DEXIS Drives Dental Imaging Innovation with Introduction of AI-Powered Implant Ecosystem

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DEXIS introduces an AI-powered digital ecosystem for implant dentistry workflows, offering integrated tools for diagnosis, treatment planning, and collaboration. The platform includes advanced imaging technology, AI-driven software, and user-friendly features to enhance clinical efficiency and patient outcomes.
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The integration of AI into dental implant workflows represents a significant advancement in dental technology. The DEXIS digital ecosystem aims to streamline the implant process by offering a suite of interconnected tools, including CBCT, intraoral scanning, diagnostics and treatment planning software. This integration is poised to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of dental practices, potentially reducing chair time and improving patient outcomes.

AI-powered features such as automatic annotation, tooth number recognition and mandibular nerve canal tracing are designed to reduce the manual effort required in diagnostics and planning. By automating these tasks, clinicians can potentially reduce the risk of human error, leading to more predictable implant outcomes. Moreover, the ability to merge CBCT and optical scans into a 3D rendering allows for precise treatment planning, which is critical in complex implant cases.

The adoption of such technology could also have financial implications for dental practices. The initial investment in the DEXIS digital ecosystem may be offset by the gains in productivity and the potential for attracting more patients due to advanced technology offerings. Additionally, the ability to create surgical guides in-house or outsource them efficiently could further optimize the cost-efficiency of dental practices.

From an industry perspective, the launch of the DEXIS digital ecosystem reflects a growing trend towards digitalization and personalized healthcare. By focusing on AI-driven solutions, DEXIS is positioning itself at the forefront of dental technology innovation. This move aligns with the broader healthcare industry's shift towards precision medicine and could influence competitive dynamics within the dental equipment market.

The emphasis on a user-friendly platform that simplifies collaboration among team members and with external partners could set a new standard for interoperability in dental practice management software. Practices adopting this technology may gain a competitive edge by offering a more integrated and patient-centric experience.

Furthermore, the continual updates and improvements to the DEXIS platform, as evidenced by the recent enhancements to its intraoral scanning software, signal a commitment to ongoing innovation. This could reassure stakeholders of the company's dedication to maintaining a leading position in the market, which may have positive implications for investor confidence and stock valuation.

The introduction of the DEXIS digital ecosystem is likely to impact the dental equipment market by setting new expectations for integrated digital solutions. As dental professionals seek to improve their service offerings and operational efficiency, demand for such comprehensive platforms may increase. Market research would need to assess the adoption rates and customer satisfaction to gauge the success of this new ecosystem.

It's also important to consider the barriers to entry that may affect the market penetration of this technology. Factors such as cost, training requirements and compatibility with existing systems could influence the decision-making process of dental practices. Market research can provide valuable insights into these aspects, informing the company's strategy for market expansion and product development.

Additionally, the DEXIS ecosystem's ability to customize and scale workflows could appeal to a wide range of dental practices, from small clinics to large dental chains. This versatility may enable DEXIS to capture a larger market share and potentially disrupt the status quo of dental practice management.

DEXIS™ announces a new advancement in implant dentistry workflows with the DEXIS digital ecosystem: an interconnected, AI-powered platform for digital implants - combining cutting-edge CBCT, intraoral scanning, diagnostics, and treatment planning. The ecosystem is designed to empower clinicians to manage each step of an implant case, from diagnosis to delivery, with one integrated tool set.

QUAKERTOWN, PA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / For over 70 years, DEXIS has been committed to providing clinicians with smart tools to accurately diagnose patients, create treatment plans, and achieve desired outcomes. The DEXIS digital ecosystem is no exception and continues to uphold that same tradition of excellence. With this prosthetic-driven implant system, you'll gain access to an open imaging platform, complete with diagnostics and treatment planning software, driven by Assisted Intelligence and tailored specifically for implant workflows.

Recognizing the daily challenges of managing data, processes and expectations, the DEXIS digital ecosystem takes pride in its simplicity. This user-friendly platform allows clinicians to efficiently organize, analyze and plan cases while seamlessly collaborating with team members and partners.

"I can complete each step of a clinical case from within one software - educating the patient, making a diagnosis, creating a treatment plan and gaining acceptance," said Dr. Katya Archambault, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist in La Jolla, California. "My staff loves it because they don't have to pull up tons of different programs. It's all just very clear, clean and on the same page."

In late 2023, DEXIS launched the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D™ LX, an advanced cone beam computed tomography technology that enhances 3D diagnostic capabilities with flexible FOV options and short scan times, boosting diagnostic confidence and supporting an evolving practice.

"At DEXIS, our product development team worked with over 200 dentists and their teams to put the customer at the center of our solutions," said Brian Gooch, Global Product Management and Marketing Vice President at DEXIS. "With implant workflows, the DEXIS solution promotes diagnostic confidence and delivers productivity to the office. We are always in motion, driven by a profound commitment to innovate and improve our solutions for clinics striving for a more efficient way of working."

After launching the OP 3D LX, DEXIS announced the release of an upgraded version of its intraoral scanning software - IS ScanFlow. Through guided workflows and the use of AI-powered tools, users can confidently navigate complex scanning situations and consistently acquire accurate data. A good example of this is the new full arch workflow, which assists users in obtaining scan data for full-mouth rehabilitations, providing step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

"We've used the new full arch workflow," said Dr. Robert Pauley, practice owner in Union City, Georgia. "It's very easy to take the common scan with the provisional in place, remove and scan the provisional and then obtain a final scan of the soft tissue with scanbodies."

DEXIS has also brought advancements to the core platform of its digital ecosystem, DTX Studio™ Clinic - an AI-driven diagnostic and treatment planning software. DTX Studio Clinic seamlessly integrates with the DEXIS intraoral scanning solution, serving as the central hub for clinicians to manage all patient data and files. With a clear and reliable source of information for each case, DTX Studio Clinic effortlessly assists with every step of the process, from dental imaging and diagnostics to treatment planning, manufacturing, and follow-up.

With an array of AI-driven tools to enhance the implant process, DTX Studio Clinic prioritizes high productivity and effective communication. Assisted Intelligence streamlines your diagnostics by preparing CBCT images, automatically annotating features like tooth positions and panoramic curves, and tracing the mandibular nerve canal - saving you time and effort. