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IBM celebrated its Volunteer Excellence Awards, recognizing IBMers for their outstanding community contributions in 2023. Volunteers across 12 countries engaged in diverse projects like coding workshops for girls and food distribution in low-income areas. Highlights include collaborations in Italy with Differenza Donna, aiding gender-violence survivors with digital skills, and in Japan's Miyakojima island, developing an energy forecasting model to boost clean energy self-sufficiency. Each awardee received a $10,000 grant for a chosen nonprofit. IBM aims to reach 4 million volunteer hours, emphasizing the impact of every employee's efforts.

  • IBM recognized exceptional volunteer efforts in 12 countries, showcasing a global impact.
  • Awardees received a $10,000 grant each, supporting further nonprofit work.
  • Volunteer projects included practical tech skills training and sustainable energy solutions.
  • IBM's goal of 4 million volunteer hours indicates a strong commitment to community service.
  • The press release lacks specific data on overall volunteer participation and impact metrics.
  • The financial costs of the volunteer initiatives and their direct impact on IBM’s bottom line are not addressed.
  • No information on the scalability or long-term sustainability of the volunteer projects is provided.

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2024 / At IBM, we believe in the power of driving positive impact in communities around the world. Each year, we are proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of IBMers worldwide who exemplify our commitment to volunteerism, through the IBM Volunteer Excellence Awards.

These awards honor individuals and groups with exceptional dedication to making a positive impact. Together, the winners volunteered across 12 countries in 2023, working on diverse projects. From organizing coding workshops for girls in underserved communities to leading food distribution efforts in low-income neighborhoods, their contributions have touched and inspired many.

Some of the winners include:

  • In Italy, a team of IBMers collaborated with Differenza Donna, a nonprofit committed to supporting women who are survivors of gender-based violence. IBMers helped equip women in the program with essential digital skills through IBM SkillsBuild covering topics such as AI, design thinking, and cybersecurity, offering them a source of empowerment, job preparedness, and a fresh start for them and their children.
  • In Miyakojima, an isolated island in Japan that heavily relies on external sources for its energy needs, a team of IBMers volunteered through the IBM Sustainability Accelerator. IBMers developed an energy forecasting model utilizing cloud and AI technologies, which seeks to enhance the island's self-sufficiency in clean, renewable energy. Learn more about the work in Miyakojima here.

In recognition of their extraordinary efforts, each award recipient will receive a $10,000 (USD) grant to support a nonprofit organization of their choice further. This grant is a testament to IBM's ongoing commitment to helping those who are driving positive change in their communities.

While the Volunteer Excellence Awards highlight the achievements of a select group of individuals, IBM believes that every IBMer has the power to make a difference. Whether through volunteering at IBM offices, participating in community-based initiatives, or contributing virtually, there are countless ways for IBMers to get involved.

IBM is progressing towards its goal of 4 million volunteer hours. Learn more:

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What are the IBM Volunteer Excellence Awards?

The IBM Volunteer Excellence Awards recognize IBM employees for their outstanding volunteer contributions globally.

Which countries were involved in IBM's 2023 volunteer projects?

IBMers volunteered in 12 countries, including notable projects in Italy and Japan.

What was the focus of IBM's project in Miyakojima, Japan?

IBMers developed an energy forecasting model to enhance the island's self-sufficiency in clean, renewable energy.

How did IBMers contribute to Differenza Donna in Italy?

IBMers provided digital skills training in AI, design thinking, and cybersecurity to support survivors of gender-based violence.

What grant did IBM Volunteer Excellence Award recipients receive?

Each recipient received a $10,000 grant to support a nonprofit organization of their choice.

What is IBM's goal for volunteer hours?

IBM aims to achieve 4 million volunteer hours.

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