Standard BioTools and Next Gen Diagnostics Announce Partnership to Provide Complete Automation of Low-Cost Pathogen Sequencing

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Standard BioTools Inc. (LAB) and Next Gen Diagnostics have signed a long-term agreement to enhance the automation of pathogen whole genome sequencing. The NGD-100, a version of Standard BioTools' Biomark X9 System, will be customized for NGD to streamline sample preparation. This collaboration aims to reduce the cost of bacterial sequencing to under $10/sample, addressing the key barriers in pathogen WGS. Standard BioTools' microfluidics technology, known for its scalability and automation, combined with NGD's advanced bioinformatics, will offer integrated pathogen sequencing services with rapid turnaround times and cost-efficiency. NGD has validated the accuracy of sequence-based diagnostics for antibiotic resistance prediction and infection transmission detection. The partnership signifies a significant advancement in Standard BioTools' growth strategy, expanding its microfluidic platform's impact in life sciences.
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The partnership between Standard BioTools and Next Gen Diagnostics (NGD) to enhance pathogen whole genome sequencing (WGS) through automated sample preparation is a significant advancement in the field of clinical microbiology. The integration of Standard BioTools' microfluidics technology with NGD's automated bioinformatics could potentially streamline pathogen WGS, making it more accessible and cost-effective. This is particularly relevant given the increasing need for rapid and accurate pathogen testing in healthcare.

By reducing the cost and time associated with sample preparation and analysis, this collaboration may lead to a higher adoption rate of WGS in clinical settings. The ability to accurately predict antibiotic susceptibility and detect transmission of infections could greatly improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. The validation of these methods in peer-reviewed studies, such as those by Humphries et al and Brown et al, provides credibility to the claims of increased diagnostic accuracy over traditional in vitro tests.

The exclusive agreement for the production of the NGD-100, a customized version of the Biomark™ X9 System, signifies a strategic move by Standard BioTools to cement its position within the life sciences sector. This move aligns with the company's growth strategy of domain focus, potentially expanding its market share in the pathogen genomics space. The emphasis on cost efficiency and scalability addresses key challenges faced by laboratories, which could lead to widespread adoption and increased demand for Standard BioTools' systems.

Furthermore, the mention of a second major OEM agreement indicates that Standard BioTools is actively pursuing partnerships to diversify applications of its microfluidic technology. The potential market impact of this technology being applied to hospital infection control and clinical microbiology could be substantial, considering the financial and health burdens associated with hospital-acquired infections.

The collaboration between Standard BioTools and NGD is poised to capitalize on the growing pathogen genomics market, which is at a critical inflection point. The demand for pathogen testing is driven by global health concerns, such as antimicrobial resistance and the need for infection control in healthcare settings. The low-cost, high-throughput service offered by NGD could disrupt the current market by providing a competitive alternative to existing pathogen testing methods.

Investors may find the long-term agreement reassuring, as it demonstrates a commitment to innovation and market expansion. As Standard BioTools leverages its microfluidics platform across vital sectors, it may not only enhance its reputation as a leader in the field but also potentially increase its financial performance through new revenue streams.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Standard BioTools Inc. (Nasdaq:LAB), driven by a bold purpose – Unleashing tools to accelerate breakthroughs in human health™ – and Next Gen Diagnostics announce the execution of a long-term agreement aimed at revolutionizing the automation of sample preparation for pathogen whole genome sequencing. Under the exclusive agreement, Standard BioTools™ will manufacture the NGD-100, a version of its microfluidics-based Biomark™ X9 System customized for NGD and optimized for automated pathogen WGS library preparation.

“With the cost of bacterial sequencing now under $10/sample, the cost of sample preparation and bioinformatic analysis of the results have become the last remaining practical bottlenecks preventing the widespread use of pathogen WGS,” noted Paul A. Rhodes, Ph.D., NGD’s founder and CEO. “We have addressed them both by combining Standard BioTools’ best-in-class microfluidic liquid handling system with NGD’s state-of-the-art automated pathogen bioinformatics, enabling NGD to offer integrated pathogen sequencing and bioinformatic services with the rapid turnaround and low cost required for large scale impact on infection control and ultimately on clinical microbiology.”

