JetBlue Elevates Seamless Living in the Sky with Blueprint by JetBlue™: A Personalized Inflight Experience

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JetBlue introduces Blueprint by JetBlue™, a personalized inflight experience platform providing customers with new entertainment features, personalization options, and tailored touchpoints to enhance their travel journey. The platform includes innovative functions such as watch parties, content recommendations, saved favorites, and personalized greetings. Customers can also access flight information, make meal selections, and easily sign up for the TrueBlue loyalty program through seatback touchscreens. JetBlue continues to lead the industry in customer-centric products and aims to create a seamless inflight experience akin to being in their own living rooms.
JetBlue presenta Blueprint by JetBlue™, una piattaforma di esperienza di volo personalizzata che offre ai clienti nuove funzioni di intrattenimento, opzioni di personalizzazione e punti di contatto su misura per migliorare il loro viaggio. La piattaforma include funzioni innovative come feste di visione condivise, consigli sui contenuti, preferiti salvati e saluti personalizzati. I clienti possono anche accedere a informazioni sul volo, selezionare i pasti e iscriversi facilmente al programma di fedeltà TrueBlue attraverso schermi touch sui sedili. JetBlue continua a guidare il settore con prodotti orientati al cliente e mira a creare un'esperienza di volo fluida simile a quella di essere nel proprio soggiorno.
JetBlue introduce Blueprint by JetBlue™, una plataforma de experiencia en vuelo personalizada que proporciona a los clientes nuevas características de entretenimiento, opciones de personalización y puntos de contacto adaptados para mejorar su viaje. La plataforma incluye funciones innovadoras como fiestas de visualización, recomendaciones de contenido, favoritos guardados y saludos personalizados. Los clientes también pueden acceder a información del vuelo, hacer selecciones de comidas, e inscribirse fácilmente al programa de lealtad TrueBlue a través de pantallas táctiles en los respaldos de los asientos. JetBlue continúa liderando la industria con productos centrados en el cliente y aspira a crear una experiencia de vuelo continua, similar a estar en sus propios salones.
JetBlue는 Blueprint by JetBlue™를 소개합니다. 이는 새로운 엔터테인먼트 기능, 개인화 옵션, 맞춤형 접점을 제공하여 고객의 여행을 개선하는 맞춤형 기내 경험 플랫폼입니다. 플랫폼에는 시청 파티, 콘텐츠 추천, 저장된 즐겨찾기, 개인화된 인사말과 같은 혁신적인 기능이 포함되어 있습니다. 고객은 또한 좌석등 스크린을 통해 항공 정보를 확인하고 식사를 선택하며 TrueBlue 충성도 프로그램에 쉽게 등록할 수 있습니다. JetBlue는 고객 중심의 제품으로 업계를 계속해서 선도하며 고객의 거실과 같은 매끄러운 기내 경험을 제공하고자 합니다.
JetBlue introduit Blueprint by JetBlue™, une plateforme d'expérience de vol personnalisée offrant aux clients de nouvelles fonctionnalités de divertissement, des options de personnalisation et des points de contact sur mesure pour améliorer leur voyage. La plateforme comprend des fonctions innovantes telles que des soirées de visionnage, des recommandations de contenu, des favoris enregistrés et des salutations personnalisées. Les clients peuvent également accéder à des informations de vol, sélectionner leurs repas et s'inscrire facilement au programme de fidélité TrueBlue via des écrans tactiles intégrés aux sièges. JetBlue continue de mener l'industrie avec des produits centrés sur le client et vise à créer une expérience de vol sans couture, comme s'ils étaient dans leurs propres salons.
JetBlue präsentiert Blueprint by JetBlue™, eine personalisierte Bordinflight-Erlebnisplattform, die den Kunden neue Unterhaltungsfunktionen, Personalisierungsoptionen und maßgeschneiderte Kontaktmöglichkeiten bietet, um ihre Reise zu verbessern. Die Plattform umfasst innovative Funktionen wie gemeinsame Filmabende, Inhaltsempfehlungen, gespeicherte Favoriten und persönliche Begrüßungen. Kunden können auch auf Fluginformationen zugreifen, Mahlzeiten auswählen und sich einfach über Touchscreens an den Rückenlehnen der Sitze für das TrueBlue-Treueprogramm anmelden. JetBlue führt weiterhin die Branche mit kundenorientierten Produkten an und zielt darauf ab, ein nahtloses Flugerlebnis zu schaffen, das dem eigenen Wohnzimmer ähnelt.
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Furthering its Award-Winning Onboard Experience, JetBlue Introduces Blueprint to Provide More Options for Customers Seeking a Customized Travel Journey

JetBlue Launches New Inflight Entertainment Functions that Give Customers Ways to Watch, Save and Discover Content from the Sky Just as They Would at Home

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU) today announced Blueprint by JetBlue™, a personalized inflight experience platform that will provide customers with more customizability across their travel journey, beginning with new inflight entertainment features, some of which have never before been implemented on a U.S. airline.

