ETAS and BlackBerry QNX Forge Partnership to Provide the Safe and Secure Foundation for the Software-Defined Vehicle

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ETAS GmbH and BlackBerry QNX have entered into a partnership to sell software solutions for next-generation software-defined vehicles, focusing on safety-critical functions. The collaboration aims to provide pre-integrated software leveraging ETAS middleware RTA-VRTE based on AUTOSAR Adaptive and the QNX Operating System, along with cybersecurity solutions in compliance with industry standards. This partnership will enable automakers and suppliers to develop high-performance and safe vehicle computer/domain controller ECUs, enhancing safety, security, and innovation in the automotive industry.
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The partnership between ETAS and BlackBerry QNX represents a strategic alignment within the automotive sector, focusing on the development of software-defined vehicles (SDVs). The collaboration is significant because it addresses two critical aspects of modern vehicle development: safety and cybersecurity. By integrating ETAS' middleware and BlackBerry's QNX Operating System, the partnership aims to streamline the development process for automakers and suppliers, potentially reducing time-to-market for new vehicle features and enhancing the competitiveness of both companies.

From an industry perspective, the adoption of the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard is a key development. This standard is designed to support complex, high-performance computing environments, which are becoming increasingly prevalent as vehicles incorporate more advanced features. The partnership's focus on compliance with UN-R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 standards underscores the growing importance of cybersecurity in the automotive industry, given the potential risks associated with connected and autonomous vehicles.

For stakeholders, the implications are twofold. In the short term, this partnership could lead to more robust and secure automotive software solutions entering the market, which is a competitive advantage. In the long term, as the industry continues to evolve towards SDVs, collaborations like this could become more common, shaping the economic framework of automotive software development and potentially leading to industry consolidation around key technological standards.

In the context of this partnership, the integration of cybersecurity solutions is a proactive response to the regulatory and threat landscapes facing the automotive industry. The reference to standards such as UN-R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 indicates a commitment to adhering to international cybersecurity guidelines, which is paramount as vehicles become more connected. The inclusion of ETAS' automotive firewall and intrusion detection technology suggests an emphasis on continuous security monitoring, an approach that is important in an era where threats are constantly evolving.

The automotive industry's shift towards SDVs introduces new cybersecurity challenges, as the attack surface of vehicles expands. By leveraging ETAS' expertise in cybersecurity solutions, the partnership is poised to offer a more secure foundation for vehicle ECUs, which is a cornerstone for consumer trust in next-generation vehicles. The impact on the business landscape is clear: as cybersecurity becomes a differentiator in the automotive market, companies that can provide integrated, secure solutions are likely to gain a competitive edge.

When evaluating the market implications of the ETAS and BlackBerry QNX partnership, it's essential to consider the evolving consumer expectations and regulatory pressures in the automotive industry. Consumers are increasingly valuing vehicle connectivity and autonomous features, which demand a higher level of software complexity and security. This partnership is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends by offering an integrated solution that can accelerate the development of such features.

Furthermore, the partnership's potential to reduce development costs and speed up time-to-market aligns with the industry's need for efficiency and agility. Automakers and suppliers that can quickly integrate and deploy secure, reliable software solutions are more likely to succeed in a highly competitive market. This collaboration could serve as a model for future partnerships, influencing the industry's approach to software development and strategic alliances.

Simplifying processes for automakers and their suppliers through an efficient re-selling partnership

Integrated solution leveraging ETAS AUTOSAR Adaptive middleware and QNX Operating System

Also includes ETAS' cybersecurity solutions in line with UN-R155, GB/T, and ISO/SAE 21434

STUTTGART, Germany and WATERLOO, ON, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ETAS GmbH, a leading solution provider for the development of automotive software and BlackBerry QNX, a business unit of BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB), have signed a contract to jointly sell and market software solutions accelerating the development of safety-critical functions for next generation software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Through this new streamlined re-selling partnership (extending the existing long running technical partnership between ETAS and BlackBerry), both companies will provide pre-integrated software leveraging ETAS middleware RTA-VRTE based on AUTOSAR Adaptive, and the QNX® Operating System to provide a high performance and safe foundation for the development of microprocessor-based vehicle computer/domain controller electronic control units (ECUs).

Additionally, this includes ETAS' automotive firewall and host-based intrusion detection technology allowing automakers and their suppliers to implement continuous security monitoring in compliance with UN-R 155 and ISO/SAE 21434 standards.

As the automotive industry shifts towards SDVs, proven foundational software and the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard grow in significance to deliver a safe, secure, and trusted real-time operating system and hypervisor foundation. Next-generation automotive E/E architectures will strongly rely on powerful vehicle computers, driven by microprocessor technology. The software from ETAS and BlackBerry QNX provide a robust foundation for data management, communication, task execution, safety, security, and flexibility, which will continue to empower automotive manufacturers to deliver innovative features, enhancing safety and security, and pave the way for the future of mobility. 

"This collaboration continues the journey that we undertook five years ago to create the leading microprocessor-based automotive software integrated solution supporting the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard. With this now intensified cooperation, ETAS and BlackBerry QNX unite their competencies to accelerate the support for the rapid technology change in the automotive industry towards the software-defined vehicle," states Mariella Minutolo, Executive Vice President Sales and Member of the ETAS Board of Management. "Partnerships like ours with BlackBerry QNX are pivotal, reshaping the industry's economic framework, and facilitating the adoption of emerging technologies."

"Optimized software and technology integration backed by trusted and established ecosystem supplier sis critical to the long-term success of next-generation connected vehicles," said Grant Courville, Vice President, Products & Strategy, at BlackBerry QNX. "Our continued – and growing – collaboration with ETAS brings our trusted technologies together, enabling automakers to bring exciting, new innovations to market faster and more cost-effectively for their customers."

To learn more about our joint offering, visit ETAS at embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany (April 9-11, 2024) at booth 512 in Hall 4A, and BlackBerry QNX at booth 544 in Hall 4.

About ETAS
Founded in 1994, ETAS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, represented in twelve countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. ETAS' portfolio includes vehicle basic software, middleware, development tools, cloud-based operations services, cybersecurity solutions, and end-to-end engineering and consulting services for the realization of software-defined vehicles. Our product solutions and services enable vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to develop, operate, and secure differentiating vehicle software with increased efficiency.

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What partnership has been formed between ETAS GmbH and BlackBerry QNX?

ETAS GmbH and BlackBerry QNX have entered into a partnership to jointly sell and market software solutions for next-generation software-defined vehicles.

What software solutions are being provided through this partnership?

The partnership provides pre-integrated software leveraging ETAS middleware RTA-VRTE based on AUTOSAR Adaptive and the QNX Operating System, along with cybersecurity solutions.

What industry standards are the cybersecurity solutions in compliance with?

The cybersecurity solutions are in compliance with UN-R 155 and ISO/SAE 21434 standards.

What is the focus of the collaboration between ETAS GmbH and BlackBerry QNX?

The collaboration focuses on accelerating the development of safety-critical functions for next-generation software-defined vehicles.

Who is the Executive Vice President Sales and Member of the ETAS Board of Management mentioned in the press release?

Mariella Minutolo is the Executive Vice President Sales and Member of the ETAS Board of Management mentioned in the press release.

Who is the Vice President, Products & Strategy, at BlackBerry QNX mentioned in the press release?

Grant Courville is the Vice President, Products & Strategy, at BlackBerry QNX mentioned in the press release.

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