Used by researchers around the world, Standard BioTools proprietary microfluidics technology offers highly scalable and automated workflows for quantitative PCR and NGS library preparation. These systems will enable the cost efficiencies, flexibility and proven analytical performance that laboratories need to meet the increasing demands of pathogen testing.

“Standard BioTools’ microfluidics technology represents over 20 years of continuous refinement,” commented Michael Egholm, President and CEO of Standard BioTools. “Our systems have been proven in mission-critical commercial applications, such as those of Olink, and our track record of high-volume fulfillment ensures the systems and reagents we provide NGD will deliver reliable and high-quality results. As our second major OEM agreement, this partnership with NGD in the field of pathogen sample preparation reflects the advancement of our growth strategy, bringing domain focus and expertise that will broaden the impact of our microfluidic platform across vital sectors of life science.”

NGD has developed and validated world class capability in both the detection of transmission by comparison of bacterial WGS, and the prediction of antibiotic susceptibility. Its recently validated (Humphries et al 2023, J Clinical Microbiology) WGS-based prediction of resistance of E. coli to cefepime demonstrated that sequence-based diagnostics can be more accurate than current standard of care in vitro tests. And, NGD has validated (Brown et al 2019, J Clinical Microbiology) the use of bacterial WGS for the detection of the transmission of infection in hospitals, an issue that creates enormous costs for health care systems, payers, and patients. By pairing Standard BioTools’ microfluidic sample preparation with fully automated bioinformatic analysis, NGD offers an integrated pathogen WGS service at the low cost and high throughput required to be compatible with the economics of infectious disease testing.

“We have worked closely with NGD to develop this strategic partnership between our companies,” noted Alex Kim, Chief Operating Officer of Standard BioTools. “We see an enormous market in pathogen genomics, which is clearly reaching a long-awaited inflection point. Our team is looking forward to working with NGD as they employ Standard BioTools’ proven microfluidics technology, the most robust, high-performance low volume liquid handling system in existence, to enable NGD to bring the potentially transformative applications of pathogen WGS to health care worldwide.”

About Next Gen Diagnostics

NGD offers integrated high-volume turn-key sequencing and bioinformatic services to enable detection of transmission in hospitals, and is working with leading collaborators in the US, Europe and Israel to be among the first to bring WGS-based regulated diagnostics to patient care. NGD is based in the US, with subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK and in Israel.

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About Standard BioTools

Standard BioTools Inc. (Nasdaq:LAB), previously known as Fluidigm Corporation, is driven by a bold purpose – Unleashing tools to accelerate breakthroughs in human health. Standard BioTools has an established portfolio of essential, standardized next-generation technologies that help biomedical researchers develop medicines faster and better. As a leading solutions provider, the Company provides reliable and repeatable insights in health and disease using its proprietary mass cytometry and microfluidics technologies, which help transform scientific discoveries into better patient outcomes. Standard BioTools works with leading academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, plant and animal research and clinical laboratories worldwide, focusing on the most pressing needs in translational and clinical research, including oncology, immunology and immunotherapy. Learn more at or connect with us on X, Facebook®, LinkedIn and YouTube™.

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What is the purpose of the agreement between Standard BioTools Inc. and Next Gen Diagnostics?

The agreement aims to revolutionize the automation of sample preparation for pathogen whole genome sequencing.

What is the product being developed under the exclusive agreement?

The NGD-100, a version of Standard BioTools' microfluidics-based Biomark X9 System customized for NGD and optimized for automated pathogen WGS library preparation.

How will the collaboration between Standard BioTools and NGD impact the cost of bacterial sequencing?

The partnership aims to reduce the cost of bacterial sequencing to under $10/sample.

What technology does Standard BioTools specialize in?

Standard BioTools specializes in proprietary microfluidics technology for quantitative PCR and NGS library preparation.

What capabilities has NGD validated in pathogen genomics?

NGD has validated the accuracy of sequence-based diagnostics for antibiotic resistance prediction and infection transmission detection.

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