EZGO Enters into an RMB13 Million Procurement Agreement for Sale of Security Patrol Robots and Platform

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EZGO Technologies announced a procurement agreement with Hangzhou Huiyu Zhichuang Industrial Co., for the sale of security patrol robots and an intelligent patrol platform for $1.84 million, showcasing the company's strong R&D capabilities. The agreement includes the delivery and installation of the products within 9 months, highlighting the robots' advanced features like self-navigation, live video streaming, face and license plate detection, and more. The deal is expected to boost business expansion and sales, reinforcing EZGO's leading position in short-distance transport solutions.
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The procurement agreement between EZGO Technologies Ltd. and Hangzhou Huiyu Zhichuang Industrial Co., Ltd. illustrates a strategic move within the smart transportation and security sector. The sale of security patrol robots and an intelligent patrol platform for a significant sum reflects a growing market for automated security solutions in industrial settings. This transaction not only generates immediate revenue for EZGO but also has the potential to foster long-term business relationships and recurring sales, particularly with Huiyu Group's industrial parks.

From a market trend perspective, the incorporation of features such as self-navigation and live video streaming in security robots aligns with the increasing demand for advanced surveillance technology. As industries seek to enhance security measures, companies like EZGO that can provide innovative solutions are likely to see an uptick in demand. The technology's compatibility with smart patrol systems suggests a forward-thinking approach, catering to the digital transformation goals of modern enterprises.

For shareholders, the key takeaway is the company's ability to secure sizable contracts and its focus on sustained order growth, which could translate into stable revenue streams and potentially improved stock performance in the long term. However, it's important to monitor the company's execution of the contract within the stipulated timeline, as delays could impact customer satisfaction and investor confidence.

With EZGO's announcement of a procurement agreement valued at approximately $1.84 million, investors should note the immediate positive impact on the company's financials. This deal represents a significant cash inflow, which could enhance EZGO's balance sheet and provide capital for further research and development or expansion. It's worth noting that the company's ability to secure contracts from top-ranked enterprises like Huiyu Group may serve as a positive indicator of its competitive positioning within the industry.

Investors should consider the implications of this deal on EZGO's revenue projections and earnings potential. The nine-month delivery timeline suggests that revenue recognition from this contract will contribute to the financial results of the upcoming quarters. This could be a positive signal for the company's short-term financial health, provided that the cost of fulfilling the contract does not exceed expectations.

However, the reliance on a single contract for a considerable portion of revenue does carry risks, such as customer concentration risk. Should any issues arise with Huiyu Zhichuang, the financial repercussions for EZGO could be significant. Diversification of the customer base is a critical factor for mitigating such risks.

The procurement agreement between EZGO and Hangzhou Huiyu Zhichuang Industrial Co., Ltd. underscores the importance of a robust supply chain and operational efficiency. Delivering and installing the security robots and platform within nine months is a considerable undertaking that will require effective supply chain management to meet the deadline. The ability to deliver on time will not only affect customer satisfaction but also the company's reputation and potential for future contracts.

Investors should be aware of the challenges associated with scaling up production and managing logistics for high-tech products. Any disruptions in the supply chain, such as delays in sourcing components or logistical bottlenecks, could lead to delays in delivery and increased costs. On the other hand, successful execution could enhance EZGO's operational credibility and lead to process improvements that benefit future projects.

It is also essential to consider the after-sale support for these advanced security systems. Maintenance, software updates and potential hardware issues will require ongoing support, which EZGO must be prepared to provide. This could have implications for operating expenses and the need for a skilled workforce to maintain service quality.

CHANGZHOU, China, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- EZGO Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: EZGO) ("EZGO" or "we," "our," or the "Company"), a leading short-distance transportation solutions provider in China, today announced that it entered into a procurement agreement (the "Procurement Agreement") with Hangzhou Huiyu Zhichuang Industrial Co., Ltd. ("Huiyu Zhichuang"), a subsidiary of Huiyu Holdings Group ("Huiyu Group"), which is a China-based company primarily engaged in real estate development business and ranked one of the top 500 civilian-run enterprises in China, for the sale of twelve security patrol robots (the "Robots") and one intelligent patrol platform (together with the Robots, the "Products") for an aggregate sales price of RMB 13.46 million (approximately US$1.84 million). The entry of the Procurement Agreement demonstrates market recognition of the Company's strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Pursuant to the Procurement Agreement, the Company agrees to complete the delivery and installation of the Products within 9 months after the execution of the Procurement Agreement. The Robots stand out with a myriad of modern features, including self-navigation, live video streaming, proficient face and license plate detection, vocal notifications, an emergency SOS button, self-charging capabilities, infrared vision, and full compatibility with smart patrol systems. This suite of features reinforces EZGO's efforts to advancements in short-distance transport solutions.

Mr. Jianhui Ye, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, "This sale once again showcases the appeal of our products and our ability to continuously acquire new customers. In September 2023, we successfully delivered 10 Robots to PIESAT Information Technology Co., Ltd. Keeping the good momentum, the transaction with Huiyu Zhichuang is expected to help us expand businesses with Huiyu Group and achieve sustained orders and sales in other industrial parks under its management. The twelve Robots purchased by Huiyu Zhichuang will be used for intelligent security patrols in Huiyu Intelligent Innovation Park, an industrial park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China with a gross floor area of 189,564 square meters to attract digital economy enterprises as its tenants.

Meanwhile, this sale further solidifies our position and drives us to remain at the forefront of smart transportation solutions. It also indicates the successful execution of our marketing strategy of appealing to and growing sales to a more diversified group. We look forward to securing more contracts in the future, delivering exceptional value to our clients, and consequently creating substantial value for our shareholders."

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What is the value of the procurement agreement EZGO announced with Hangzhou Huiyu Zhichuang Industrial Co., ?

The procurement agreement with Hangzhou Huiyu Zhichuang Industrial Co., is valued at approximately US$1.84 million.

What are some key features of the security patrol robots purchased by Huiyu Zhichuang?

The security patrol robots purchased by Huiyu Zhichuang have features like self-navigation, live video streaming, face and license plate detection, vocal notifications, emergency SOS button, self-charging capabilities, infrared vision, and compatibility with smart patrol systems.

Where will the twelve robots purchased by Huiyu Zhichuang be used?

The twelve robots purchased by Huiyu Zhichuang will be used for intelligent security patrols in Huiyu Intelligent Innovation Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

What does Mr. Jianhui Ye, Chairman and CEO of EZGO, comment on the sale?

Mr. Jianhui Ye mentioned that the sale demonstrates the appeal of EZGO's products, ability to acquire new customers, and the potential for business expansion with Huiyu Group, aiming to secure more contracts in the future.

How does this sale impact EZGO's position in the market?

This sale further solidifies EZGO's position in the market and reinforces its leading role in smart transportation solutions, showcasing successful marketing strategies and growth in sales to a diversified group.

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