MetaWorks' New Venture, Energy Works, Inc., to Revolutionize Plastic Waste Management with Cutting-Edge Diesel Fuel Conversion

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MetaWorks Platforms announced its new subsidiary, Energy Works, Inc. (EWI), which will convert plastic waste into diesel fuel using cutting-edge technology. Set to launch in Q4 2024, EWI aims to address the global plastic crisis by transforming non-recyclable plastics into high-quality diesel, reducing environmental harm and reliance on fossil fuels. The technology leverages advanced pyrolysis and catalytic conversion to break down plastic polymers, offering a cost-effective and efficient waste management solution. The initiative is part of MetaWorks' broader commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

  • EWI will launch a new waste-to-energy conversion machine in Q4 2024, providing a clear timeline for investors.
  • The new technology can process various plastic waste streams, including mixed plastics and packaging materials, increasing its market potential.
  • EWI's process produces high-quality diesel fuel efficiently and cost-effectively, potentially providing a competitive advantage.
  • The initiative aligns with global sustainability goals, which can attract eco-conscious investors.
  • The project is yet to be commercialized, posing execution risks.
  • Launching in Q4 2024 means no immediate revenue impact for the current fiscal year.
  • Potential high initial costs for setting up the technology and operations could strain finances.

Company Prepares for Groundbreaking Machine Launch in Q4 2024

Fairfield, CA., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. ("MetaWorks" or the "Company"), (OTCQB: MWRK), an award-winning future technology company that operates in the Greentech, Web3 and AI space, today announced its new pioneering waste-to-energy conversion wholly owned subsidiary Energy Works, Inc. (EWI). Leveraging cutting-edge technology, EWI will specialize in the transformation of plastic waste into high-quality diesel fuel, marking a significant stride in combating environmental pollution and advancing the circular economy.

The global plastic crisis has reached alarming proportions, with millions of tons of plastic waste accumulating in landfills and oceans each year. In response to this pressing issue, MetaWorks created Energy Works to commercialize a new revolutionary process that converts non-recyclable plastics into valuable diesel fuel, thereby reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels and mitigating environmental harm.

"Along with Fogdog energy, we’re thrilled to introduce this innovative waste-to-energy solution to the market," said MetaWorks President Scott Gallagher. "At MetaWorks and now Energy Works, Inc., we are committed to driving positive change by addressing this urgent need for sustainable waste management practices, especially at Municipal Waste Sites (MSW) in the US. Our technology not only diverts plastic waste from landfills but also produces a clean and efficient alternative to traditional diesel fuel. We achieve this more efficiently and cost-effectively than any other known company, with a highly profitable model poised to genuinely uplift the communities we aim to serve."

Energy Works, Inc.'s technology utilizes advanced pyrolysis and catalytic conversion processes to break down plastic polymers into high-quality diesel fuel, with minimal emissions and energy consumption. Unlike conventional plastic recycling methods, which are often limited by material contamination and degradation, Energy Works approach can handle a wide range of plastic waste streams, including mixed plastics and packaging materials.

Company Contact:
Scott Gallagher, President
(727) 417-7807

About MetaWorks Platforms, Inc.

MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. ("MetaWorks" or the "Company"), (OTCQB: MWRK), is an SEC exchange act, fully reporting company. MetaWorks is an award-winning, future technology company that operates in the Web3, AI and GreenTech space. The Company develops and leverages future technologies like Blockchain, AI, Tokenization and Green Technologies to build platforms that improve and grow businesses and solve problems. MetaWorks Platforms trades on the OTCQB market, over the counter, under the ticker symbol: MWRK.

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What is Energy Works, Inc.?

Energy Works, a subsidiary of MetaWorks Platforms, specializes in converting plastic waste into diesel fuel.

When will Energy Works' new machine launch?

The new waste-to-energy conversion machine will launch in Q4 2024.

What technology does Energy Works use to convert plastic waste?

Energy Works utilizes advanced pyrolysis and catalytic conversion processes.

What types of plastic can Energy Works' technology process?

The technology can handle mixed plastics and packaging materials.

What is the stock symbol for MetaWorks Platforms?

The stock symbol for MetaWorks Platforms is MWRK.

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