Opera deploying a green energy-powered AI data cluster in Iceland with NVIDIA DGX supercomputing

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Opera (NASDAQ: OPRA) is set to deploy a new AI cluster in Keflavik, Iceland, powered by green energy. The system will support the growth of Opera's browsers and form the base of its future AI services, featuring an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD and set to begin operation in February 2024.
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The decision by Opera to establish a new AI cluster in Iceland, powered by green energy, represents a strategic investment in technology infrastructure with the potential to enhance the company's offerings and competitive edge. Utilizing an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD suggests a significant commitment to high-performance computing capabilities. This move could potentially lead to more efficient data processing, improved user experiences and the development of advanced AI services, which are increasingly important in the tech industry.

From a market perspective, investments in AI and green technology may resonate positively with environmentally conscious consumers and investors, aligning with global trends towards sustainability. This could improve Opera's brand image and attract a customer base that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices. However, the capital expenditure required for such a project might impact short-term financials, which stakeholders should monitor closely.

Opera's expansion into AI and utilization of green energy sources could be seen as a long-term play to optimize operational costs and drive innovation. The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD is a leading AI computing infrastructure, which could suggest an anticipation of increased computational needs and a commitment to staying at the forefront of browser technology. This expansion may be indicative of the company's future revenue streams and its potential to tap into new markets.

For investors, the key interest lies in the projected return on investment and the timeline for when the benefits of this AI cluster will materialize in financial performance. It will be important to analyze future financial statements for increases in revenue and margins that may be attributed to this new AI cluster. Additionally, investors should consider the competitive landscape and Opera's position within it post-deployment.

The deployment of an AI cluster, particularly one powered by NVIDIA's DGX SuperPOD, indicates Opera's intention to heavily invest in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. This infrastructure is designed to handle large-scale AI workloads, which could significantly accelerate Opera's AI research and development. The emphasis on green energy is not only a nod to environmental responsibility but also to the potential for reduced energy costs over time, which can be a considerable factor in the total cost of ownership for such high-performance computing systems.

For the tech industry, this move by Opera could signal an increased emphasis on AI-driven features within web browsers, setting a precedent for competitors. The long-term implications for Opera's product innovation could be substantial, as this infrastructure might enable more personalized content, enhanced security features and improved browser performance.

OSLO, Norway, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Opera (NASDAQ: OPRA) today announced its plans to deploy a new AI cluster in Keflavik, Iceland. Powered entirely by green energy, the system will support the growth of Opera's browsers and form the base of its future AI services. Opera's AI data cluster features an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, and will begin operation in February 2024.

Since early 2023, Opera has been innovating in the browser AI space, putting AI at the center of its product development. All of the company's flagship browsers already boast native AI features, including Aria Browser AI. Opera believes AI will soon take on a role beyond that of a chatbot and help users perform more elaborate browser tasks, requiring more AI computing power. The data cluster in Iceland will allow Opera to deliver new custom capabilities for its browser users, in addition to those built on top of solutions provided by Opera's AI partners.

"Opera was the first browser to introduce built-in AI services in the spring of 2023, offering both PC and mobile users the benefit of its generative AI assistant, Aria. Aria is fast evolving, and we continue to expand its capabilities as a browsing companion for our users," said Krystian Zubel, VP of Group IT at Opera. "Iceland will complement our existing infrastructure across the globe as a green, cost-efficient, and centralized hub for computation-heavy tasks, ensuring that Opera has the infrastructure in place to seize the opportunities we see and allowing our company to rapidly evolve and expand its AI services."

Opera's AI cluster is designed to have the smallest possible impact on the environment. Located in Iceland, it relies on hydroelectric and geothermal power for energy and fresh Icelandic air for cooling. The new cluster is an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, equipped with the newest NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which streamlines the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications. The full-stack system will work as a single AI cluster serving Opera's AI workloads. The state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100 GPUs allow for four times faster AI training and 30 times faster inference on large language models compared to the previous generation of the GPU.

"Organizations modernizing their business with AI require powerful infrastructure to develop large language models and enable generative AI applications," said Carlo Ruiz, EMEA Director of AI Data Center Solutions and Operations at NVIDIA. "NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with NVIDIA H100 GPUs provides Opera with advanced AI supercomputing capabilities, helping developers create new features to bring generative AI experiences to users' fingertips."

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Opera plans to deploy a new AI cluster in Keflavik, Iceland, powered by green energy to support the growth of its browsers and form the base of its future AI services.

The new AI cluster in Keflavik, Iceland is set to begin operation in February 2024.

The AI data cluster in Keflavik, Iceland will feature an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.
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