iCAD Unveils ProFound Cloud, Enabling Interoperability and Access to Breast AI Solutions at Enterprise Scale

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iCAD, Inc. announces the commercial availability of ProFound Cloud, a Software-as-a-Service platform powered by Google Cloud and AI innovations, revolutionizing breast cancer detection. The platform provides cost-effective, secure, and scalable access to AI solutions for medical providers, enhancing patient outcomes through early cancer detection.
  • Commercial availability of ProFound Cloud enhances global access to cutting-edge AI solutions in breast health.
  • Powered by Google Cloud architecture and Health AI innovations, ProFound Cloud offers a seamless solution for accessing the latest AI technologies in radiology.
  • ProFound Cloud revolutionizes the healthcare landscape by providing a cost-effective, secure, and scalable means to deploy AI solutions for early cancer detection.
  • The platform enables medical providers to enhance patient outcomes by detecting cancer earlier through the power of cloud technology.
  • ProFound Cloud securely handles diverse data types critical for comprehensive healthcare analysis, ensuring seamless access to critical diagnostic information while adhering to strict privacy and compliance standards.
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The introduction of ProFound Cloud by iCAD represents a strategic move in the healthcare technology sector, particularly in the realm of radiology and oncology. The shift toward cloud-based services is a response to the increasing demand for scalable and cost-effective healthcare solutions. By leveraging a SaaS model, iCAD is mitigating the need for medical providers to make substantial upfront investments in hardware, such as GPUs, which are essential for running advanced AI algorithms but can quickly become obsolete.

From a business perspective, this launch could potentially expand iCAD's market share by making its AI-powered cancer detection tools more accessible to a broader range of healthcare providers, including those with limited resources. The partnership with Google Cloud also suggests a robust infrastructure with high reliability and compliance standards, which are critical factors for adoption in the healthcare industry. The ability to handle diverse data types and provide robust analytics for informed decision-making could be a significant value proposition for iCAD, potentially leading to increased adoption and revenue growth.

ProFound Cloud's impact on radiology practice is noteworthy. The platform's ability to integrate seamlessly with existing imaging modalities and PACS systems addresses a significant pain point in radiology workflows. By providing real-time access to advanced AI tools for breast cancer detection, radiologists can potentially improve diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes. The emphasis on early detection is crucial, as it is well-established that early diagnosis of breast cancer is associated with better prognosis and survival rates.

Moreover, the platform's capacity to manage and store a range of images, including 2D and 3D mammography, as well as benign and recall cases, supports a comprehensive approach to patient care. This could lead to more personalized and precise treatment plans. The ability to perform administrative tasks in multiple languages may also enhance the platform's usability in diverse geographic locations, potentially leading to wider adoption globally.

One of the critical aspects of ProFound Cloud is its adherence to privacy and compliance standards, which are of paramount importance in the healthcare sector. The secure handling of de-identified patient information is a necessity for any healthcare technology solution, given the stringent regulations such as HIPAA in the United States. The cloud-based platform's ability to maintain high standards of data security while providing seamless access to diagnostic information is a strong selling point that could reassure potential customers concerned about data breaches and privacy issues.

The use of Google's Health AI innovations and architecture in ProFound Cloud also suggests a commitment to cutting-edge security measures. However, it is essential for stakeholders to understand the shared responsibility model in cloud services, where both the service provider and the user play roles in maintaining data security. Regular audits and updates to security protocols will be necessary to ensure ongoing compliance and protection against evolving cyber threats.

ProFound Cloud redefines accessibility to critical insights, empowering radiologists in early breast cancer detection

NASHUA, N.H., April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICAD) a global leader in clinically proven AI-powered cancer detection solutions, today announced commercial availability of ProFound Cloud. The innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides medical providers with a cost-effective, secure, and scalable means to access and deploy the latest ProFound Breast Health Suite of AI solutions.

