SKUx and Visa to Enable Seamless Digital Payment Consumer Experiences for Merchants and CPG Companies

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SKUx has announced a partnership with Visa to accelerate digital transformation for merchants and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. The collaboration aims to enhance customer acquisition, loyalty, and consumer care through SKUx’s digital payment solutions. SKUx’s platform, which uses Hedera’s distributed ledger technology (DLT), reduces fraud and inefficiency in the consumer offer industry, with benchmarked results showing up to 85% reductions in paper checks and near real-time digital payments. Visa clients will have the opportunity to engage directly with SKUx, driving value creation in B2B and B2C payment flows. This partnership is expected to enhance Visa’s services and improve customer experiences.

  • Partnership with Visa to accelerate digital transformation.
  • Reduces fraud and inefficiency in consumer offers.
  • Up to 85% reduction in paper checks.
  • Near real-time digital payments instead of days or weeks.
  • Engages directly with Visa clients for value creation in B2B and B2C payment flows.
  • Leverages Hedera's distributed ledger technology for transparency.
  • No specific financial metrics or revenue projections provided.
  • Success dependent on adoption by merchants and CPG companies.
  • General risks associated with new technology implementations.

Visa's partnership with SKUx could have several noteworthy financial implications for both companies involved. From a Visa standpoint, this agreement potentially expands its digital payments ecosystem by integrating with SKUx’s advanced platform. This collaboration could drive increased transaction volumes and customer engagement, thus directly benefiting Visa's revenue streams. For SKUx, partnering with a giant like Visa could significantly enhance its market penetration and credibility, potentially accelerating its growth trajectory. However, the scale of impact will likely depend on how effectively SKUx can leverage this partnership to onboard new clients and achieve widespread adoption of its digital offers solutions.

While the news is promising, it remains important to monitor the actual financial performance and adoption rates in future quarters to gauge the true financial impact of this partnership. Additionally, investors should keep an eye on any expense increases related to scaling operations and integrating with Visa's systems. This partnership’s ability to reduce fraud and inefficiency, as claimed, should ideally reflect in improved financial metrics over time.

The integration of SKUx's digital payments platform with Visa's extensive network represents a significant technological advancement. SKUx's use of Hedera’s enterprise distributed ledger technology (DLT) promises enhanced transparency and traceability for transactions. This technological edge could not only reduce fraud but also bring about a more reliable and secure payment ecosystem. By ensuring near real-time digital payment delivery, the platform addresses one of the key bottlenecks in traditional payment methods.

For retail investors, it's essential to understand that DLT enhances data security and operational efficiency, which could translate to higher customer trust and higher transactional throughput. However, the long-term success of this partnership will depend on the seamless integration and user adoption of this sophisticated technology. If users find it complex to operate, the benefits might remain unrealized. Therefore, continuous user feedback and iterative enhancements will be crucial.

This partnership has significant market implications. SKUx's focus on reducing fraud and inefficiency in consumer offers taps into a growing demand for digital transformation in the consumer goods sector. The potential reduction of up to 85% in paper checks usage and the movement towards near real-time digital payments are compelling value propositions. In the competitive landscape of digital payments, this partnership could give both Visa and SKUx a strategic edge, particularly in customer acquisition and loyalty programs.

For retail investors, the market potential of digitizing offers and payments is vast, particularly in light of increasing consumer preference for digital solutions. However, market diversification and the ability to adapt to different industry needs—ranging from healthcare to travel—will be critical for sustaining long-term growth. Investors should watch for key performance indicators such as customer acquisition cost, retention rates and overall market penetration in various sectors.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SKUx, a leader in digital instant payments innovation, today announced it has signed an agreement with Visa (NYSE: V), a world leader in digital payments. The agreement will accelerate digital transformation for select merchants and consumer packaged goods companies that leverage SKUx’s payment-based offer solutions – supporting a variety of client use cases; from customer acquisition, to loyalty, to consumer care and recovery, while ensuring a seamless, end-to-end consumer experience.

