Gaxos Partners with Meshy to Deliver AI-Generated 3D Models in its Product for Game Developers and Publishers

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On July 10, 2024, Gaxos.AI, a firm specializing in AI applications, announced a partnership with Meshy to integrate AI-generated 3D models into its solutions for game developers and publishers. This collaboration aims to deliver high-quality 3D assets, enhancing the toolkit available to game developers. Vadim Mats, CEO of Gaxos.AI, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership's potential to make their product an essential resource for the gaming industry. Ethan Hu, CEO of Meshy, highlighted the opportunity to provide innovative tools that simplify the creation of detailed and immersive 3D models for users.

  • Gaxos.AI's partnership with Meshy can potentially enhance their AI solutions with advanced 3D modeling capabilities.
  • The collaboration aims to provide high-quality 3D assets, which could make Gaxos's product more attractive to game developers and publishers.
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Roseland, NJ, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inc. ("Gaxos" or the "Company"), a company developing artificial intelligence applications across various sectors, today announced that it partnered with Meshy to deliver 3D assets in its AI solution for game developers and publishers.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Meshy to deliver quality 3D models through our product,” said Vadim Mats, CEO of Gaxos.AI. “We look forward to working with Meshy to make our product and service and integral part of any game developer's or publisher's toolkit.”

"We are thrilled to partner with Gaxos and bring our advanced 3D generative AI features to their users,” said Ethan Hu, CEO of Meshy. “This collaboration allows us to offer innovative tools that make it easier for game developers to create detailed and immersive 3D models."

About Meshy

Born from a fusion of passion and generative AI, Meshy transforms text and images into dazzling 3D masterpieces in mere moments. Meshy is not just streamlining 3D design; Meshy unlocks a universe of creative possibilities.

About Inc.

Gaxos.AI isn't just developing applications; it's redefining the human-AI relationship. Our offerings span health and wellness as well as gaming. We're committed to addressing health, longevity, and entertainment, through AI solutions.

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What is the significance of Gaxos's partnership with Meshy announced on July 10, 2024?

Gaxos partnered with Meshy to integrate AI-generated 3D models into its solutions for game developers and publishers, aiming to deliver high-quality 3D assets and enhance their product's attractiveness.

How might the Gaxos partnership with Meshy affect the stock symbol GXAI?

The partnership could increase the value of GXAI by enhancing Gaxos's product offerings, making it more appealing to game developers and publishers.

What benefits could game developers expect from the Gaxos and Meshy collaboration?

Game developers could benefit from access to advanced 3D generative AI features, simplifying the creation of detailed and immersive 3D models. Inc.


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