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Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) has validated and shipped the industry's first 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory, utilizing high-capacity monolithic 32Gb DRAM die-based technology. This memory offers enhanced bit density, energy efficiency, and lower latency compared to competitors' products. The collaboration with industry leaders has led to widespread adoption of these high-performance modules in various data center applications, including AI, ML, HPC, and IMDBs. Micron's 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory is supported by a strong ecosystem and will be available through global distributors in June 2024. This launch signifies Micron's continued leadership in providing high-capacity RDIMMs for memory-intensive workloads.

Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) ha validato e spedito il primo modulo di memoria RDIMM DDR5 da 128GB del settore, che utilizza una tecnologia basata su die di DRAM monolitici di alta capacità da 32Gb. Questa memoria offre una maggiore densità di bit, efficienza energetica e latenza inferiore rispetto ai prodotti della concorrenza. La collaborazione con i leader del settore ha portato a un'ampia adozione di questi moduli ad alte prestazioni in varie applicazioni nei data center, inclusi IA, ML, HPC e IMDB. La memoria RDIMM DDR5 da 128GB di Micron è supportata da un solido ecosistema e sarà disponibile tramite distributori globali nel giugno 2024. Questo lancio segna la continuazione della leadership di Micron nel fornire RDIMM ad alta capacità per carichi di lavoro intensivi della memoria.
Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) ha validado y enviado el primer módulo de memoria RDIMM DDR5 de 128GB de la industria, utilizando tecnología basada en waferes monolíticos de DRAM de 32Gb de alta capacidad. Esta memoria ofrece mayor densidad de bits, eficiencia energética y menor latencia en comparación con los productos de la competencia. La colaboración con líderes de la industria ha llevado a la adopción generalizada de estos módulos de alto rendimiento en diversas aplicaciones en centros de datos, incluyendo IA, ML, HPC e IMDB. La memoria RDIMM DDR5 de 128GB de Micron cuenta con el respaldo de un ecosistema robusto y estará disponible a través de distribuidores globales en junio de 2024. Este lanzamiento subraya el liderazgo continuo de Micron en proporcionar RDIMMs de alta capacidad para cargas de trabajo intensivas en memoria.
Micron Technology, Inc. (나스닥: MU)는 업계 최초로 128GB DDR5 RDIMM 메모리를 인증하고 출하했습니다. 이 메모리는 고용량 단일 32Gb DRAM 다이 기반 기술을 사용합니다. 이 메모리는 경쟁 제품에 비해 향상된 비트 밀도, 에너지 효율성 및 낮은 대기 시간을 제공합니다. 업계 리더들과의 협력을 통해 AI, ML, HPC 및 IMDB를 포함한 다양한 데이터 센터 애플리케이션에서 이 고성능 모듈이 널리 채택되었습니다. Micron의 128GB DDR5 RDIMM 메모리는 강력한 생태계를 바탕으로 하며 2024년 6월 글로벌 유통 업체를 통해 판매될 예정입니다. 이 출시는 메모리 집약적 작업 부하를 위한 고용량 RDIMM을 제공하는 데 있어 Micron의 지속적인 리더십을 나타냅니다.
Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) a validé et expédié le premier module de mémoire RDIMM DDR5 de 128GB de l'industrie, utilisant une technologie basée sur des puces DRAM monolithiques de 32Gb de haute capacité. Cette mémoire offre une densité de bits améliorée, une efficacité énergétique et une latence réduite par rapport aux produits concurrents. La collaboration avec les leaders de l'industrie a conduit à une adoption généralisée de ces modules haute performance dans diverses applications de centres de données, y compris l'IA, ML, HPC, et les IMDB. La mémoire RDIMM DDR5 de 128GB de Micron est soutenue par un écosystème solide et sera disponible via des distributeurs mondiaux en juin 2024. Ce lancement marque la continuation du leadership de Micron dans la fourniture de RDIMMs de haute capacité pour les charges de travail intensives en mémoire.
Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) hat als erster in der Branche ein 128GB DDR5 RDIMM Arbeitsspeicher validiert und verschickt, der auf der Technologie von hochkapazitativen, monolithischen 32Gb DRAM-Dies basiert. Dieser Speicher bietet eine verbesserte Bitdichte, Energieeffizienz und geringere Latenz im Vergleich zu Konkurrenzprodukten. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Branchenführern hat zu einer weit verbreiteten Einführung dieser leistungsstarken Module in verschiedenen Rechenzentrumsanwendungen geführt, einschließlich KI, ML, HPC und IMDBs. Microns 128GB DDR5 RDIMM Speicher wird von einem starken Ökosystem unterstützt und ist ab Juni 2024 über globale Distributoren erhältlich. Dieser Launch unterstreicht Microns fortlaufende Führungsrolle bei der Bereitstellung von hochkapazitativen RDIMMs für speicherintensive Arbeitslasten.
  • Micron Technology, Inc. is the first to ship 128GB DDR5 32Gb server DRAM, setting a new industry milestone.

  • The 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory features improved bit density, energy efficiency, and lower latency compared to competitors' products.

  • The collaboration with industry leaders has led to broad adoption of Micron's high-performance memory modules in various data center applications.

  • The memory will be supported by a strong ecosystem including AMD, HPE, Intel, and Supermicro, among others.

