Quantum to Offer Advanced Filesharing Technology and Performance in StorNext and Myriad Solutions

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Quantum (QMCO) introduces advanced file service technology for StorNext and Myriad, enhancing cross-platform file sharing capabilities. The integration with Tuxera's SMB technology promises high performance, stability, and advanced features like SMB Direct RDMA and SMB Multichannel.
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Quantum Corporation's announcement of advanced file service technology integration into its Quantum Myriad and StorNext platforms potentially positions the company as a key player in the high-performance storage solutions market. The adoption of server message block (SMB) based cross-platform file service coupled with NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) technology is a significant upgrade for content creation and enterprise workflow efficiency. This move aligns with the increasing demand for faster data transfer speeds and larger bandwidth capabilities, as industries such as media and entertainment are rapidly growing their data throughput requirements to support high-resolution content like 8K and HDR.

The partnership with Tuxera and the use of its Fusion File Share technology may provide Quantum a competitive edge, as it leverages Microsoft's SMB patents to enhance capabilities beyond what open-source SMB implementations offer. This could potentially increase Quantum's market share in the storage solutions space, as customers look for reliable and high-performance data management systems. The integration of SMB Direct RDMA and SMB Multichannel is particularly noteworthy, as it indicates Quantum's commitment to maximizing performance for Ethernet-based infrastructures, which are becoming more prevalent in the industry.

From a market perspective, the timing of the release and the demonstration at the NAB 2024 show could create a favorable buzz around Quantum's stock. However, the real impact on the company's financials will depend on the adoption rate of the new technology by existing and new customers and how well Quantum capitalizes on this technological advancement to secure a larger market share.

The strategic partnership with Tuxera and the enhancement of Quantum's StorNext and Myriad platforms with advanced SMB file-sharing capabilities could have a positive impact on Quantum's revenue streams. By offering this technology as an upgrade option, Quantum is tapping into its existing customer base, potentially increasing the lifetime value of these customers through upselling opportunities. The focus on NVMe-oF TCP and NVMe-oF RDMA technologies indicates that Quantum is targeting high-margin, performance-critical sectors, which may lead to an increase in average selling prices.

Investors should monitor the adoption rates post-release, as the success of this initiative will be important for Quantum's near-term financial performance. The company's ability to convert early access customers into full adopters and to attract new customers with these enhanced capabilities will be indicative of the market's response to Quantum's technological advancements. Given the company's emphasis on Ethernet-based connection technologies, Quantum's performance in the next few quarters will provide insights into whether the market is ready to transition from traditional Fibre Channel-based systems to Ethernet-based solutions at scale.

It's important to note that while the technology upgrade could improve Quantum's competitive position, the company's long-term success will also depend on its ability to continuously innovate and stay ahead of rapidly evolving industry standards and customer expectations.

The integration of advanced file service technology into Quantum's StorNext and Myriad platforms represents a significant leap in storage and data management technology. The use of NVMe-oF for high-speed Ethernet connections is a forward-thinking move as NVMe is known for its low latency and high throughput capabilities. By leveraging NVMe-oF, Quantum is addressing the bottleneck of storage access speed, which is critical for workloads that require rapid access to large datasets, such as AI and machine learning applications.

The technical benefits of SMB Direct RDMA and SMB Multichannel should not be understated. These features allow for direct memory access by bypassing the CPU, which reduces latency and increases data throughput. This is especially beneficial for applications that require high-speed data transfer, such as video editing and content creation. The inclusion of enterprise-grade stability features like SMB scale-out and persistent file handles suggests that Quantum is also prioritizing reliability and data integrity, which are key concerns for enterprise customers.

However, the success of this technological advancement will largely depend on how well Quantum can execute the integration of these new features into its existing platforms and how seamlessly customers can transition to the upgraded systems. The technical complexity of such integrations should not be underestimated and Quantum will need to ensure robust support and service offerings to facilitate customer upgrades.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Quantum® Corporation (NASDAQ: QMCO), the pioneer in end-to-end data management solutions designed for the AI era, announced today that it is adding advanced file service technology to Quantum Myriad® and StorNext® to offer ultra-fast and feature rich server message block (SMB) based cross-platform file service.

