S&P Global Announces Successful Completion of Visible Alpha Acquisition

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S&P Global has successfully completed the acquisition of Visible Alpha, a financial technology provider, enhancing its fundamental investment research capabilities. The integration of Visible Alpha into S&P Capital IQ Pro aims to provide customers with high-quality investment research, estimates, and analytics. The acquisition is seen as a transformative leap for the platform, with Visible Alpha's offerings enriching S&P Global Market Intelligence's division.

S&P Global ha completato con successo l'acquisizione di Visible Alpha, un fornitore di tecnologia finanziaria, migliorando le sue capacità di ricerca di investimenti fondamentali. L'integrazione di Visible Alpha in S&P Capital IQ Pro mira a fornire ai clienti ricerche di investimento di alta qualità, stime e analisi. L'acquisizione è vista come un salto trasformativo per la piattaforma, con le offerte di Visible Alpha che arricchiscono la divisione S&P Global Market Intelligence.
S&P Global ha completado exitosamente la adquisición de Visible Alpha, un proveedor de tecnología financiera, potenciando así sus capacidades en investigación de inversiones fundamentales. La integración de Visible Alpha en S&P Capital IQ Pro tiene como objetivo ofrecer a los clientes investigaciones de inversión de alta calidad, estimaciones y análisis. La adquisición se considera un salto transformador para la plataforma, enriqueciendo las ofertas de la división de S&P Global Market Intelligence.
S&P Global이 금융 기술 제공 업체인 Visible Alpha의 인수를 성공적으로 완료하여 기본 투자 연구 능력을 강화했습니다. Visible Alpha를 S&P Capital IQ Pro에 통합하는 것은 고품질의 투자 연구, 추정치 및 분석을 고객에게 제공하려는 목표입니다. 이 인수는 플랫폼에 대한 변혁적인 도약으로 간주되며, Visible Alpha의 제공 내용이 S&P Global Market Intelligence 부문을 풍부하게 합니다.
S&P Global a réussi l'acquisition de Visible Alpha, un fournisseur de technologie financière, améliorant ainsi ses capacités de recherche en investissement fondamental. L'intégration de Visible Alpha dans S&P Capital IQ Pro vise à fournir aux clients des recherches d'investissement de haute qualité, des estimations et des analyses. L'acquisition est perçue comme un bond transformationnel pour la plateforme, avec les offres de Visible Alpha enrichissant la division S&P Global Market Intelligence.
S&P Global hat erfolgreich die Übernahme von Visible Alpha, einem Anbieter von Finanztechnologie, abgeschlossen und damit seine Fähigkeiten in der grundlegenden Investitionsforschung verbessert. Die Integration von Visible Alpha in S&P Capital IQ Pro zielt darauf ab, Kunden hochwertige Investitionsforschungen, Schätzungen und Analysen zu bieten. Die Übernahme wird als transformativer Sprung für die Plattform angesehen, wobei die Angebote von Visible Alpha die Abteilung S&P Global Market Intelligence bereichern.
  • Successful completion of the acquisition of Visible Alpha enhances S&P Global's fundamental investment research capabilities.

  • Integration of Visible Alpha into S&P Capital IQ Pro provides customers with high-quality investment research, estimates, and analytics.

  • Acquisition seen as a transformative leap for the platform, reflecting a commitment to providing top-notch investment offerings.

  • None.

The acquisition of Visible Alpha by S&P Global represents a strategic move to bolster its Market Intelligence offerings. By integrating Visible Alpha's extensive consensus forecast estimates and analytics into the Capital IQ Pro platform, S&P Global is enhancing its value proposition to clients seeking in-depth investment research. Visible Alpha's alignment with investment banks as key contributors indicates a robust pipeline for high-quality data that could contribute to S&P Global's competitive edge in the market.

From a financial standpoint, the mention that the deal is not expected to have a material financial impact on S&P Global's overall finances suggests a well-calculated acquisition strategy, ensuring that the deal complements the existing business without overleveraging the company's resources. For investors, this approach minimizes immediate financial risk while potentially providing long-term value through improved product offerings and customer retention.

With Visible Alpha's innovative technology coming under S&P Global's vast umbrella, there's an anticipated ripple effect on market intelligence standards. The collaboration could set a new benchmark for analytical depth, which is essential for clients making data-driven investment decisions. It may increase reliance on S&P's services, given the enriched data quality and potential for enhanced user experience.

The strategic nature of this acquisition could reflect an industry trend toward data integration and platform consolidation. This may drive smaller competitors to seek partnerships or mergers to remain relevant. Investors should monitor how this consolidation affects the competitive landscape and whether S&P Global can successfully leverage Visible Alpha's capabilities to expand its market share and solidify its leadership in investment research services.

NEW YORK, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Visible Alpha, the financial technology provider of deep industry and segment consensus data, creating a premium offering of fundamental investment research capabilities on S&P Global Market Intelligence's Capital IQ Pro platform. Visible Alpha will be operated within the S&P Global Market Intelligence division.

"Visible Alpha and its innovative team are an outstanding complement to S&P Global's culture and capabilities," said Adam Kansler, President of S&P Global Market Intelligence. "The integration of Visible Alpha into S&P Capital IQ Pro demonstrates another transformative leap for our platform and reflects our combined commitment to providing customers with the highest quality investment research, estimates and analytics in the market." 

