MSA Safety Investor Day Recap: Company Introduces Next Phase of Long-Term Strategy for Profitable Growth and 2028 Financial Targets

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MSA Safety hosted its Investor Day in New York City on May 22, 2024, unveiling its long-term strategy and 2028 financial targets.

The company aims to achieve an organic revenue range of $2.1B to $2.3B, an adjusted operating margin of 23.5% to 25.0%, and an adjusted EPS of $10.00 to $11.00.

Key strategic pillars include above-market profitable growth, targeted growth accelerators, the MSA Business System, and effective capital deployment.

Leadership emphasized innovation, operational excellence, and social impact. CFO Lee McChesney expressed confidence in consistent mid-single-digit organic growth and maintaining a leading position in premium safety solutions.

Presentation materials and a webcast replay are available on MSA Safety's Investor Relations website.

  • Unveiled 2028 financial targets with a projected organic revenue range of $2.1B to $2.3B.
  • Adjusted operating margin target set between 23.5% and 25.0%.
  • Adjusted EPS forecasted at $10.00 to $11.00.
  • Emphasis on above-market profitable growth and market leadership.
  • Targeted growth accelerators in high-growth end markets and safety megatrends.
  • MSA Business System to drive continuous improvement and efficiency.
  • Strong capital deployment strategy to enhance shareholder value.
  • Executive confidence in consistent mid-single-digit organic growth.
  • No specific risks or challenges discussed in the new strategic phase.
  • Lack of detailed information on potential market uncertainties or competition.
  • Projected figures are targets, not guaranteed outcomes.

MSA Safety's introduction of its 2028 financial targets during the Investor Day reveals significant insights into its long-term financial strategy and growth expectations. The company projects organic revenue between $2.1B and $2.3B and an adjusted operating margin of 23.5% to 25.0%. These targets are ambitious, reflecting a confidence in maintaining and possibly expanding its market leadership in premium safety solutions.

The projected adjusted EPS of $10.00 to $11.00 suggests a robust growth in profitability. This implies effective cost management and the ability to pass the benefits of innovation and operational efficiency to the bottom line. With over $1.5 billion in capital deployment options, MSA is poised to leverage its healthy balance sheet to fund growth initiatives, including potential M&A activities.

However, investors should watch for the execution risks related to these projections. Any deviations in global economic conditions, competitive pressures, or internal operational challenges could impact these targets. The emphasis on disciplined capital deployment is reassuring, yet such strategies need meticulous implementation to ensure the anticipated benefits.

MSA Safety's detailed strategy for profitable growth highlights a multifaceted approach, focusing on innovation, operational excellence and customer-centric solutions. The emphasis on connected solutions and higher-growth end markets is particularly significant, indicating a strategic shift towards areas with recurring revenue potential and emerging safety needs related to connectivity and productivity trends.

The company's use of its proprietary MSA Business System to enhance pricing, operations and resource allocation demonstrates an integrated approach to maintaining competitive advantage. This system, which combines behaviors, processes and tools for continuous improvement, is designed to optimize the company's operational efficiency and market responsiveness.

Given the growing importance of workplace safety and increasing regulatory demands globally, MSA's focus on premium safety solutions aligns well with market trends. Investors should consider the potential for sustained demand in this sector, driven by industrial safety requirements and technological advancements in safety equipment.

Nevertheless, the success of these strategic initiatives depends on the company's ability to stay ahead of technological advancements and effectively integrate new acquisitions without disrupting its core operations.

From an operational perspective, MSA Safety's next phase of its long-term strategy underscores a commitment to continuous improvement and efficiency. The MSA Business System's focus on excellence in pricing, operations and resource allocation is important for maximizing profitability and operational agility.

The strategy to leverage scale and market leadership to drive above-market growth indicates a robust operational backbone. Additionally, targeted growth accelerators, particularly in connected solutions and safety megatrends, showcase MSA's proactive approach in adapting to industry shifts and customer demands.

Operational excellence will be pivotal in achieving the projected operating margins of 23.5% to 25%. Continuous innovation and improvement in processes can mitigate risks associated with supply chain disruptions, cost volatility and competitive pressures. Moreover, the disciplined capital allocation towards operational enhancements and strategic growth initiatives will be key in sustaining long-term growth and profitability.

PITTSBURGH, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- MSA Safety, Inc. (NYSE: MSA), a global leader in the development of advanced safety products and solutions that protect people and facility infrastructures, today hosted an Investor Day in New York City. Steve Blanco, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lee McChesney, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and other members of the leadership team presented an in-depth review of the company's strategy, product categories, financial performance, and key initiatives, such as innovation, operational excellence, and social impact. Additionally, the company also introduced its 2028 financial targets.