SKUx is revolutionizing the consumer offer industry, unlocking billions of dollars in value currently being lost to fraud and inefficiency. Through the company’s multi-patented digital payments platform, SKUx is rapidly advancing the outdated physical to digital process of checks, coupons, rebates, and promotional offers, solving long-term industry challenges for merchants, consumer brands, loyalty platforms, travel companies, healthcare providers, and beyond. The SKUx platform is being leveraged by several of the world’s leading CPG brands. Benchmarked results have seen up to 85% reductions in paper checks, with digital delivery of customer payments provided in near real-time as opposed to days or weeks with physical offers, dramatically reducing costs, effort, and fraud.

The SKUx Digital Payments Platform is designed to enable seamless virtual payments to consumers anytime, anywhere, regardless of the business objective. It allows companies to engage directly with their customers by delivering a client branded real-time, Visa digital payment to a mobile device. Built on a highly sophisticated modern platform architecture, SKUx Digital Payments leverages Hedera’s leading enterprise distributed ledger technology (DLT) to track the issuance and redemption of payments, providing unparalleled transparency in reporting.

The Visa and SKUx agreement will enable Visa clients the opportunity to engage directly with SKUx, driving value creation among B2B and B2C payment flows for merchants and manufacturers. This will help merchants drive customer acquisition, digitize customer care and recovery, and target product-level spend. SKUx complements and enhances Visa’s services to enable our mutual customers to stay at the forefront of innovation and interconnect the customer experience from “hello” to “buy.” Together, our interconnected solutions drive client and customer value upstream to deliver a low friction, more personalized commerce experience.

“SKUx is privileged to announce our work with Visa as we expand upon what is already shaping up to be an incredible year of growth in 2024,” said Bobby Tinsley, co-founder and president at SKUx. “SKUx is committed to driving unparalleled value and opportunities for our clients. We look forward to success together.”

Visa clients looking to learn more about SKUx and the innovative payment solutions the company provides can visit

About SKUx

SKUx powers promotions and item-level payments at the speed of today’s consumer. With mobile phones, bar codes, virtual cards and app-based payments now ubiquitous tools of commerce, SKUx’s Digital Payments Platform provides flexible, end-to-end solutions to deliver value directly to customers. SKUPay® is a revolutionary tool for merchants to eliminate consumer friction in product-specific payment acceptance for use in CPG, health benefits, travel/entertainment and other industries. SKUx Digital Payments is a suite of tools which provide multi-channel payments for company promotions, loyalty and benefits at the point of sale. The SKUx platform combines first-party data, mobile branding, DLT serialization, secure digital payments and settlement and other technology to deliver a seamless consumer experience and real-time transparency for merchants, brands, and payment partners. For more information, visit

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Bobby Tinsley – SKUx Co-founder and President

Trisha Asgeirsson – SKUx Chief Revenue Officer

Ralph Darmo – Visa Global Merchant, Partner, Cobrand

Sydney Anunda – Visa Manager, Strategy & Operations

Kevin Sugarman – Public Relations & Media Requests


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What is the focus of the SKUx and Visa partnership?

The partnership focuses on accelerating digital transformation for merchants and consumer packaged goods companies through SKUx's digital payment solutions.

What benefits does the SKUx platform provide?

The SKUx platform reduces fraud, inefficiency, and paper checks by up to 85%, and offers near real-time digital payments.

How does SKUx ensure transaction transparency?

SKUx uses Hedera's distributed ledger technology to track the issuance and redemption of payments, providing unparalleled transparency in reporting.

How will Visa clients benefit from this partnership?

Visa clients can engage directly with SKUx, driving value creation in B2B and B2C payment flows and enhancing customer acquisition, loyalty, and care.

What industries could benefit from SKUx’s payment solutions?

Industries including merchants, consumer brands, loyalty platforms, travel companies, and healthcare providers can benefit from SKUx’s payment solutions.

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