Blueprint watch party feature. Photo courtesy of JetBlue.

Blueprint watch party feature. Photo courtesy of JetBlue.

At-Home Entertainment in the Sky

As JetBlue continues to innovate industry-leading onboard technology, Blueprint by JetBlue brings new seatback touchscreen features that mimic what customers are used to experiencing with their favorite streaming platforms at home. Some of the new functions that customers can look forward to seeing on their seatback screens include:

  • Watch party: Watch the same film or TV show at the exact same time with up to five other customers on the flight. JetBlue is the first airline to allow up to six customers to watch entertainment content at the same time to enjoy family-style viewing. Play and pause can be controlled on all linked screens, regardless of where each viewer is seated.
  • Content recommendations: Receive personal recommendations for inflight entertainment based on previous viewing history.
  • Pick up where you left off: Whether connecting with a layover or flying next month, never miss the end of a film or television show—automatically pick up where you left off from flight to flight.
  • Saved favorites: Save film and TV show selections to watch on future flights so you can spend less time searching and more time watching.
  • Saved settings: Accessibility and system settings, such as volume, language, parental controls and close captions preferences can now be saved and carried over from flight to flight.
  • Content partnerships: First-of-its-kind partnerships such as JetBlue’s exclusive streaming partner, Peacock, provide customers with access to exclusive entertainment and offers.

These new personalization features on JetBlue’s award-winning inflight entertainment system will give customers a bespoke inflight experience, not only throughout their current journey, but extending into subsequent flights when customers opt-in to securely authenticate their profiles on AVANT seatback touchscreens.

Tailored Touchpoints for Seamless Connection

Beyond inflight entertainment options, Blueprint expands on JetBlue’s existing products that give customers a more personalized experience and brings their entire travel journey to their fingertips:

  • Personal greetings: Customers can now change their preferred name on their JetBlue travel profile to be displayed in a personal welcome message on seatback screens, whether or not they identify with their legal name.
    • JetBlue is the only airline that greets customers with confetti graphics and a complimentary drink (21+) when flying on their birthday.
  • Flight connect: Customers can access information regarding their JetBlue connecting flights and gates right at their seat.
  • Seatback ordering: JetBlue’s seatback ordering feature that lets customers make meal selections directly from the seatback screen now extends to its A321neo with Mint aircraft, further elevating dining on all transatlantic flights.
  • Loyalty made easy: Customers can enjoy easy one-click sign-up to JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program through a QR pop-up on seatback touchscreens that automatically populates first and last name directly on a personal device.

The new personalization functions have begun rolling out on JetBlue’s AVANT touchscreen aircraft powered by Thales and are expected to be completed next month.

“JetBlue has always been an innovator as the first to have seatback screens and fast, free and unlimited Wi-Fi on every aircraft,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and customer support, JetBlue. “By launching Blueprint by JetBlue, we are doubling down on our commitment to help customers create an inflight experience tailored to their needs and preferences, making their flight as comfortable as their own living rooms.”

Since its inception in 2000, JetBlue has been the architect of industry-leading, customer-centric products that have pushed the industry standard forward. Whether with seatback entertainment at every seat, free Wi-Fia that allows for a multi-screen experience, the most legroom in coachb, or self-service snacks in the JetBlue Pantry®, JetBlue consistently provides a seamless, customer-first onboard experience.

This is just the beginning for the airline’s inflight personalization capabilities, which will continue to roll out under the Blueprint by JetBlue platform in the future. To learn more about Blueprint by JetBlue, visit

About JetBlue

JetBlue is New York's Hometown Airline®, and a leading carrier in Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue, known for its low fares and great service, carries customers to more than 100 destinations throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. For more information and the best fares, visit

a. Fly-Fi® and live television are available on all JetBlue-operated flights. Coverage area may vary by aircraft. Details on inflight wi-fi and entertainment:

b. JetBlue offers the most legroom in coach based on average fleet-wide seat pitch for U.S. airlines.

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What is Blueprint by JetBlue™?

Blueprint by JetBlue™ is a personalized inflight experience platform that provides customers with more customizability across their travel journey, starting with new inflight entertainment features.

What are some of the new functions introduced by JetBlue's Blueprint platform?

Some of the new functions include watch parties, content recommendations, saved favorites, saved settings, content partnerships, personal greetings, flight connect, seatback ordering, and loyalty sign-up through QR pop-ups on seatback touchscreens.

What are the key features of JetBlue's Blueprint platform for inflight entertainment?

The key features include watch parties for up to six customers, content recommendations based on viewing history, saved favorites for future flights, saved settings for accessibility preferences, content partnerships like Peacock, and seamless continuation of viewing between flights.

What personalized touchpoints does JetBlue's Blueprint platform offer?

JetBlue's Blueprint platform offers personalized greetings with confetti graphics, flight connect for accessing connecting flight information, seatback ordering for meal selections, and easy sign-up for the TrueBlue loyalty program through seatback touchscreens.

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