Experience the full interactive Multichannel News Release here:

"We are thrilled to offer current and potential shareholders deeper insight into our long-term strategy for delivering superior returns during our 2024 investor day," said Steve Blanco, President and Chief Executive Officer. "The unveiling of our 2028 targets underscores our confidence in our team's ability to execute our singular safety mission. Their unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of our customers builds on the strong foundation we've built over our 110-year history."

Introducing 2028 Financial Targets

  • Organic Revenue Range: $2.1B to $2.3B
  • Adjusted Operating Margin: 23.5% to 25.0%
  • Adjusted EPS: $10.00 to $11.00
  • Targets to be complemented by more than $1.5 billion of disciplined capital deployment optionality enabled by a healthy balance sheet and robust free cash flow generation.

Next Phase of Long-Term Strategy for Profitable Growth
MSA Safety utilized its investor day to introduce the next phase of its strategy to drive continued growth and outperformance. Building on the company's strong market positions and proven innovation engine that helps solve its customers' most significant safety challenges, the company's next phase of its strategy includes the following key strategic pillars:

  • Above-Market Profitable Growth. Continue to be the leader in premium safety solutions, leveraging scale, market leadership and customer-centric innovation to drive above-market profitable growth.
  • Growth Accelerators. Implement targeted growth accelerators, in areas such as connected solutions, higher-growth end markets and safety megatrends around connectivity and productivity, to expand its suite of solutions with recurring revenue streams and further build and exercise the company's M&A capabilities in a disciplined manner.
  • MSA Business System. Apply the MSA Business System, which is a set of behaviors, processes and tools used to drive continuous improvement across the enterprise, to enable excellence in in pricing, operations, resource allocation and balance sheet efficiency.
  • Capital Deployment. Allocate capital effectively to drive value for the organization and for shareholders while leveraging the company's premier financial profile to deliver sustainable, long-term growth.

"We recently completed a comprehensive review of our strategy to understand our strengths and areas of opportunity, and those results were used to determine our path forward to drive continued profitable growth," said Mr. Blanco.  "We believe we're uniquely positioned to drive superior performance within our sector.  So, while we continue to drive our strategy forward, all we do remains centered on advancing our mission by building a culture that emphasizes continuous innovation and improvement, talent development, and unmatched customer focus."

Lee McChesney, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, added, "When I look at the future of MSA Safety, I am confident in our ability to drive consistent mid-single-digit organic growth, leverage our market positions, and enhance our customers' journey through consistent investment in innovation.  We will continue to be the leader in premium safety solutions, follow our mission, and deliver on our promise to those workers around the world who put their trust in the MSA brand every day."

Investor Day Materials and Webcast Recording
A replay of today's live webcast, along with the presentation materials, are available on MSA Safety's Investor Relations website at

About MSA Safety
MSA Safety Incorporated (NYSE: MSA) is the global leader in advanced safety products, technologies and solutions. Driven by its singular mission of safety, the Company has been at the forefront of safety innovation since 1914, protecting workers and facility infrastructure around the world across a broad range of diverse end markets while creating sustainable value for shareholders. With 2023 revenues of $1.8 billion, MSA Safety is headquartered in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania and employs a team of over 5,000 associates across its more than 40 international locations.  For more information, please visit

Representatives of MSA Safety, including Non-Executive Chairman Nish Vartanian (center left) and President and CEO Steve Blanco (center right), celebrate ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. This year marks the company’s 110th year of business, its 10th CEO transition, and the 20th year being listed on the NYSE.



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What are MSA Safety's 2028 financial targets?

MSA Safety aims for an organic revenue range of $2.1B to $2.3B, an adjusted operating margin of 23.5% to 25.0%, and an adjusted EPS of $10.00 to $11.00 by 2028.

What was the focus of MSA Safety's Investor Day on May 22, 2024?

MSA Safety's Investor Day focused on the company's long-term strategy, financial performance, product categories, and the introduction of 2028 financial targets.

How does MSA Safety plan to achieve above-market profitable growth?

MSA Safety plans to achieve above-market profitable growth by leveraging its market leadership, customer-centric innovation, and implementing growth accelerators in connected solutions and high-growth end markets.

What is the MSA Business System?

The MSA Business System is a set of behaviors, processes, and tools used to drive continuous improvement in areas such as pricing, operations, resource allocation, and balance sheet efficiency.

How does MSA Safety plan to deploy capital effectively?

MSA Safety plans to allocate capital to drive organizational value and shareholder returns by leveraging its financial profile for sustainable, long-term growth.

Where can I access the materials and webcast of MSA Safety's Investor Day?

The presentation materials and a replay of the webcast are available on MSA Safety's Investor Relations website.

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