Kinetik Executes New Accounts Receivable Securitization Facility

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Kinetik Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KNTK) announced a $150 million accounts receivable securitization facility agreement with PNC Bank, extending the maturity of its Term Loan Credit Facility to December 2026.
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The establishment of a $150 million accounts receivable securitization facility by a subsidiary of Kinetik Holdings Inc. represents a strategic financial maneuver to optimize the company's capital structure. By electing to use the proceeds to repay existing debt, specifically a portion of the Term Loan, Kinetik is effectively reducing its interest expense and improving its liquidity position. The interest rate tied to the one-month term SOFR plus 90 basis points indicates a competitive cost of capital, likely reflecting the company's creditworthiness and the current interest rate environment.

From a financial perspective, this move could signal to investors Kinetik's proactive approach to debt management. By extending the maturity of the Term Loan to December 2026, the company is alleviating short-term liquidity pressure, which may enhance its financial flexibility and potentially improve its credit ratings. However, stakeholders should monitor the company's ability to manage the fluctuating borrowing base, which is contingent on the value of the company's accounts receivable balance.

The introduction of the A/R Facility by Kinetik Holdings Inc. is indicative of the company's approach to leveraging its accounts receivable as a financial asset. This strategy can be advantageous in freeing up capital that is otherwise tied up in the business cycle. However, it introduces a dependency on the company's operational performance, specifically its ability to efficiently manage its receivables.

As receivables serve as collateral, their valuation and the company's capacity to collect them in a timely manner will be important in maintaining the borrowing base. Investors should consider the credit quality of Kinetik's customers and the industry's economic outlook, as these factors could impact the company's future cash flows and, consequently, its ability to service its debt obligations. The facility's maturity in April 2025 with a renewal mechanism offers some cushion, but also necessitates ongoing scrutiny of the company's credit management practices.

Kinetik Holdings Inc.'s decision to secure an accounts receivable securitization facility is a notable event in the debt markets. It reflects a trend where companies are seeking alternative liquidity solutions beyond traditional loans or credit lines. This facility's structure, tied to the one-month term SOFR rate, reflects a shift in the lending market towards using SOFR as a benchmark following the phase-out of LIBOR.

The relatively low spread of 90 basis points above the benchmark rate suggests that the debt market perceives Kinetik as a lower-risk borrower. However, investors should be aware that the SOFR rate is subject to changes based on Federal Reserve policies and economic conditions. Any significant fluctuations in interest rates could affect the cost of borrowing for Kinetik, which in turn could influence the company's net interest margins and overall profitability.

HOUSTON & MIDLAND, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kinetik Holdings Inc. (NYSE: KNTK) (“Kinetik” or the “Company”) today announced that one of its subsidiaries has entered into an agreement with PNC Bank, National Association for a $150 million accounts receivable securitization facility (“A/R Facility”) which matures April 2025 with an ongoing renewal mechanism. The initial borrowing base of $150 million will vary with the value of the Company's accounts receivable balance. Borrowings under the A/R Facility bear interest at the one-month term SOFR rate plus 90 basis points.

Kinetik intends to use the net proceeds from the A/R Facility to repay a portion of the outstanding borrowings under its existing Term Loan Credit Facility (“Term Loan”), lowering the remaining balance to $1.0 billion. As a result, the maturity of the Term Loan will extend to December 8, 2026.

About Kinetik Holdings Inc.

Kinetik is a fully integrated, pure-play, Permian-to-Gulf Coast midstream C-corporation operating in the Delaware Basin. Kinetik is headquartered in Midland, Texas and has a significant presence in Houston, Texas. Kinetik provides comprehensive gathering, transportation, compression, processing and treating services for companies that produce natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and water.

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Kinetik Investors:

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What is the ticker symbol for Kinetik Holdings Inc.?

The ticker symbol for Kinetik Holdings Inc. is KNTK.

What type of agreement did Kinetik Holdings Inc. enter into with PNC Bank?

Kinetik Holdings Inc. entered into a $150 million accounts receivable securitization facility agreement with PNC Bank.

What is the maturity date of the accounts receivable securitization facility?

The accounts receivable securitization facility matures in April 2025 with an ongoing renewal mechanism.

What will Kinetik Holdings Inc. use the net proceeds from the A/R Facility for?

Kinetik Holdings Inc. intends to use the net proceeds to repay a portion of the outstanding borrowings under its existing Term Loan Credit Facility.

How will the remaining balance of the Term Loan Credit Facility be affected?

The remaining balance of the Term Loan Credit Facility will be lowered to $1.0 billion, extending the maturity to December 8, 2026.

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