Human Unitec Provides Corporate Update on Deployment Medical Equipment in Italy & Europe and update on Neutel srl contract

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Boston, Massachusetts, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Human Unitec international Inc. (OTC: HMNU) announce the new management and deployments of our HMNU Medical Equipment in Italy. We have added the following medical professional teams with Prof. Francesco Braconaro as Medical Director, Dr. Ghazy S.Amir, as a Training and Assistance Department Director, and Prof. Luciano Lanfranchi as Medical Aesthetic Department Director. The medical teams are now organized to give to the commercial distribution organization a full range of assistance, providing also important documentation on the results of the tests and the high performance of the equipment. All of the HMNU Medical Equipment have completed fully compliance with the CE EU regulation. Now, with the initial commercialization of our equipment, HMNU medical is now ready to test his new equipment for body building, pelvic repair and prostatitis treatments.

Human Unitec International Inc. is pleased to announce the conclusion of a contractual agreement with the CGT Group, a joint venture between Neutel Srl and Engineer Paolo Cavalieri for the distribution in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the United States of an innovative sterilization equipment model S90 for  modular hospital infectious solid waste.

The sterilization equipment, characterized by a combination of advanced technologies that guarantee both maximum safety of use and the complete digitalization of telemetry of the input and output cycles of the treated matrices, are the ideal solution for maximum containment of the infectious risk of waste.

The S90 equipment contained advanced engineering, design and functions maximizing the control of critical process factors superior to the technological performance of the competition.

In Italy, its initial market, 75% of infectious hospital waste is treated with equipment designed, built and tested by the partners in CGT Group who have been the leader in the sector for more than 20 years.

The primary demand demonstrated from the purchase of this equipment is due to the great versatility of almost automatic driving in which the operator directly provides the placement of the waste boxes on the feeding belt.

All processing and related reports are carried out in real time and generate an operational report whose data is stored and interconnected on the blockchain platform.

In addition to sterilization equipment, CGT Group manufactures a water purifier and equipment for the production of disinfectants at low cost and wide use (alternative to benzalkonium).

"We are happy to be able to complete our range of professional equipment for the hospital world and confidently contribute to the containment of infectious risk on a large scale with the new model of sterilization equipment S90," said Eng. Paolo Cavalieri.  You can visit our virtual showroom and find with maximum simplicity all the information and conditions necessary to evaluate the distributed technology with the sterilization equipment mod. S90"

About Human Unitec International, Inc.:
Human Unitec International, Inc., is a Project Finance, Management & Development for Sustainability, Medical, Wellness, and Green Energy. We are listed on the US OTC Market. (OTC: HMNU).

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