Myriad’s Architecture diagram shows the placement of S3 as a tier-one client of the filesystem (Graphic: Business Wire)

Myriad’s Architecture diagram shows the placement of S3 as a tier-one client of the filesystem (Graphic: Business Wire)

StorNext customers can now have high-performance collaborative storage and fast network file service together on the same platform to meet their mission-critical enterprise and content creation workflow needs. The same technology is deeply integrated within Myriad as a first-class protocol to offer robust, cross-platform file sharing. This initiative, paired with Quantum’s integration of advanced Ethernet-based connection technologies, such as NVMe-oF TCP and NVMe-oF RDMA, furthers Quantum’s vision to offer an end-to-end unstructured data and AI platform, available in both software only and appliance options. This gives customers the best possible performance and cost density choice, especially when migrating from Fibre Channel-based systems.

The technology is available as part of a broad partnership with Tuxera, a global leader in data storage management and networking software and will employ common technology building blocks across StorNext and Myriad. Quantum’s platforms will benefit from Tuxera’s cloud-scale SMB file-sharing implementation, Fusion File Share, and their long-standing partnership with Microsoft on SMB patents to offer advanced capabilities not available in open-source SMB implementations. These improvements dramatically boost file service performance and deliver enterprise-grade stability with features like SMB Direct RDMA, SMB scale-out, SMB Multichannel, SMB witness protocol, and persistent file handles.

Quantum will offer the technology as an installation upgrade option for new and existing StorNext customers, boosting SMB file service performance to meet the demands of large teams of macOS, Windows, and Linux clients, serve larger files efficiently, and deliver higher performance to their applications. With the latest version of StorNext 7.2 that adds NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) configuration and optimization features for high-speed Ethernet connections, customers deploying Fusion File Share on StorNext volumes built with Quantum F-Series NVMe storage appliances will see the fastest SMB performance on StorNext. By taking advantage of SMB Direct RDMA connectivity, a single Windows client can read data from an SMB share in excess of 10 gigabytes (Gb) a second using 100Gb Ethernet, unlocking extreme performance for ingest or streaming workflows not possible using systems without SMB Direct.

“Our StorNext and Myriad customers are building ever larger teams of connected users, investing more in Ethernet infrastructure, and facing challenging requirements such as 8K, high frame rates, and HDR, which are pushing the limits of client connectivity. Adding Fusion File Share technology helps them effortlessly serve Windows, macOS, and Linux client systems with incredible performance and efficiency at scale. For example, our latest testing shows that a single Windows client configured for SMB Direct and SMB Multichannel can now achieve over 10 gigabytes a second with our F-Series NVMe all-flash arrays for StorNext. This is truly a game-changer for content producers needing extreme performance and advanced workflow management capabilities.” said Nick Elvester, vice president of product operations, Quantum.

“We are pleased to announce our technical partnership with Quantum to make our enterprise-grade SMB implementation available for StorNext and Myriad users worldwide,” said Heather Goring, director of sales, Americas, Tuxera. “We’re especially excited to see Quantum integrate StorNext with NVMe-oF features to deliver extraordinary performance and make full use of our advanced features such as SMB Direct and SMB Multichannel, and as a core client service integration within Myriad.”

The SMB capabilities will be available for early access customers for both StorNext and Myriad in Q2. StorNext customers can then purchase the solution in Q3 as a turnkey Quantum Professional Services bundle that includes full-service installation, configuration, and management. The feature will be generally available for all Myriad customers in Q3.

Quantum will be demonstrating Fusion File Share on StorNext 7.2 and on Myriad at the NAB 2024 show April 13-17 in booth SL5083.

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What technology is Quantum (QMCO) adding to StorNext and Myriad?

Quantum (QMCO) is adding advanced file service technology to StorNext and Myriad.

What are the benefits of the integration with Tuxera for Quantum (QMCO) customers?

The integration with Tuxera provides high-performance collaborative storage, fast network file service, stability, and advanced features like SMB Direct RDMA and SMB Multichannel for Quantum (QMCO) customers.

When will the SMB capabilities be available for early access customers for StorNext and Myriad?

The SMB capabilities will be available for early access customers for both StorNext and Myriad in Q2.

Where can customers see a demonstration of Fusion File Share on StorNext 7.2 and Myriad?

Customers can see a demonstration of Fusion File Share on StorNext 7.2 and Myriad at the NAB 2024 show in booth SL5083.

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