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Rekor Systems has launched its Rekor Discover platform on AWS Marketplace. This move simplifies the procurement process for government agencies by eliminating complex RFP procedures. Rekor Discover offers advanced traffic and vehicle data analytics through applications like Class, Count & Speed and Vehicle Insite. The platform automates traffic data collection and reporting, providing valuable insights for public safety, urban mobility, and transportation planning. Recently, Rekor Discover was deployed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Philadelphia Industrial Development The platform leverages AWS services for global scalability and security.

  • Rekor Systems' Rekor Discover platform is now available on AWS Marketplace, simplifying procurement for government agencies.
  • The platform offers advanced traffic and vehicle data analytics, including Class, Count & Speed and Vehicle Insite applications.
  • Deployment of Rekor Discover by New Mexico Department of Transportation and Philadelphia Industrial Development demonstrates market acceptance.
  • Rekor Discover leverages AWS services for scalability, security, and performance.
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Rekor Systems integrating its Rekor Discover™ platform into the AWS Marketplace marks a significant step forward in the accessibility and scalability of AI-driven traffic management solutions. By leveraging AWS's infrastructure, Rekor can provide enhanced computing power and data security at a global scale. This move is expected to streamline deployment for customers and improve system reliability, reducing the complexity often associated with such sophisticated technologies. Moreover, the platform's reliance on Amazon ECS, Amazon RDS and other AWS services will ensure enhanced performance metrics and seamless integration with existing customer infrastructures.

Retail investors should note that this integration may lead to an increased adoption rate of Rekor's products, potentially boosting the company's revenue streams in the short to medium term. However, competition in the AI-driven traffic management space remains intense and sustained growth will depend on Rekor's ability to consistently innovate and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Understanding the technical terms used, such as Amazon ECS (a highly scalable container management service), can provide deeper insights into how Rekor plans to optimize its operations. This move aligns well with the broader trend of cloud-based solutions gaining traction across various industries, which could be a positive signal for potential investors.

The listing of Rekor Discover™ in the AWS Marketplace simplifies the procurement process by eliminating traditional complexities like the RFP process. This strategic move could accelerate adoption, particularly among government agencies and large enterprises who value streamlined purchasing mechanisms. By providing easy access to their platform, Rekor can potentially capture a broader customer base, including those already invested in AWS's ecosystem.

From a market perspective, this integration is a smart play. It aligns with the increasing demand for smart city solutions and real-time traffic data analytics. Investors should consider that this could enhance Rekor's market penetration and position them as a preferred provider of AI-driven traffic solutions. The positive reception from clients like the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation and the New Mexico Department of Transportation further solidifies their market credibility and potential for growth.

It is important to note that while the AWS Marketplace integration can boost short-term sales, long-term success will depend on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

Simplified Procurement Approach Makes It Easier and Faster for States to Accelerate Roadway and Traffic Monitoring Programs

COLUMBIA, MD / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2024 / Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR) (the "Company"), a trusted global authority in developing and delivering roadway intelligence using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), today announced the availability of its leading Rekor Discover™ Platform, including the Class, Count & Speed and Vehicle Insite applications, in AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS customers will now have access to Rekor Systems' Rekor Discover™ directly within AWS Marketplace, providing AWS customers with the ability to streamline the purchase and management of the platform within their AWS Marketplace account. Rekor Discover™ is part of Rekor's comprehensive suite of roadway intelligence solutions for public safety, urban mobility, and transportation industries. Within AWS Marketplace, customers can also procure Rekor Command™ for AI-powered traffic management and Rekor Scout® for AI-driven vehicle and license plate recognition.

"Listing the Discover platform in AWS Marketplace significantly simplifies the procurement process for our customers," said Mike Dunbar, Rekor's Chief Revenue Officer. "This new approach speeds contracting and eliminates the complexities of the typical complex RFP process, making it easier and faster for government agencies at all levels to access Rekor's groundbreaking traffic analytics solution."

Rekor Discover™ | Revolutionizing Traffic Data Collection

Current traffic data collection methods are outdated, unsafe, costly, and resource-intensive, often limited to single-purpose use. Rekor Discover™ revolutionizes urban mobility by providing powerful and comprehensive roadway intelligence effortlessly and safely, even in areas beyond the reach of traditional sensors. By leveraging Edge systems, Rekor Discover™ fully automates traffic and vehicle ground-truth data capture and analysis, offering extensive roadway and traffic insights that empower our customers to plan future roadways more effectively.

Rekor Discover™ | Class, Count & Speed: Fully Automated Traffic Analytics

The Class, Count & Speed Application within Rekor Discover™ offers powerful, actionable reporting and traffic analytics, transforming roadway data into reliable, measurable insights and knowledge. Customers gain a comprehensive understanding of their roadways and traffic patterns, enabling them to optimize federal funding programs by precisely identifying and reporting on the mix of vehicles traveling their roads and related statistics. Now available in AWS Marketplace, Rekor Discover™ provides accurate analytics on vehicle counts, FHWA 13-bin classifications, vehicle speeds, and much more without putting roadway workers at risk, cutting into the pavement, or causing traffic disruptions.

