OneMedNet Joins ClinEco Community of Clinical Research Industry Members

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OneMedNet (Nasdaq: ONMD) has joined ClinEco Inc., a platform that enhances access and distribution for clinical research. This move validates OneMedNet's Real World Data platform within the clinical trial ecosystem. Aaron Green, President and CEO of OneMedNet, expressed excitement at becoming part of this community. ClinEco serves as a networking hub for clinical trial stakeholders, fostering collaboration and innovation in the life sciences sector.

OneMedNet (Nasdaq: ONMD) si è unita a ClinEco Inc., una piattaforma che migliora l'accesso e la distribuzione per la ricerca clinica. Questa mossa conferma la validità della piattaforma di Dati Reali del Mondo di OneMedNet all'interno dell'ecosistema dei trial clinici. Aaron Green, Presidente e CEO di OneMedNet, ha espresso entusiasmo per l'adesione a questa comunità. ClinEco funge da centro di networking per gli stakeholder dei trial clinici, promuovendo la collaborazione e l'innovazione nel settore delle scienze della vita.
OneMedNet (Nasdaq: ONMD) se ha unido a ClinEco Inc., una plataforma que mejora el acceso y la distribución para la investigación clínica. Esta acción valida la plataforma de Datos del Mundo Real de OneMedNet dentro del ecosistema de ensayos clínicos. Aaron Green, presidente y CEO de OneMedNet, mostró su entusiasmo al convertirse en parte de esta comunidad. ClinEco sirve como un centro de conexión para los interesados en ensayos clínicos, fomentando la colaboración e innovación en el sector de las ciencias de la vida.
OneMedNet (나스닥: ONMD)은 임상 연구에 대한 접근성과 배포를 향상시키는 플랫폼인 ClinEco Inc.에 합류했습니다. 이 조치는 임상 시험 생태계 내에서 OneMedNet의 실제 세계 데이터 플랫폼의 유효성을 입증합니다. OneMedNet의 대표이자 CEO인 Aaron Green은 이 커뮤니티의 일원이 되어 기쁘다고 표현했습니다. ClinEco는 임상 시험 이해 관계자를 위한 네트워크 허브로서 생명 과학 분야에서 협력과 혁신을 촉진합니다.
OneMedNet (Nasdaq : ONMD) a rejoint ClinEco Inc., une plateforme qui améliore l'accès et la distribution pour la recherche clinique. Ce mouvement valide la plateforme de Données Réelles du Monde de OneMedNet au sein de l'écosystème des essais cliniques. Aaron Green, président et PDG de OneMedNet, s'est exprimé avec enthousiasme au sujet de son intégration à cette communauté. ClinEco agit en tant que centre de réseau pour les parties prenantes des essais cliniques, favorisant la collaboration et l'innovation dans le secteur des sciences de la vie.
OneMedNet (Nasdaq: ONMD) hat sich ClinEco Inc. angeschlossen, einer Plattform, die den Zugang und die Verteilung für klinische Forschung verbessert. Dieser Schritt bestätigt die Gültigkeit der Real-World-Datenplattform von OneMedNet im klinischen Studien-Ökosystem. Aaron Green, Präsident und CEO von OneMedNet, zeigte sich begeistert, Teil dieser Gemeinschaft zu werden. ClinEco dient als Netzwerkzentrale für Stakeholder von klinischen Studien und fördert die Zusammenarbeit und Innovation im Bereich der Lebenswissenschaften.
  • Validation of OneMedNet's Real World Data platform in the clinical trial industry.

  • Enhanced access and distribution opportunities for OneMedNet through ClinEco's platform.

  • Potential for accelerated clinical innovation and streamlined partner interactions.

  • Opportunity for OneMedNet to educate and provide high-quality Real World Data to Life Science members.

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~ Validates OneMedNet’s Regulatory Grade Real World Data Platform Among the Clinical Trial Eco-System ~

MINNEAPOLIS, April 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OneMedNet Corporation (Nasdaq: ONMD) (“OneMedNet”), the leading curator of precision curated regulatory-grade Real World Data (“RWD”), today announced that it has accepted an invitation to join ClinEco Inc., a connectivity platform and community environment, which improves access and expands distribution while promoting streamlined partner interactions and accelerated clinical innovation.

“We are excited to be invited to join this vibrant clinical trial community, which validates that our Real World Data platform is a trusted source for precision regulatory grade clinical data (RWD),” stated Aaron Green, OneMedNet President and CEO. “The effective utilization of Real World Data in clinical research is rapidly increasing and, as with many high growth market segments, there is a need for all participants to connect and grow together. We believe ClinEco will be a valuable platform for us to both educate, and efficiently provide specific and precise high quality RWD driving insights for Life Science members.”

ClinEco (short for Clinical Ecosystem) is the world’s first B2B market network for clinical trials, uniting sponsors, CROs, service providers, and sites on the world’s largest clinical trial marketplace enabling members to explore, engage, and exchange capabilities with their own ecosystem of partners. ClinEco was designed by the creators of SCOPE (Summit for Clinical Ops Executives).

About OneMedNet Corporation

Founded in 2009, OneMedNet provides innovative solutions that unlock the significant value contained within the clinical data repositories of healthcare providers. OneMedNet's robust iRWD™ platform provides secure, comprehensive management of diverse clinical data types, including electronic health records (EHR), laboratory results, medical imaging data. Employing its proven OneMedNet iRWD platform, OneMedNet securely de-identifies, searches, and curates a data archive locally, bringing a wealth of internal and third-party research opportunities to healthcare providers. By leveraging this extensive federated provider network, together with industry leading technology and in-house clinical expertise, OneMedNet successfully meets the most rigorous RWD Life Science requirements.

The OneMedNet iRWD network consists of 290+ facilities from leading healthcare systems and providers. Our commitment to growing our platform to provide near real time real-world data translates into healthcare innovations, setting new standards in patient care and advancing the future of medicine. For more information about OneMedNet Corporation, please visit

About ClinEco

ClinEco unites sponsors, CROs, service providers, and sites on the world's first B2B clinical trial marketplace, empowering all to expand clinical partnerships. By creating a platform where all research stakeholders can explore, engage, and exchange capabilities with an ecosystem of partners, ClinEco accelerates the process of vendor selection, leading to faster, more efficient clinical trials. ClinEco is a Cambridge Healthtech Institute Company. Learn more about the ClinEco community by visiting

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