TI unveils industry's first GaN IPM to enable smaller, more energy-efficient high-voltage motors

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Texas Instruments (TI) (Nasdaq: TXN) has introduced the industry's first 650V three-phase GaN integrated power module (IPM), the DRV7308, for 250W motor drive applications. The DRV7308 offers over 99% inverter efficiency, optimized acoustic performance, reduced solution size, and lower system costs. It supports high energy-efficiency standards and reduces power losses by 50% compared to existing solutions. The DRV7308 is displayed at the PCIM Conference in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 11-13, 2024. Available for purchase on, the module costs $5.50 in 1,000-unit quantities and is packaged in a 12mm-by-12mm QFN package.

  • TI introduced industry’s first 650V three-phase GaN IPM, DRV7308.
  • DRV7308 achieves over 99% inverter efficiency.
  • Reduces power losses by 50% compared to existing solutions.
  • Supports stringent global energy-efficiency standards.
  • Optimized for high PWM switching frequencies.
  • Reduces motor heating, enhancing system reliability and longevity.
  • Compact 12mm-by-12mm package, reducing PCB size by up to 55%.
  • Eliminates need for external heatsink.
  • Integrated features lower system cost.
  • No specific revenue projections or financial impact mentioned.
  • Potential for market competition from other emerging technologies.
  • Higher initial cost for GaN technology compared to traditional solutions.

TI's introduction of the DRV7308 GaN IPM marks a significant evolution in motor drive technology. The integration of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology enables over 99 inverter efficiency, a substantial improvement over traditional silicon-based solutions. High efficiency translates to 50 reduced power losses, which benefits both the environment and operating costs.

GaN's ability to support higher switching frequencies while maintaining low propagation delays and dead times reduces audible noise and system vibration, important for home appliance and HVAC applications where quiet operation is valued. This technological innovation also supports higher power density in a smaller package, reducing the need for external components like heatsinks. This leads to a smaller PCB size, fulfilling the trend towards compact, cost-efficient designs.

For investors, this development suggests a competitive edge for TI in the high-voltage motor drive market, emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, both critical factors in today's market landscape. However, retail investors should consider that wide adoption might take time due to the need for industry adaptation.

GaN technology is gaining traction due to its superior efficiency and thermal performance compared to traditional silicon-based systems. TI's DRV7308 addresses growing consumer and regulatory demands for energy-efficient and reliable motor systems. The announcement aligns well with global trends towards higher efficiency standards in appliances, such as SEER and Energy Star ratings.

By eliminating the need for external heatsinks and integrating multiple functions into a single package, TI offers a cost-effective and compact solution that can significantly reduce manufacturing costs. This could potentially increase TI's market share in the home appliance and HVAC sectors, where the demand for energy-efficient solutions is on the rise.

From a market perspective, the product's ability to meet stringent efficiency standards presents a strong value proposition. However, the market will watch closely how well the product performs in real-world applications and its adoption rate among manufacturers.

The introduction of the DRV7308 GaN IPM is a strategic move by TI, potentially impacting its revenue streams positively. Priced at US$5.50 per unit for bulk purchases, this product targets a niche but growing market segment focused on high-efficiency motor drives.

The long-term financial benefits include possible increased market penetration in the home appliance and HVAC industries. The high integration level reduces component costs and system sizes, potentially making TI's solutions more attractive compared to competitors. If the efficiency and reliability claims hold in practical applications, this product could foster sustained demand, driving revenue growth.

However, investors should remain cautious about the initial adoption rates and any unforeseen production or integration challenges that may impact short-term financial performance.

DALLAS, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments (TI) (Nasdaq: TXN) today introduced the industry's first 650V three-phase GaN IPM for 250W motor drive applications. The new GaN IPM addresses many of the design and performance compromises engineers typically face when designing major home appliances and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. The DRV7308 GaN IPM enables more than 99% inverter efficiency, optimized acoustic performance, reduced solution size and lower system costs. It is on display at the Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management (PCIM) Conference, held June 11-13 in Nuremberg, Germany.

For more information, see

"Designers of high-voltage home appliances and HVAC systems are striving to meet higher energy-efficiency standards to support environmental sustainability goals around the world," said Nicole Navinsky, Motor Drives business unit manager at TI. "They are also addressing consumer demand for systems that are reliable, quiet and compact. With TI's new GaN IPM, engineers can design motor driver systems that deliver all of these expectations and operates at peak efficiency."

