Gene Therapy Pioneer Roger Hajjar, MD, Elected to Longeveron® Board of Directors

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Longeveron has announced the election of Roger Hajjar, MD, to its Board of Directors. Dr. Hajjar, an acclaimed scientist in cardiac gene therapy and current Director of the Gene and Cell Therapy Institute at Mass General Brigham, brings extensive expertise to the company. His contributions in gene therapy have initiated numerous clinical trials and his methodologies are globally implemented. This move is part of Longeveron's strategy to refresh its Board with experienced leaders to enhance its ongoing therapeutic developments, including Lomecel-B™. Dr. Hajjar's background includes 500 publications and various awards. His academic credentials include degrees from Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School, with significant professional contributions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Mount Sinai, and Flagship Pioneering.

  • Roger Hajjar's expertise in gene therapy can potentially accelerate Longeveron's R&D in regenerative medicine.
  • Dr. Hajjar's methodologies are globally recognized, enhancing Longeveron's credibility and scientific edge.
  • The Board refreshment with experienced leaders aligns with Longeveron's strategic growth and development plans.
  • The election of a renowned scientist like Dr. Hajjar could positively impact Longeveron's stock value and investor confidence.
  • There might be concerns about the continuity of the company’s strategy with the introduction of new Board members.

MIAMI, July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Longeveron Inc. (NASDAQ: LGVN), a clinical stage regenerative medicine biotechnology company developing cellular therapies for life-threatening and chronic aging-related conditions, today announced that Roger Hajjar, MD, Director of the Gene and Cell Therapy Institute at Mass General Brigham, has been elected to the Longeveron Board of Directors. Dr. Hajjar is an internationally recognized scientist whose cardiac gene therapy discoveries have spurred clinical trials for heart failure, whose methodologies for cardiac-directed gene transfer are currently utilized by investigators around the world, and who was appointed as the inaugural director of the Gene and Cell Therapy Institute. Dr. Hajjar was elected at the Company’s recent Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

“I am delighted to welcome Roger, and his tremendous experience as a scientist, academic, and operational executive, to the Board of Directors,” said Joshua Hare, Co-founder, Chief Science Officer and Chairman of the Board at Longeveron. “His thought leadership in gene and cell therapy will bring significant value to Longeveron as we continue to advance Lomecel-B™, our proprietary, scalable, allogeneic cellular therapy being evaluated in multiple indications. I look forward to collaborating with him to advance these important therapeutic development programs.”

“I am excited to join the Longeveron Board at this important time, both for the Company and in the history of gene therapy,” said Dr. Hajjar. “Gene and cell therapy is revolutionizing patient care with the potential to cure diseases or halt their progression. The Lomecel-B™ data generated to date in HLHS and Alzheimer’s disease support broad potential for this novel cellular therapy as a regenerative medical therapy across multiple indications and position the Company to potentially profoundly impact affected patients’ lives for the better.”

Dr. Hajjar’s addition to the Board is part of the planned Board refreshment process at Longeveron, with a focus on bringing in new, relevant, experienced leaders over time to add to the knowledge base and experience provided by current and departing Board members.

Dr. Hajjar is an internationally renowned scientific leader in the field of cardiac gene therapy. His laboratory had validated a number of cardiac targets that led to the initiation and completion under his guidance of First-in-Human gene therapy trials in patients with heart failure. He has initiated multiple clinical trials in gene therapy for a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

He has authored over 500 publications and has received numerous awards for his achievements in the field of cardiac gene therapy. Dr. Hajjar received his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and his Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology. He completed his training in internal medicine, cardiology, heart failure/cardiac transplantation, and research fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where he then directed the Cardiology Laboratory of Integrative Physiology and Imaging. From 2007 to 2018, Dr. Hajjar was the Director of the Cardiovascular Research Center, and the Arthur & Janet C. Ross Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. From 2019 to 2022, Dr. Hajjar was involved in the creation of a number of gene therapy companies at Flagship Pioneering, Cambridge, MA and he was the head of R&D at Ring Therapeutics.

About Longeveron Inc.

Longeveron is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing regenerative medicines to address unmet medical needs. The Company’s lead investigational product is Lomecel-B™, an allogeneic medicinal signaling cell (MSC) therapy product isolated from the bone marrow of young, healthy adult donors. Lomecel-B™ has multiple potential mechanisms of action encompassing pro-vascular, pro-regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and tissue repair and healing effects with broad potential applications across a spectrum of disease areas. Longeveron is currently pursuing three pipeline indications: hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), Alzheimer’s disease, and Aging-related Frailty. The Lomecel-B™ HLHS program has received three distinct and important FDA designations: Orphan Drug designation, Fast Track designation, and Rare Pediatric Disease designation. For more information, visit or follow Longeveron on LinkedIn, X, and Instagram.

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What is the significance of Roger Hajjar joining Longeveron's Board of Directors?

Roger Hajjar's election brings extensive expertise in gene therapy, potentially accelerating Longeveron's R&D and enhancing its strategic growth.

Who is Roger Hajjar and what is his background?

Roger Hajjar is the Director of the Gene and Cell Therapy Institute at Mass General Brigham, an acclaimed expert in cardiac gene therapy with over 500 publications and numerous awards.

How might Roger Hajjar's election impact Longeveron and its stock symbol LGVN?

Dr. Hajjar's election might boost investor confidence and increase LGVN's stock value due to his significant contributions to gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

What are the potential benefits of the Board refreshment at Longeveron?

The Board refreshment aims to bring in new, experienced leaders to enhance the company's knowledge base and support its ongoing therapeutic development programs.

What is Dr. Hajjar's role in gene therapy?

Dr. Hajjar has initiated and led numerous clinical trials in gene therapy for cardiovascular diseases and his methodologies are used worldwide.

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