“With the commercial launch of ProFound Cloud, iCAD is enabling interoperability and access to Breast AI Solutions at enterprise scale, revolutionizing global access to cutting-edge AI solutions in breast health,” said Dana Brown, president, and CEO of iCAD. “Through the power of the cloud and our partnership with Google, we empower medical providers to enhance patient outcomes by helping detect cancer earlier.”

Powered by Google Cloud architecture and Google’s Health AI innovations, ProFound Cloud integrates a lightweight edge client and cloud-based components. Together, they securely transport and process mammography screening data between imaging sources, such as imaging modalities and Picture Archive and Communications Systems (PACS) and the cloud-based AI. The processed data is seamlessly delivered to systems that utilize AI outputs, including mammography review workstations, PACS and image and data storage systems.

“The healthcare landscape is shifting towards technology-as-a-service models, avoiding the pitfalls of investing in rapidly outdated hardware and software,” continued Brown. “As AI relies heavily on specialized hardware like graphical processing units (GPUs), setting up and upgrading both software and hardware becomes increasingly complex. Cloud-based solutions, like ProFound Cloud, address this challenge by providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to ensure that all customers access the latest technology without the initial hardware investment, support contracts, and constant updates. Moreover, ProFound Cloud provides facility administrators the ability to access the administration site, enabling them to update configurations and perform administrative tasks in multiple languages.”

“ProFound Cloud represents a significant advancement in the field of radiology, providing a seamless and standardized solution for accessing the latest AI technologies for our imaging network,” remarked Matt Dewey, chief information officer at Wake Radiology, a ProFound Cloud early access beta-testing facility. “This platform will undoubtedly streamline our workflow and improve our ability to deliver high-quality care while increasing volumes to our patient community across The Triangle region of North Carolina.”

“ProFound Cloud is a prime example of how collaboration in healthcare technology drives innovation,” said Shweta Maniar, global director of Life Science Strategy & Solutions, Google Cloud. “By offering AI solutions in a scalable cloud environment, iCAD empowers healthcare providers to deliver earlier, more accurate diagnoses, potentially improving outcomes for countless patients.”

ProFound Cloud is designed to support patients, providers and partners while facilitating the management of diverse data types critical for comprehensive healthcare analysis. This includes 2D and 3D mammography images alongside all cancer images, in parallel, it stores limited images of benign, recall and normal cases. ProFound Cloud also manages ProFound Risk and Density assessment results, radiology and pathology reports and detection results, while ensuring seamless access to critical diagnostic information. Importantly, ProFound Cloud securely handles de-identified patient information and provider data, adhering to strict privacy and compliance standards. The comprehensive approach enables robust analytics for informed decision-making.

About iCAD, Inc.
iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICAD) is a global leader on a mission to create a world where cancer can’t hide by providing clinically proven AI-powered solutions that enable medical providers to accurately and reliably detect cancer earlier and improve patient outcomes. Headquartered in Nashua, N.H., iCAD’s industry-leading ProFound Breast Health Suite provides AI-powered mammography analysis for breast cancer detection, density assessment and risk evaluation. Used by thousands of providers serving millions of patients, ProFound is available in over 50 countries. In the last five years alone, iCAD estimates reading more than 40 million mammograms worldwide, with nearly 30% being tomosynthesis. For more information, including the latest in regulatory clearances, please visit

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The Software-as-a-Service platform announced by iCAD, Inc. is called ProFound Cloud.

Dana Brown is the president and CEO of iCAD, Inc.

ProFound Cloud is powered by Google Cloud architecture and Google's Health AI innovations.

ProFound Cloud manages diverse data types critical for comprehensive healthcare analysis, including 2D and 3D mammography images, cancer images, ProFound Risk and Density assessment results, radiology and pathology reports, and detection results.

ProFound Cloud enables medical providers to access the latest AI technologies for early cancer detection, enhancing patient outcomes through the power of cloud technology.
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