Linde Expands Agreement with Steel Authority of India Limited

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Linde (NASDAQ:LIN) has expanded its long-term agreement with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) to supply industrial gases to SAIL's Rourkela steel plant in India. The expansion includes the construction of a new 1,000 tons per day air separation unit (ASU) at an investment of approximately $60 million, aimed to support SAIL's expansion and modernization program. The new facility is expected to come online in 2026 and will also supply industrial gases to Linde's existing and new local merchant customers in the region.
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The expansion of Linde's agreement with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) can be seen as a strategic move to capitalize on the growing industrial demand in India, particularly in the steel sector. This development is likely to bolster Linde's position in the industrial gases market, providing a steady revenue stream from a major steel producer over the long term. The construction of an additional air separation unit (ASU) represents a significant investment in infrastructure that is expected to enhance operational efficiency and meet increased demand.

From a market perspective, the nearly doubling of on-site production capacity at SAIL's Rourkela plant is a substantial increase in Linde's supply capabilities. This could potentially lead to economies of scale, reducing the cost per unit of gas produced and possibly improving profit margins. Additionally, the focus on energy-efficient technology in the new ASU aligns with global trends towards sustainability and could provide Linde with a competitive edge in attracting environmentally conscious customers.

Linde's $60 million investment in a new ASU is a considerable capital expenditure that investors will monitor closely, as it reflects confidence in the long-term growth prospects of the Indian market. The financial implications of this investment include the potential for increased earnings from the expanded production capacity and a broader customer base. However, investors should also consider the time horizon for returns, given that the new facility is expected to come online in 2026.

It is crucial to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for such a project. The ability of the new ASU to operate at full capacity alongside the existing units and the capture of additional market share in the local merchant sector, will be key determinants of financial success. The impact on Linde's stock could be positive if the project progresses as planned and starts contributing to the company's bottom line post-2026.

The industrial gases sector is closely tied to the performance of its end-users, with the steel industry being one of the largest consumers. Linde's decision to expand its supply capacity with SAIL is indicative of the expected growth in the steel industry in India. The modernization program at SAIL's Rourkela plant suggests a broader trend of technological upgrades within the sector, which could increase the demand for high-quality industrial gases like oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

Understanding the technical aspects of air separation and the production of industrial gases is essential. Air separation units are critical for producing pure gases required in various industrial processes, including steel manufacturing. The efficiency of these units often determines the competitiveness of gas suppliers. Linde's emphasis on an energy-efficient ASU could signal advancements in technology that may set new industry standards, potentially influencing the operations of competitors and the industry as a whole.

WOKING, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2024 / Linde (NASDAQ:LIN) announced today it has expanded its existing long-term agreement for the supply of industrial gases with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), one of the largest steelmaking companies in India.

Linde currently supplies oxygen, nitrogen and argon to SAIL's Rourkela steel plant in Odisha, eastern India, from two on-site air separation units (ASUs), which are operating at full capacity. Under the terms of the new agreement, Linde will now build, own and operate an additional 1,000 tons per day ASU, nearly doubling Linde's on-site production at Rourkela. Linde's investment is expected to be approximately $60 million.

Linde's energy-efficient ASU will supply oxygen, nitrogen and argon to support SAIL's expansion and modernization program at Rourkela. Expected to come online in 2026, Linde's new facility will also supply industrial gases to Linde's existing and new local merchant customers in the region.

"We look forward to supporting SAIL's expansion, building on our track record of safely and reliably supplying industrial gases across three major sites," said Moloy Banerjee, President ASEAN & South Asia, Linde. "This investment will also enhance Linde's local network density in Odisha, enabling us to meet demand for industrial gases in one of the fastest growing regions in India."

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What is the ticker symbol for Linde?

The ticker symbol for Linde is LIN.

What type of industrial gases does Linde supply to SAIL's Rourkela steel plant?

Linde supplies oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to SAIL's Rourkela steel plant.

What is the investment expected for the construction of the new ASU at Rourkela?

The investment for the construction of the new ASU at Rourkela is approximately $60 million.

When is the new ASU facility expected to come online?

The new ASU facility is expected to come online in 2026.

Who is the President ASEAN & South Asia at Linde?

Moloy Banerjee is the President ASEAN & South Asia at Linde.

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