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Micron's announcement of shipping 128GB DDR5 32Gb server DRAM reflects a technological leap in server memory, designed to cater to the escalating requirements of AI data centers. This advancement is important for high-capacity data processing which AI and ML workloads demand. The increase in bit density by over 45% and the claim of 22% improved energy efficiency represent significant improvements over existing solutions.

From an investor standpoint, Micron's leadership in 1-beta technology and the successful validation of these memory modules signal the company's proactive stance in addressing next-gen data center needs. Adopting these high-speed memory modules could lead to broader industry adoption, potentially boosting Micron's market share and revenue growth. Yet, investors should consider the capital expenditure required for data centers to upgrade to this new standard and the competitive landscape where similar advancements might affect pricing power and market adoption.

The financial implications of Micron's product release should be scrutinized through the lens of supply chain dynamics and cost structure. The introduction of these modules can potentially lead to operational efficiencies for data centers, which could trickle down as cost savings in the long run. The collaboration with key industry players like AMD, Intel and HPE suggests that Micron is strategically positioned to capitalize on enterprise-level demand.

While the initial CAPEX for clients might be high, the long-term ROI due to performance and efficiency gains could justify the investment. The stock value could see an uplift as the market absorbs this innovation, though investors should remain cautious about the adoption rates and watch for feedback from early adopters for a clearer investment picture.

Micron reaches industry milestone as first to validate and ship 128GB DDR5 32Gb server DRAM to address the rigorous speed and capacity demands of memory-intensive Gen AI applications

BOISE, Idaho, May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU), today announced it is leading the industry by validating and shipping its high-capacity monolithic 32Gb DRAM die-based 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory in speeds up to 5,600 MT/s on all leading server platforms. Powered by Micron’s industry-leading 1β (1-beta) technology, the 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory delivers more than 45% improved bit density,1 up to 22% improved energy efficiency2 and up to 16% lower latency1 over competitive 3DS through-silicon via (TSV) products.

Micron’s collaboration with industry leaders and customers has yielded broad adoption of these new high-performance, large-capacity modules across high-volume server CPUs. These high-speed memory modules were engineered to meet the performance needs of a wide range of mission-critical applications in data centers, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), high-performance computing (HPC), in-memory databases (IMDBs) and efficient processing for multithreaded, multicore count general compute workloads. Micron’s 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory will be supported by a robust ecosystem including AMD, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, Supermicro, along with many others.

“With this latest volume shipment milestone, Micron continues to lead the market in providing high-capacity RDIMMs that have been qualified on all the major CPU platforms to our customers,” said Praveen Vaidyanathan, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Compute Products Group. “AI servers will now be configured with Micron’s 24GB 8-high HBM3E for GPU-attached memory and Micron’s 128GB RDIMMs for CPU-attached memory to deliver the capacity, bandwidth and power-optimized infrastructure required for memory intensive workloads.”

Industry Adoption

“A core tenet of our work with Micron is advancing the capabilities of data center infrastructure through highly-performant memory for compute intensive workloads,” said Dan McNamara, senior vice president and general manager, Server Business Unit, AMD. “Through this collaboration, our joint customers can now get immediate impact out of the high-capacity DDR5 memory offering from Micron in an AMD EPYC CPU powered server, delivering the performance and efficiency needed for the modern data center.”

“Adopting advanced memory capabilities, while ensuring high-performance and efficiency, is critical to supporting growing AI workloads in training, tuning, and inferencing,” Krista Satterthwaite, senior vice president and general manager, Compute at HPE. “We are committed to providing the most high-performing, energy-efficient solutions, and through our collaboration with Micron, plan to deliver monolithic, high-density DRAM across our AI portfolio to help our enterprise customers gain optimal performance to tackle any workload.”

“Micron’s 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory is the first 32Gb monolithic DRAM-based high-capacity DIMM that has completed Intel platform memory compatibility qualification on 4th and 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors,” said Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas, vice president of Intel’s Memory and IO Technologies, Intel Corporation. “32Gb density based DDR5 DIMMs accelerates critical server and AI system configurations bringing forward key performance, capacity, and most importantly power efficiency benefits to Intel® Xeon® processor-based systems. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Micron to drive broad adoption of innovative products in the market that solve memory capacity and power bottlenecks for AI and server customers.”

“Supermicro is leading the industry with the broadest accelerated server and solution portfolio based on NVIDIA, AMD and Intel,” said Wally Liaw, senior vice president of Business Development and co-founder at Supermicro. “Savvy customers are looking for large memory footprint, performance, and efficiency improvements in the AI infrastructure. Customers can benefit significantly from Supermicro’s advanced GPU SuperServers with the new 32Gb monolithic DRAM-based 128GB memory, and we are excited to collaborate with Micron to enable this.”

Micron 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory is available now directly from Micron and will be available through select global channel distributors and resellers in June 2024. As part of its comprehensive data center memory portfolio, Micron offers a wide array of memory options across DDR5 RDIMMs, MCRDIMMs, MRDIMMs, CXL and LPDDR5x form factors to allow customers to integrate optimized solutions for AI and high-performance computing (HPC) applications that suit their needs for bandwidth, capacity and power optimization. For more information, visit Micron’s DDR5 webpage.


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1 Based on competitive data sheets and JEDEC specifications.

2 Micron 5,600 MT/s 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory compared to SK Hynix’s 5,600 MT/s 3DS TSV product yields 22.2% better power efficiency.

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