Hamilton Lane Expands Presence in Canada

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Hamilton Lane (HLNE) expands its presence in Canada by moving to a larger office in Toronto's Financial District to cater to the increasing demand from Canadian investors seeking access to private markets. With assets under management exceeding $27.5 billion CAD, the firm reinforces its commitment to the region by enhancing its team and client support.
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The expansion of Hamilton Lane's operations in Canada is indicative of a broader trend where investors are increasingly diversifying into private markets. This shift reflects a search for potentially higher returns and a hedge against volatility in public markets. The relocation to a larger office in Toronto's Financial District is not merely a logistical move; it symbolizes a strategic commitment to the Canadian market. This is particularly relevant as the firm's assets under management (AUM) have surpassed $27.5 billion CAD, a significant milestone that underscores the firm's growth trajectory and market confidence.

From an industry standpoint, the growth in AUM is a positive signal to stakeholders, suggesting that Hamilton Lane is successfully attracting and retaining clients. For investors, this could imply a stable and potentially expanding platform that offers diverse investment opportunities in the private sector. The firm's increased physical presence in a key financial hub also positions it favorably for future growth and client engagement.

Hamilton Lane's announcement of office expansion in response to growing AUM and client base is a strong financial indicator. The move reflects operational growth and may have positive implications for Hamilton Lane's future revenue streams and profitability. As the firm scales up its presence and capabilities in Canada, it can leverage economies of scale and potentially improve its margins.

Investors should note that the firm's focus on private markets comes with higher risk-reward profiles compared to public markets. However, the firm's long-standing presence and recent team enhancements, like the additions of Taylor McManus and Rob Reed, suggest a strategy to bolster expertise and client service, which might translate into competitive advantage and investor confidence. It's essential to monitor how these strategic decisions affect the firm's performance metrics, such as client acquisition rates, client retention and return on investment.

The choice of Toronto's Financial District for Hamilton Lane's larger office premises is a strategic real estate investment decision. The district is Canada's financial hub, home to major banks, financial services companies and a conducive environment for networking and business opportunities. A prominent presence in this area can enhance the firm's visibility among potential clients and talent, which is vital for a company focusing on private market investments.

Real estate decisions often reflect a company's confidence in its business model and growth prospects. By investing in a prime location, Hamilton Lane is likely signaling its long-term commitment to the Canadian market. For stakeholders, such a move might be seen as a reaffirmation of the firm's stability and its anticipation of continued growth, which could have positive implications for the firm's valuation and attractiveness to investors.

  • Expansion comes as assets under management and supervision on behalf of Canadian investors across evergreen and institutional strategies exceed $27.5 billion CAD1
  • Firm moves to a larger office in Toronto's Financial District, strengthening its long-standing commitment to the region as a growing number of Canadian investors seek access to the private markets

TORONTO, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading private markets investment management firm Hamilton Lane (Nasdaq: HLNE) today announced it has expanded its footprint in Canada, relocating to a larger office in Toronto's Financial District to accommodate a growing team and client base as more Canadian investors seek access to the private markets.

The move comes as the firm marks five years since the opening of a dedicated office in Canada, where it has been serving clients for more than 20 years. Hamilton Lane's team in Canada has grown significantly in the past five years, enhancing its focus on investments and client support, most recently with the additions of Taylor McManus and Rob Reed. Taylor McManus joined as a Principal on the Real Assets Team, where he is responsible for originating, evaluating and executing direct, secondary and primary fund investment opportunities across Canada and the U.S. Rob Reed, a Principal on the Fund Investment team, is responsible for managing client relationships and primary fund investment diligence across the region.

Mike Woollatt, Head of Canada at Hamilton Lane, commented: "Interest in the private markets from both institutional and private wealth investors in Canada has been notable. Institutional investors continue to see the value in the potential for higher returns and lower volatility from the private markets. At the same time, Canadian private wealth investors are actively seeking diversification away from the volatility of public markets and are searching for more robust and consistent risk-adjusted returns and more accessible structures."

Today, Hamilton Lane has more than $27.5 billion CAD in assets under management and supervision on behalf of Canadian investors as of December 31, 20231. Notably, the firm now manages approximately $1.3 billion CAD on behalf of Canadian investors across its evergreen products, including the Global Private Assets Fund (GPA) and Senior Credit Opportunities Fund (SCOPE). GPA is the firm's flagship evergreen fund, open to high-net-worth and wholesale investors and today has $5.5 billion CAD2 and will reach its 5-year track record next month. SCOPE, which launched in 2022, is open to qualified high-net-worth investors and their advisors and has nearly $596 million CAD2.

Juan Delgado, Co-Chief Executive Officer, said: "The past five years have been a period of significant engagement with Canadian investors, as our presence here has helped us to provide diversified access to the private markets via our extensive global platform. We appreciate the trust and confidence our Canadian clients have placed in us. We are deeply committed to the Canadian market and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional value to our clients."  

 1 Figure is inclusive of over $6.0B CAD in Separately Managed and Advisory Accounts

2As of February 29, 2024

About Hamilton Lane

Hamilton Lane (Nasdaq: HLNE) is one of the largest private markets investment firms globally, providing innovative solutions to institutional and private wealth investors around the world. Dedicated exclusively to private markets investing for more than 30 years, the firm currently employs nearly 700 professionals operating in offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Hamilton Lane has approximately $903 billion in assets under management and supervision, composed of $120 billion in discretionary assets and nearly $783 billion in non-discretionary assets, as of December 31, 2023. Hamilton Lane specializes in building flexible investment programs that provide clients access to the full spectrum of private markets strategies, sectors and geographies. For more information, please visit or follow Hamilton Lane on LinkedIn:

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What is Hamilton Lane's ticker symbol?

Hamilton Lane's ticker symbol is HLNE.

Where did Hamilton Lane relocate to accommodate its growing team and client base in Canada?

Hamilton Lane relocated to a larger office in Toronto's Financial District.

How much do assets under management and supervision on behalf of Canadian investors exceed?

Assets under management and supervision on behalf of Canadian investors exceed $27.5 billion CAD.

How long has Hamilton Lane been serving clients in Canada?

Hamilton Lane has been serving clients in Canada for more than 20 years.

Who were the recent additions to Hamilton Lane's team in Canada?

The recent additions to Hamilton Lane's team in Canada were Taylor McManus and Rob Reed.

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hamilton lane is an independent alternative investment management firm providing innovative private markets solutions to sophisticated investors around the world. the firm has been dedicated to private markets investing for more than two decades and currently has 250 employees operating in offices throughout the u.s., london, hong kong, rio de janeiro, tel aviv and tokyo. with over $239 billion in total assets under management and supervision*, hamilton lane offers a full range of investment products and services that enable clients to participate in the private markets asset class on a global and customized basis. the firm has been named an inc. 5000 fastest-growing company and a “best places to work in money management by pensions & investments. for more information please visit * as of september 30, 2015