Founded in 2015, Visible Alpha provides consensus forecast estimates, key performance indicators, and analytics from in-depth sell-side analyst models and distributes the data through a variety of distribution channels including a web-based platform, APIs and Feeds. Visible Alpha is backed by a group of investment banks that are key contributors of research and data to the platform. Their continued contributions will further enhance the depth and breadth of the overall Visible Alpha and S&P Capital IQ Pro offering.

S&P Global announced its agreement to acquire Visible Alpha in February 2024. The Company does not expect this transaction to have a material financial impact on S&P Global Market Intelligence or S&P Global as a whole.

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP is acting as S&P Global's legal advisor. Jefferies LLC is acting as Visible Alpha's exclusive financial advisor and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP is acting as Visible Alpha's legal advisor.

Forward-looking statements are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in forward-looking statements include, among other things:

  • the impact of the acquisition of Visible Alpha, including the impact on the Company's results of operations; any failure to successfully integrate the acquired departments into the Company's operations; and any failure to attract and retain key employees;
  • the risk of litigation, unexpected costs, charges or expenses relating to the acquisition;
  • risks related to the satisfaction or waiver of the conditions to closing the acquisition (including the failure to obtain necessary regulatory approvals) in the anticipated timeframe or at all, including the possibility that the acquisition does not close;
  • the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstance or condition that could give rise to the termination of the acquisition agreement;
  • risks related to the ability to realize the anticipated benefits of the acquisition, including the possibility that the expected benefits from the acquisition will not be realized or will not be realized within the expected time period;
  • the process by which the Company engages in evaluation of strategic alternatives for Fincentric;
  • the Company's ability to identify potential merger or acquisition partners for Fincentric;
  • worldwide economic, financial, political, and regulatory conditions (including slower GDP growth or recession, instability in the banking sector and inflation), and factors that contribute to uncertainty and volatility, natural and man-made disasters, civil unrest, public health crises (e.g. pandemics), geopolitical uncertainty (including military conflict and public protests), and conditions that may result from legislative, regulatory, trade and policy changes;
  • the volatility and health of debt, equity, commodities, energy and automotive markets, including credit quality and spreads, the level of liquidity and future debt issuances, demand for investment products that track indices and assessments and trading volumes of certain exchange-traded derivatives;
  • the demand and market for credit ratings in and across the sectors and geographies where the Company operates;
  • the Company's ability to successfully recover should it experience a disaster or other business continuity problem from a hurricane, flood, earthquake, terrorist attack, pandemic, security breach, cyber attack, data breach, power loss, telecommunications failure or other natural or man-made event, including the ability to function remotely during long-term disruptions;
  • the Company's ability to maintain adequate physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect the security of confidential information and data, and the potential for a system or network disruption that results in regulatory penalties and remedial costs or improper disclosure of confidential information or data;
  • the outcome of litigation, government and regulatory proceedings, investigations and inquiries;
  • concerns in the marketplace affecting the Company's credibility or otherwise affecting market perceptions of the integrity or utility of independent credit ratings, benchmarks, indices and other services;
  • the effect of competitive products and pricing, including the level of success of new product developments and global expansion;
  • the Company's exposure to potential criminal sanctions or civil penalties for noncompliance with foreign and U.S. laws and regulations that are applicable in the domestic and international jurisdictions in which it operates, including sanctions laws relating to countries such as Iran, Russia, Sudan, Syria and Venezuela, anti-corruption laws such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act of 2010, and local laws prohibiting corrupt payments to government officials, as well as import and export restrictions;
  • the continuously evolving regulatory environment, in Europe, the United States and elsewhere around the globe, affecting S&P Global Market Intelligence, S&P Global Ratings, S&P Global Commodity Insights, S&P Global Mobility, S&P Dow Jones Indices, and the products those business divisions offer including our ESG products, and the Company's compliance therewith;
  • the Company's ability to make acquisitions and dispositions and successfully integrate the businesses we acquire;
  • consolidation in the Company's customers, suppliers or competitors;
  • the introduction of competing products or technologies by other companies;
  • the impact of customer cost-cutting pressures, including in the financial services industry and the commodities markets;
  • a decline in the demand for credit risk management tools by financial institutions;
  • the level of merger and acquisition activity in the United States and abroad;
  • the volatility and health of the energy and commodities markets;
  • our ability to attract, incentivize and retain key employees, especially in today's competitive business environment;
  • the level of the Company's future cash flows and capital investments;
  • the impact on the Company's revenue and net income caused by fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates;
  • the Company's ability to adjust to changes in European and United Kingdom markets as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, and the impact of the United Kingdom's departure on our credit rating activities and other offerings in the European Union and United Kingdom; and
  • the impact of changes in applicable tax or accounting requirements on the Company.

The factors noted above are not exhaustive. The Company and its subsidiaries operate in a dynamic business environment in which new risks emerge frequently. Accordingly, the Company cautions readers not to place undue reliance on any forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the dates on which they are made. The Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances arising after the date on which it is made, except as required by applicable law. Further information about the Company's businesses, including information about factors that could materially affect its results of operations and financial condition, is contained in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Item 1A, Risk Factors, in our most recently filed Annual Report on Form 10-K, which can be obtained at its website at

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