New Independent Tests of Endpoint Protection Reveal Significant Differences in Performance and Efficacy

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BlackBerry announced the results of a study by The Tolly Group, showing that their CylanceENDPOINT solution outperformed competitors in blocking attacks with minimal system impact. The testing revealed higher detection rates and lower CPU utilization compared to other AI models. BlackBerry emphasized the importance of objective testing for proactive defense against increasing cyber threats.

  • BlackBerry's CylanceENDPOINT solution blocked more attacks with lower system impact compared to competitors, showcasing superior performance in endpoint protection.

  • The study highlighted that CylanceENDPOINT detected up to 25% more threats and used up to eight times less CPU resources, ensuring efficient and effective defense against malware.

  • CylanceENDPOINT demonstrated some of the lowest false positives in the industry and supported a wide range of operating systems, emphasizing its reliability and compatibility.

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The latest Tolly Report showcases BlackBerry's ability to deliver the best defense and lowest system impact

WATERLOO, ON, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced the results of a commissioned study by The Tolly Group – a highly reputable independent test lab and provider of third-party validation services for the tech industry – showing that the company's CylanceENDPOINT™ solution blocked the most attacks while using fewer system resources, thus minimizing the disruption and financial impact of attacks by known and new threat actors.

Occurring in a fully updated Windows® 10 environment, the testing was conducted both online, where the endpoints were cloud-connected, and offline, where the Internet connections of all the endpoints were disabled, forcing the endpoints to rely only on local information when examining the malware. Tolly tested CylanceENDPOINT, Microsoft (Defender for Business), SentinelOne (Singularity), BitDefender (GravityZone Business, Ultra), and another leader, "Vendor C," which was not publicly disclosed.

The testing looked at the following:

  • Detection rates for malware based on an in-market set of 1,000 publicly sourced malware samples
  • CPU utilization during the scanning of the samples

CylanceENDPOINT detected up to 25 percent more threats, with up to eight times less system impact, than the cohort, highlighting the difference in the real-world protection outcomes produced by various defensive AI models.

"It's clear that AI-equipped adversaries are iterating faster to launch more attacks at an increasing rate. In fact, we've seen more than a doubling in the rate of novel attacks in the past few quarters. Many organizations are struggling to keep up with tech stacks that are biased toward manual detection. So it's more important than ever to have objective testing for how well different models stack up when it comes to proactive defense." said Sriram Krishnan, Head of Product Management for BlackBerry's Cybersecurity business unit. Krishnan further emphasized, "In addition to stopping up to 25 percent more attacks, CylanceENDPOINT used significantly fewer CPU resources.  An overworked CPU has a powerful ripple effect throughout an organization, impacting apps and, ultimately, users. Sluggish performance can lead to freezing and crashing, particularly for mobile users. Getting things done on the go can grind to a halt." 

In addition to the Tolly results, CylanceENDPOINT has continuously demonstrated some of the lowest false positives in the industry and supports the widest range of modern and legacy operating systems, whether they are network-connected or not.

"A big takeaway from the results is that all of the tested vendors rely on a network connection back to a central service in order to defend against attacks. CylanceENDPOINT detected nearly 100% of malware, whether online or offline." Krishnan highlighted.

To read the Tolly Report, please visit here.

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BlackBerry (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments worldwide. The company's software powers over 235M vehicles.  Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company leverages AI and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, safety and data privacy solutions, and is a leader in the areas of endpoint security, endpoint management, encryption, and embedded systems. BlackBerry's vision is clear - to secure a connected future you can trust.

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What were the key findings of the study conducted by The Tolly Group?

The study revealed that BlackBerry's CylanceENDPOINT solution had higher detection rates and lower CPU utilization compared to other AI models, showcasing its superior performance in endpoint protection.

Who conducted the independent testing on endpoint protection for BlackBerry?

The Tolly Group, a reputable independent test lab and provider of third-party validation services for the tech industry, conducted the testing on BlackBerry's CylanceENDPOINT solution.

What is the significance of the results for CylanceENDPOINT in the study?

The results highlighted that CylanceENDPOINT blocked more attacks with lower system impact, detected up to 25% more threats, and used up to eight times less CPU resources compared to other AI models.

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