Human Unitec International Inc Announces Strategic Acquisition of Subtantial Shares of Ventian Cluster

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Boston, Massachusetts, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Human Unitec International, Inc., (OTC Pink: HMNU) ("HMNU"), is a Project Finance, Management & Development for Sustainability, Medical, Wellness, and Green Energy, announces a strategic acquisition of substantial shares in Venetian Cluster, SRL.,

Venetian Cluster is the only productive cluster of environmental and cultural heritage in Italy. Its main target is to realize national and international projects about innovation, technological transfer, internationalization and training for the public and private supply chain with cultural and environmental heritage.. Through its services, Venetian Cluster coordinates in Italy 800 companies and 24 bodies such as Universities, research centers, public bodies and laboratories, moreover it collaborates with almost 2000 partners in the world. In these years, the Cluster has realized 90 innovations, policy and research projects for a total budget of more than 60 Million Euro.

The terms of the agreement provides for Human Unitec  International acquiring 22% Venetian Cluster’s capital shares. Human Unitec International agrees to contribute with its management and finance activities with  common interest. Human Unitec International has agreed to facilitate the channel for the introduction of the Venetian Cluster more than 800 companies into the North American markets.

HMNU’s Vice President Sumaya Alay Faisal, states the mission entails:
Consultancy for all the companies of the group on European funding and on the next Recovery Fund, including the activity of planning and identification of partners as almost all European countries are needed;

Participation to Horizon and Cosme European projects to create laboratories for stem cells therapies, cosmetic medicine and surgery, cosmetics and nutrition, genetics and genomics;
Organization of medical tourism services in Italy and abroad and management of training courses and updates on stem cells, medical devices and biological products and related therapeutic applications, genomics, predictive genetics and diagnostics;

Analysis and studies to identify investments and start-ups throughout Regione Veneto, starting with the 800 companies associated with the Cluster;

Promotion and sale of HMNU services/products and associated companies in Veneto and, in Italy;

Organization of lobbying activities on the northeastern of Italy to develop the activities of HMNU;

Development of relationships and projects in RTD with the partners  universities of the Venetian Cluster (University of Venice Ca' Foscari, University of Venice IUAV Architecture, University of Verona and University of Padua);

Development of relationships with local authorities, starting with the Regione Veneto and the system of Venetian fairs;

Ms. Faisal states this joint venture provides Human Unitec International access to a vast array of new business activities and revolutionary start up technology from the Venetian Cluster incubatory environment. We are looking forward to a long term and financial rewarding relationship with the participation by well established and recognized Italian Government and Political executives.

About Human Unitec International, Inc.,

Human Unitec International, Inc., is a Project Finance, Management & Development for Sustainability, Medical, Wellness, and Green Energy. We are listed on the US OTC Market. (OTC Pink: HMNU).

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