Improve system efficiency and reliability with TI GaN
Worldwide efficiency standards for appliances and HVAC systems such as SEER, MEPS, Energy Star and Top Runner are becoming increasingly stringent. The DRV7308 helps engineers meet these standards, leveraging GaN technology to deliver more than 99% efficiency and improve thermal performance, with 50% reduced power losses compared to existing solutions.

In addition, the DRV7308 achieves industry-low dead time and low propagation delay, both less than 200ns, enabling higher pulse-width modulation (PWM) switching frequencies that reduce audible noise and system vibration. These advantages plus the higher power efficiency and integrated features of the DRV7308 also reduce motor heating, which can improve reliability and extend the lifetime of the system.

To learn more about the benefits of GaN technology, read the white paper, "How three-phase integrated GaN technology maximizes motor-drive performance."

Advanced integration and high power density reduce solution size and costs
Supporting the trend of more compact home appliances, the DRV7308 helps engineers develop smaller motor drive systems. Enabled by GaN technology, the new IPM delivers high power density in a 12mm-by-12mm package, making it the industry's smallest IPM for 150W to 250W motor-drive applications. Because of its high efficiency, the DRV7308 eliminates the need for an external heatsink, resulting in motor drive inverter printed circuit board (PCB) size reduction of up to 55% compared to competing IPM solutions. The integration of a current sense amplifier, protection features and inverter stage further reduces solution size and cost.

To learn about designing more efficient, compact motor systems, see the GaN IPM page on

This high-efficiency, high-voltage GaN IPM is the latest example of TI innovations to help solve engineering challenges and transform motor designs.

TI's reliable high-voltage technology at PCIM 2024
Visitors to PCIM can see new products and solutions from TI that are enabling the transition to a more sustainable future with reliable high-voltage technology in Hall 7, Booth 652. In addition to the DRV7308 GaN IPM, TI highlights at PCIM include:

  • Next-generation electric vehicle (EV) propulsion system: TI is demonstrating a new 800V, 750kW SiC-based scalable traction inverter system for EV six-phase motors, in collaboration with EMPEL Systems. The demonstration features high power density and efficiency using TI's high-performance isolated gate drivers, isolated DC/DC power modules and Arm® Cortex®-R MCUs.
  • TI's manager of high-voltage power systems applications, Sheng-Yang Yu, will speak on June 11 in the Markt & Technik panel discussion: "Will SiC ultimately Hold its Own against GaN?"
  • TI's manager of renewable energy systems, Harald Parzhuber, will speak on June 12 in Bodo's Power Systems panel discussion: "GaN Wide Bandgap Design, the Future of Power."

For more information about all of TI's speakers and demonstrations at PCIM, see

Available today on
Pre- production quantities of the DRV7308 three-phase, 650V integrated GaN IPM are available for purchase now on

  • Pricing starts at US$5.50 in 1,000-unit quantities.
  • Available in a 12mm-by-12mm, 60-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package.
  • The DRV7308EVM evaluation module is also available at US$250.
  • Multiple payment, currency and shipping options are available.

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What is the new product introduced by Texas Instruments (TXN)?

Texas Instruments introduced the DRV7308, a 650V three-phase GaN integrated power module (IPM) for 250W motor drive applications.

When and where was the DRV7308 GaN IPM introduced?

The DRV7308 GaN IPM was introduced on June 11, 2024, at the PCIM Conference in Nuremberg, Germany.

What are the efficiency benefits of the DRV7308 GaN IPM?

The DRV7308 GaN IPM offers over 99% inverter efficiency and reduces power losses by 50% compared to existing solutions.

What size package does the DRV7308 GaN IPM come in?

The DRV7308 GaN IPM comes in a compact 12mm-by-12mm package.

How does the DRV7308 GaN IPM affect system costs?

The DRV7308 GaN IPM reduces system costs by eliminating the need for an external heatsink and integrating features like a current sense amplifier and protection features.

What is the price of the DRV7308 GaN IPM?

The DRV7308 GaN IPM is priced at $5.50 in 1,000-unit quantities.

What are the key applications of the DRV7308 GaN IPM?

The DRV7308 GaN IPM is designed for 250W motor drive applications, particularly in home appliances and HVAC systems.

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