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Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MARA) launches Slipstream, a direct Bitcoin transaction submission service to streamline confirmations for large or non-standard transactions. Marathon is the first publicly traded Bitcoin mining company to offer this service, leveraging its proprietary technology stack.
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The introduction of Slipstream by Marathon Digital Holdings represents a notable innovation in the cryptocurrency space, particularly for institutional investors and entities engaging in large-scale Bitcoin transactions. The service aims to provide a solution to a common issue where large or non-standard Bitcoin transactions are excluded from the mempool, leading to delays. By offering a direct submission service, Marathon could potentially reduce transaction confirmation times, which in turn could enhance the liquidity and attractiveness of Bitcoin for large investors.

From a financial perspective, the launch of Slipstream may serve as a catalyst for Marathon's revenue growth. By attracting a new segment of users who require reliable processing of complex transactions, Marathon could diversify its income streams beyond just mining rewards. This move could also enhance the company's competitive positioning within the industry, potentially impacting its stock valuation positively if the service gains widespread adoption.

Moreover, as the first publicly traded Bitcoin mining company to offer such a service, Marathon is likely to receive increased attention from investors seeking exposure to innovative solutions in the blockchain space. This could lead to a reevaluation of the company's market potential and future earnings projections.

Slipstream is a technical advancement in the realm of Bitcoin transaction processing. The size and non-standard nature of certain Bitcoin transactions can lead to exclusion from miners' mempools, causing delays in confirmation. Marathon's proprietary mining pool, MARA Pool, enables the company to prioritize these transactions, potentially increasing the efficiency of the Bitcoin network.

This service could encourage further development and innovation on the Bitcoin blockchain by providing a more reliable transaction infrastructure for complex and non-standard transactions. By mitigating the risk of transaction delays, Marathon is addressing a significant pain point for developers and users who rely on timely confirmations for their operations.

Furthermore, the underlying technology of Slipstream could have implications for blockchain scalability and the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies. If successful, Marathon's approach may be replicated by other mining pools, leading to a more flexible and responsive network. However, it's important to monitor how this service aligns with the decentralized ethos of Bitcoin, as centralization of services in the hands of a few large players could raise concerns within the community.

The launch of Slipstream by Marathon Digital Holdings could signify a strategic move to capture a niche market within the Bitcoin transaction space. The service's focus on large or non-standard transactions positions Marathon to potentially become the go-to provider for enterprises and high-net-worth individuals who regularly move significant amounts of Bitcoin. This could lead to an increase in market share for Marathon within the mining industry.

As the service is unique and the first of its kind from a publicly traded Bitcoin mining company, it may create a competitive advantage for Marathon. The ability to leverage proprietary technology to offer new services is a key differentiator in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry. Market research will be essential to understand the demand for such services and the willingness of users to switch to or adopt Marathon's platform for their transaction needs.

It is also critical to assess the potential impact on Marathon's brand reputation. If Slipstream delivers on its promises, it could enhance the company's image as an innovator and leader in the space, which could have positive implications for customer loyalty and investor sentiment.

New Direct Transaction Submission Service Designed To Streamline Confirmations for Large or Non-Standard Bitcoin Transactions

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Feb. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MARA) ("Marathon" or "Company"), a leader in supporting and securing the Bitcoin ecosystem, has launched Slipstream, a direct Bitcoin transaction submission service designed to streamline confirmations of large or non-standard Bitcoin transactions.

By default, Bitcoin nodes frequently exclude large and non-standard transactions from Bitcoin’s mempool, even if these transactions adhere to the Bitcoin network’s consensus rules. As a result, complex Bitcoin transactions are often delayed or unprocessed. To encourage experimentation and development on Bitcoin and to enable and expedite the processing of large or complex transactions that comply with Bitcoin’s protocol, Marathon has launched Slipstream.

Slipstream is a direct transaction submission service on Bitcoin that is powered by Marathon and made possible by the Company’s proprietary mining pool, MARA Pool. Slipstream is designed to streamline confirmations of large or non-standard Bitcoin transactions. With Slipstream, users can directly submit their transactions to Marathon. Provided these transactions adhere to the Bitcoin protocol and the fees associated with them are sufficient, Marathon will add these transactions to its mempool and process them accordingly.

Marathon is the first Bitcoin mining company to offer a direct transaction submission service. Because it is the only publicly traded Bitcoin mining company that operates its own mining pool, Marathon is also the only known publicly traded Bitcoin miner currently capable of offering such services.

“Slipstream is a prime example of Marathon leveraging its proprietary technology stack to create a product or service that we believe can help Bitcoin innovators push the industry forward,” said Fred Thiel, Marathon’s chairman and CEO. “While direct transaction submission services exist, most are rudimentary. Slipstream provides sophisticated users with a simple, transparent, and trusted means of adding complex Bitcoin transactions to the blockchain, provided they adhere to Bitcoin’s protocol. Marathon is uniquely capable of offering these services because of our scale, our mining pool, and our team’s technological expertise. We believe Slipstream is mutually beneficial for the industry and for our organization, and we look forward to building on this announcement to further assist those who are building on Bitcoin.”

To visit the Slipstream transaction terminal or to learn more, visit

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Marathon is a digital asset technology company that focuses on supporting and securing the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Company is currently in the process of becoming one of the largest and most sustainably powered Bitcoin mining operations in North America.

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What is the new service launched by Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.?

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. has launched Slipstream, a direct Bitcoin transaction submission service designed to streamline confirmations of large or non-standard Bitcoin transactions.

What is the purpose of Slipstream?

Slipstream is designed to encourage experimentation and development on Bitcoin and to expedite the processing of large or complex transactions that comply with Bitcoin's protocol.

How can users submit transactions through Slipstream?

Users can directly submit their transactions to Marathon through Slipstream. If these transactions adhere to the Bitcoin protocol and have sufficient fees, Marathon will add them to its mempool for processing.

Why is Marathon uniquely capable of offering this service?

Marathon is the only publicly traded Bitcoin mining company that operates its own mining pool, making it the only known publicly traded Bitcoin miner currently capable of offering such services.

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