PSEG Long Island Urges Customers to Know What to Do if Visited by Someone Dressed as a Utility Worker

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PSEG Long Island emphasizes customer safety in light of recent home invasion incident, urging customers to be cautious of impostors posing as utility workers. The company advises customers on how to verify the identity of its employees and warns against potential scams.
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PSEG Long Island employees will never insist and in most cases do not need to come inside

UNIONDALE, N.Y., Feb. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In light of a recent home invasion incident in Nassau County involving robbers dressed as utility workers, PSEG Long Island urges customers to know what its employees look like and what they typically do when making visits to a home.

"The safety of customers and employees is our top priority at PSEG Long Island," said Lou Debrino, vice president of Customer Operations for PSEG Long Island. "In most cases, PSEG Long Island employees do not need to come inside your home to perform their work. Most meters are located outside, as is most of the electric equipment our company maintains. Our employees always wear their PSEG Long Island ID cards. Never open the door if you have any suspicion that the person knocking is not a legitimate PSEG Long Island employee."

In-person visits
Occasionally, scammers may go door to door impersonating PSEG Long Island employees, flashing a fake ID and/or claiming to be a utility collection representative. The impostors may wear "uniforms" or affix false company signs to their vehicles. The scammers generally ask for personal information, which real utility representatives do not do, or offer bogus discounts.

PSEG Long Island employees must carry a company ID and present it when requested. If customers have doubts, they should not open the door. An actual PSEG Long Island employee will respect the customer's decision and remain outside. If the person escalates their efforts to enter the home, customers should consider calling 911.

Phone scammers
Scammers are still using phone calls to target homes and businesses on Long Island and in the Rockaways, impersonating PSEG Long Island and area utilities and demanding immediate payment for supposed unpaid bills. PSEG Long Island reminds customers do the right thing if confronted with a demand for payment and a threat of imminent shutoff: Get the truth from real PSEG Long Island representatives at 1-800-490-0025.

Many of these scammers demand immediate payment via web-based electronic payment services. PSEG Long Island does not accept external, web-based electronic payment services (outside of payments through My Account) as a method of payment.

What customers should know about payment scams

  • Scammers impersonating PSEG Long Island most frequently threaten to shut off power immediately unless payment is made.
  • Many scammers use phone "spoofing" technology to make their number display on your phone as "PSEG Long Island."
  • PSEG Long Island will never request that customers use one specific method of payment.
  • Scammers typically want their victims to transfer money via a web-based electronic payment service, a prepaid debit card, or even Bitcoin, sometimes asking people to buy a prepaid card at the nearest convenience store and then to read them the PIN over the phone.
  • PSEG Long Island does not accept web-based electronic payment services, prepaid debit cards or Bitcoin as payment.
  • Sometimes phone scammers will demand a deposit for a priority meter installation. PSEG Long Island does not require a deposit for meter installations.
  • If a customer has doubts about the legitimacy of a call or an email — especially one in which payment is requested — they should call the company directly at 1-800-490-0025.

Fake websites
Some scammers purchase web domains that closely resemble the actual URL of a utility and create a fraudulent replica of the legitimate website. Their plan is to dupe users who click on these fake sites via search results, or type in an inaccurate web address. Once on the spoofed site, a visitor is presented a number of bill payment options, all pointing back to an outside bill pay site.

PSEG Long Island always uses the ".com" domain. Its real website, including PSEG Long Island-hosted online payment options, can be found at

Other scammers contact customers, claim to be with PSEG Long Island, demand payment and then instruct their victims to pay by scanning a QR code they send. Customers should remember that PSEG Long Island will never request that customers use one specific method of payment, and does not accept web-based electronic payment services, prepaid debit cards or Bitcoin as payment.

How actual PSEG Long Island reps handle phone calls
Customers should also know what PSEG Long Island will and won't discuss over the phone. A genuine PSEG Long Island representative will ask to speak to the customer of record. If that person is available, the representative will explain why they are calling and provide the account name, address and current balance. If the person on the phone does not provide the correct information, it is likely the customer is not speaking with a PSEG Long Island representative.

If the customer of record is not available, the PSEG Long Island representative will not discuss the account and ask that a message be left for the customer of record to call 1-800-490-0025.

PSEG Long Island is a member of the Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) collaborative. UUAS, a consortium of more than 150 U.S. and Canadian electric, water, and natural gas utilities and their respective trade associations, continues to raise customer awareness of common scams and new scam tactics used by utility impostors. Through its work and with the help of customer reporting, UUAS has successfully helped to take more than 14,020 toll-free numbers used by scammers against utility customers out of operation.

For more information on various payment scams reported in the PSEG Long Island service area and around the country, visit

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Customers can verify the identity of PSEG Long Island employees by asking for their company ID, which all employees must carry and present when requested. Genuine employees will respect customers' decisions and remain outside if there are doubts.

If customers suspect someone posing as a PSEG Long Island employee, they should not open the door and consider calling 911 if the person escalates their efforts to enter the home.

Customers can avoid falling victim to phone scams impersonating PSEG Long Island by verifying the authenticity of the caller and not making immediate payments through web-based electronic services. They should contact real PSEG Long Island representatives at 1-800-490-0025 to confirm any payment demands.
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