability goals and could contribute to the company's reputation and ESG ratings.

This project also highlights the role of innovative financing solutions in advancing sustainable infrastructure. The support of such projects by major financial institutions is crucial for the transition to a low-carbon economy. The success of GridStor's Goleta project could encourage further investment in sustainable development initiatives, potentially leading to a ripple effect in the adoption of similar technologies in other regions.

NORD/LB and Mitsubishi HC Capital America will support the clean energy facility through debt financing

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- GridStor, a developer and operator of utility-scale battery energy storage systems, announced today that it closed its first tax credit sale with J.P. Morgan in support of its Goleta Energy Storage project. The standalone battery energy storage project is the largest lithium-ion battery facility in Santa Barbara County and began operations in December 2023. In addition to the tax credit transfer, GridStor’s Goleta Energy Storage project is financed with long term debt provided by NORD/LB and Mitsubishi HC Capital America.

“This deal demonstrates the superior execution capabilities of our team and the confidence that GridStor has earned from world-leading financial institutions,” said Chris Taylor, CEO of GridStor. “We are proud to work with J.P. Morgan to join the first class of tax credit transfer sales associated with battery energy storage projects in North America.”

The Goleta project contains 44 emission-free batteries that comprise the biggest energy storage facility in Santa Barbara County. The 60 MW / 160 MWh lithium-ion batteries are capable of powering the equivalent of over 30,000 households over the hours each day when the electrical grid is most stressed, providing critical local reliability and support of California’s goal to decarbonize its power sector by 2045.

Battery storage assets are expected to be a significant asset class in the broader energy transition. Battery storage resources are eligible for federal investment tax credits that can now be transferred from asset owners to other business entities with tax liability.

“NORD/LB is delighted to have supported the Goleta stand-alone battery storage project financing,” said Sondra Martinez, Head of Project Finance-Origination at NORD/LB.

Battery storage is an essential part of the energy transition and mission to decarbonize the electric grid, while still ensuring grid resiliency. NORD/LB is a leader in financing storage assets as well as more broadly providing flexible, forward-looking financing solutions in support of all ESG assets across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

“Mitsubishi HC Capital America has long been committed to contributing to a prosperous and sustainable future,” said Stéphane Arsenault, senior vice president of sustainable development finance at Mitsubishi HC Capital America. “Supporting GridStor's mission, as well as their latest battery energy storage project, is perfectly aligned with our plans to provide unique and progressive financing solutions with the global environment in mind.”

Building on more than a decade of experience financing clean technology projects, Mitsubishi HC Capital America has established a dedicated Sustainable Development Group (SDG) to assist customers in achieving their sustainability goals. Their focus areas include clean technology, mobility, digital manufacturing, climate-smart agriculture, and water and water treatment. GridStor’s Goleta project represents the company’s sixth transaction in the battery energy storage sector.

About GridStor

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What financial institutions supported GridStor's Goleta Energy Storage project?

NORD/LB and Mitsubishi HC Capital America provided long-term debt financing for the project.

What is the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries at the Goleta project?

The 60 MW / 160 MWh lithium-ion batteries can power the equivalent of over 30,000 households.

What is the significance of the tax credit transfer for battery energy storage projects?

The tax credit transfer allows federal investment tax credits to be transferred from asset owners to other businesses with tax liability.

How many transactions has GridStor completed in the battery energy storage sector?

The Goleta project represents GridStor's sixth transaction in the battery energy storage sector.

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