In addition to multiple other State DOTs, Rekor also announced the Discover™ platform is now also deployed across the state of New Mexico for the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT). NMDOT leverages Rekor Discover™ to aggregate, transform, and securely deliver comprehensive traffic insights to NMDOT in real time. Additionally, NMDOT benefits from Rekor Discover™ data integrated with MS2, the newest partner in the Rekor Partner Network (RPN) ecosystem. MS2's software suite is utilized by the majority of state departments of transportation, as well as metropolitan planning organizations, counties, cities, and institutions, as the system of record for continuous transportation data management.

Rekor Discover™ | Vehicle Insite: Powerful Vehicle Intelligence

Enhancing the understanding of vehicles traveling across roadways and their impact on the environment is a critical requirement for both government and commercial entities. Also now available in AWS Marketplace, Vehicle Insite is a next-generation vehicle intelligence application that fully automates the capture and reporting of traffic analytics, such as vehicle characteristics, air quality reporting, electric vehicle (EV) statistics, and average vehicle tonnage across roadway segments, all off of the same sensor. With Vehicle Insite, customers are armed with data-driven insights for their transportation, maintenance, and sustainability planning projects to better support their objectives of delivering smarter, safer, greener roadways and communities.

For example, the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), Philadelphia's public-private economic development corporation and master developer of Philadelphia's historic Navy Yard, selected Rekor for its AI expertise and commitment to creating more innovative, safer cities through roadway intelligence. PIDC utilizes the Vehicle Insite application as part of the Rekor Discover™ AI-driven traffic analytics platform. This next-generation roadway intelligence solution delivers a real-time understanding of vehicles and traffic flowing through the campus, empowering well-informed decisions that ensure visitors' seamless and enriched experience.

Kate McNamara, PIDC Senior Vice President at the Navy Yard, stated, "The Navy Yard is a growing 1,200-acre dynamic business campus, home to more than 150 companies and 15,000 employees. With our new $6B redevelopment plan projected to bring an additional 12,000 plus jobs and thousands of residents to the campus, we needed a platform to effectively monitor and analyze vehicle patterns to make better-informed decisions on future development. Our partnership with Rekor will allow us to gain insights from their platforms to optimize daily management of our campus and inform longer-term planning as we create a brand-new community in Philadelphia."

Powered by and built on AWS, Rekor Discover™ leverages a suite of AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Lambda, to operate AI/ML, security, privacy, storage, streaming, and analytics at a global scale.

About Rekor Systems, Inc.

Rekor Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: REKR) is a trusted global authority in developing and delivering roadway intelligence utilizing state-of-the-art AI and machine learning. Pioneering the implementation of digital infrastructure in our communities, Rekor is redefining infrastructure by collecting, connecting, and organizing the world's mobility data - laying the foundation for a digital-enabled operating system for the road. With our Rekor One™ Roadway Intelligence Engine at the foundation of our technology, we aggregate and transform trillions of data points into intelligence through proprietary computer vision, machine learning, and big data analytics that power our platforms and applications. Our solutions provide actionable insights that give governments and businesses a comprehensive picture of roadways while providing a collaborative environment that drives the world to be safer, greener, and more efficient. To learn more, please visit our website:, and follow Rekor on social media on LinkedIn, Twitter, Threads and Facebook.

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What is Rekor Discover?

Rekor Discover is an AI-driven traffic and vehicle data analytics platform offered by Rekor Systems. It provides comprehensive roadway intelligence through applications like Class, Count & Speed and Vehicle Insite.

How does Rekor Discover simplify procurement for government agencies?

By listing Rekor Discover on AWS Marketplace, Rekor Systems removes the need for complex RFP processes, making it easier and faster for government agencies to access the platform.

Which government entities are using Rekor Discover?

The New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Philadelphia Industrial Development are among the entities using Rekor Discover for traffic and vehicle data analytics.

How does Rekor Discover leverage AWS services?

Rekor Discover uses AWS services like Amazon ECS, Amazon RDS, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Lambda for AI/ML operations, security, privacy, storage, streaming, and analytics.

What are the key features of the Class, Count & Speed application in Rekor Discover?

The Class, Count & Speed application automates traffic data collection and provides actionable insights on vehicle counts, classifications, and speeds without disrupting traffic or endangering workers.

What is the Vehicle Insite application in Rekor Discover?

Vehicle Insite is a vehicle intelligence application that automates the collection and reporting of traffic analytics, including vehicle characteristics, air quality, EV statistics, and average vehicle tonnage.

How is the Philadelphia Industrial Development using Rekor Discover?

The Philadelphia Industrial Development uses Rekor Discover's Vehicle Insite application to monitor and analyze vehicle patterns for better-informed decisions on campus development and management.

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