Rail Vision Launches a Long-Term Pilot Program with Rio Tinto

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Ra'anana, Israel, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Rail Vision Ltd. (Nasdaq: RVSN) (“Rail Vision” or the “Company”), a development stage technology company seeking to revolutionize railway safety and the data-related market, today announced that it has launched a long-term pilot program with Rio Tinto Iron Ore (“Rio Tinto”) for the AutoHaul® project, the world’s first automated, long distance, heavy haul rail network. As part of the Company’s contract with Hitachi Rails STS (“Hitachi”), the lead project technology partner and integrator, the Rail Vision Main Line System will be tested in Pilbara Western Australia for a duration of three months under the long-term pilot program  with an option to extend for an additional six months in different use-cases.

“The long-term pilot is an extension of the AutoHaul® project, which is at the forefront of the future of autonomous train operations,” commented Shahar Hania, CEO and co-founder of Rail Vision. “Through advanced, long-range artificial intelligence detection systems, our technology provides unparalleled obstacle identification on and near tracks, making it a key enabling technology for autonomous trains and an ideal solution for the world-first AutoHaul® project.”

As part of the AutoHaul® project, 2.4-kilometer-long trains, monitored remotely from an operations center in Perth, travel across a vast network of 1,700 kilometers of track, delivering iron ore from 16 mines to ports in Dampier and Cape Lambert. These trains have now safely travelled more than 4.5 million kilometers autonomously since they were first deployed in 2018.

Under the AutoHaul® program, Rio Tinto is seeking to add a forward-looking capability to its autonomous trains to detect obstacles on and along the tracks. During the test phase of the Rail Vision Main Line system pilot, Rio Tinto and Hitachi will test different types of obstacles the system can detect and at various ranges.

The Rail Vision Main Line system is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution that enables railway operators to improve the safety of train operations, prevent collisions and reduce downtime. The system detects and classifies obstacles on or near the tracks within a predefined area of interest and generates real-time visual and acoustic alerts for both the driver and the operator’s command-and-control center. Combining sensitive imaging sensors with AI and deep learning technologies, the tailormade system provides an extended visual range of up to two kilometers, under almost any weather and light conditions.

“We have completed the customization of our solution per the specific requirements of the pilot program, and we are excited to now enter the testing phase,” added Hania. “The success of this pilot project has the potential to rapidly accelerate the rollout and adoption of our technology across the rail industry.”

About Rail Vision Ltd.
Rail Vision is a development stage technology company that is seeking to revolutionize railway safety and the data-related market. The company has developed cutting edge, artificial intelligence based, industry-leading technology specifically designed for railways. The company has developed its railway detection and systems to save lives, increase efficiency, and dramatically reduce expenses for the railway operators. Rail Vision believes that its technology will significantly increase railway safety around the world, while creating significant benefits and adding value to everyone who relies on the train ecosystem: from passengers using trains for transportation to companies that use railways to deliver goods and services. In addition, the company believes that its technology has the potential to advance the revolutionary concept of autonomous trains into a practical reality. For more information please visit

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