Cyolo Security Announces Partnership with TD SYNNEX

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Cyolo announces a partnership with TD SYNNEX to enhance secure remote access capabilities for industrial enterprises. The collaboration aims to boost revenue streams by providing secure access to critical environments and systems through the Cyolo PRO platform.
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The partnership between Cyolo and TD SYNNEX is a strategic move within the cybersecurity landscape, particularly in the area of Secure Remote Access (SRA) and Remote Privilege Access Management (RPAM). This collaboration is indicative of a growing trend where companies are seeking to enhance their secure access capabilities, especially in light of the increased remote work environment and the need to protect critical infrastructure.

From a cybersecurity perspective, the distributed architecture of Cyolo PRO is noteworthy. It addresses the limitations of traditional VPNs and SASE by providing robust identity verification and persistent authorization, which is a more granular and secure approach to network access. This can be particularly beneficial for operational technology environments where network stability and security are paramount.

The ability of Cyolo PRO to integrate into existing systems with minimal disruption is also significant. In operational environments, any change can have far-reaching implications, so a solution that can enhance security without extensive change management is highly valuable. This could lead to increased adoption rates and a competitive edge for TD SYNNEX in the cybersecurity solutions market.

The announcement of the partnership between Cyolo and TD SYNNEX has potential implications for the stock market, especially for investors interested in the cybersecurity sector. As enterprise demand for SRA and RPAM solutions grows, this partnership could position TD SYNNEX favorably within this niche market. The focus on operational technology and cyber-physical systems suggests an expansion into markets that are increasingly relevant for infrastructure security.

Investors should note the potential for revenue growth through new service lines enabled by Cyolo PRO. The emphasis on operational agility, improved security and low cost of change aligns with current market demands for efficient and secure IT operations. This could translate into increased market share and potentially positive financial performance for TD SYNNEX, which would be of interest to shareholders and potential investors.

However, it is important to monitor the execution of this partnership and the market's reception of Cyolo PRO. Success will depend on the actual performance of the solution in real-world environments and the ability of TD SYNNEX to effectively market and sell these services to their clients.

The intersection of operational technology (OT) and cybersecurity is a critical area of focus in today's industrial landscape. The partnership between Cyolo and TD SYNNEX addresses a significant gap in the market by providing secure remote access tailored for the unique needs of OT environments. The mention of cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure indicates that the partnership is targeting sectors where security is not just a matter of data protection but also of physical safety.

Cyolo PRO's ability to operate without being cloud-hosted is a key differentiator. For many OT environments, cloud hosting is not viable due to latency issues or security concerns. A cloud-managed solution that is not cloud-dependent offers the flexibility required by these industries. Furthermore, the seamless integration of Cyolo PRO into existing architectures without significant changes is important in OT settings, where systems are often sensitive to modifications.

The long-term impact of this partnership on the OT sector could be substantial. As industries continue to digitalize and connect their operational systems to the internet, the demand for secure, reliable remote access solutions like Cyolo PRO is likely to increase. This could lead to a shift in how OT environments approach cybersecurity, with a greater emphasis on identity verification and access management.

TD SYNNEX Partners can now move their clients beyond mere “accessing” to “operating” safely and securely

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Cyolo, the access company for the industrial enterprise, today announced a new partnership with TD SYNNEX, a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem. The powerful combination of TD SYNNEX’s solution aggregation capabilities and Cyolo’s highly disruptive, distributed secure remote access platform will lead partners to new service lines of revenue. The partnership empowers TD SYNNEX and Cyolo partners to tap into the increased enterprise demand of Secure Remote Access in operational technology (OT), critical infrastructure, cyber physical environments, and their corresponding buying centers.

The partnership with TD SYNNEX serves as the cornerstone of the Cyolo PRO (Privilege Remote Operations) launch. The recently launched Cyolo PRO Platform allows service providers, integrators, OT, IT personnel and other third parties to securely access and safely operate applications, devices and systems in the most critical environments. Cyolo PRO takes secure remote access to new levels with its distributed architecture and its converged security stack capabilities. Cyolo is cloud routed and cloud managed without being cloud hosted. Unlike current technologies such as VPN and SASE that provide users with full access to the network, Cyolo PRO enables secure and privileged access by connecting robustly verified identities to applications with persistent authorization.

“The strategic nature of our TD SYNNEX relationship is a pivotal step in realizing our commitment to delivering future-ready, safe and secure privilege access solutions to the massive industrial market,” said Cyolo’s EVP Corporate Development and OT GM Joe O’Donnell. “Through this collaboration, TD SYNNEX’s partners can bring Cyolo PRO to a broader range of OT, IT and Cyber Physical stakeholders. This increases safety, security and accelerates operational agility. The solution’s capability to seamlessly fit into existing architectures without extensive change management processes is critical in OT environments, as even the slightest network and security change can yield significant consequences.”

This global partnership enables thousands of TD SYNNEX integrators, VARs, MSSPs and Carriers to provide next generation SRA/RPAM (Remote Privilege Access Management) services to their respective customers. Cyolo PRO enables TD SYNNEX partners to address the fast-growing OT and Cyber Physical markets by focusing on crucial elements that increase their clients’ operational agility, improves customers’ security and providing safe yet swift implementations with the lowest cost of change.

"TD SYNNEX is committed to uniting IT solutions that deliver business outcomes today and unlock growth for the future," said Cheryl Day, VP Vendor Acquisition and Global Solutions at TD SYNNEX. "With Cyolo added to our vast portfolio of vendor partners, we're able to enrich the breadth and depth of our offerings so customers can do great things with technology."

To learn more about Cyolo PRO, please visit:

About Cyolo

Cyolo replaces current SRA implementations with next gen privileged remote operations by connecting verified identities directly to applications with continuous authorization throughout the connection. Purpose-built for deployment in every type of environment, Cyolo PRO combines multiple Remote Privilege Access Management (RPAM) security functions required to mitigate high-risk access, including zero-trust access for users and devices, MFA for the last mile, IdP capabilities, credentials vault, secure file transfer, supervised access, session recording, and much more into a single, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and user-friendly platform. For more information visit or follow us on LinkedIn and X.


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What is the name of the company Cyolo partnered with?

Cyolo announced a partnership with TD SYNNEX.

What is the purpose of the partnership between Cyolo and TD SYNNEX?

The partnership aims to enhance secure remote access capabilities for industrial enterprises and increase revenue streams.

What is the name of the new platform launched by Cyolo as part of the partnership?

Cyolo launched the Cyolo PRO (Privilege Remote Operations) platform.

What benefits does Cyolo PRO offer to TD SYNNEX partners?

Cyolo PRO enables TD SYNNEX partners to provide next-generation Secure Remote Access and Remote Privilege Access Management services to their customers.

How does Cyolo PRO differ from technologies like VPN and SASE?

Cyolo PRO provides secure and privileged access by connecting verified identities to applications with persistent authorization, unlike VPN and SASE that offer full network access.

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