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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 24, 2023 -- Today, RONN Motor Group (OTC: LPHM) announced it has selected commerTECH as the company to exclusively create and manage the software development for their Hydrogen Fuel Cell logistic medium-duty trucks globally.

commerTECH is a global software/IT firm that has a successful track record for building customized solutions within automotive, healthcare, banking, and nutraceutical industries. Software that has been recognized by peers including the number 1 and 2 Carlisle awards for over a decade in the automotive industry.

"We are excited to have been selected to supply the software and infrastructure to support the product information, vehicle communications and telematics for RONN Motor Group," said Michael White, CEO, commerTECH. "RONN Motor Group brings a vision and business model that we believe in, and appreciate that we can be part of a global shift to zero emissions."

"We selected commerTECH based on their team's extensive experience in the automotive industry that spans more than two decades and includes every aspect of what we need from telematics to catalog to warranty and in-vehicle communications," Ronn Ford, CEO & Founder, RONN Motor Group. "We are thrilled to have such a power-house company on our team."

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric logistic delivery vehicles (HFCEV) will offer a unique zero-emission solution to fleets and logistics customers. The trucks will travel more than 300+ miles on a single fueling with hydrogen storage of approximately 40kg. A second storage option will allow for a range of 500 plus miles.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric vehicles (HFCEV) use electricity to power an electric motor. In contrast to other electric vehicles, HFCEVs produce electricity using a fuel cell powered by hydrogen rather than drawing electricity from a battery.

HFCEVs use a small battery to recapture braking energy, provide extra power during short acceleration events, and smooth out the power delivered from the fuel cell with the option to idle or turn off the fuel cell during low power needs. The amount of energy stored onboard is determined by the size of the hydrogen fuel tanks. 

About RONN Motor Group:

RONN Motor Group, Inc. is a global zero-emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell automaker (FCVs). The company was founded by Ronn Ford who has spent his entire career in the automotive industry exploring ways to innovate and pioneer innovative technologies. His belief is to "Create sustainable energy for mobility and a better quality of life." RONN Motor Group is currently designing middle-mile trucks and will expand into SUVs for commercial uses. The company works with global leaders in automotive manufacturing and currently has several distribution agreements in negotiations. The company is also teaming up with a leading hydrogen fueling company to develop a hydrogen fuel distribution infrastructure domestically and in key countries around the world.

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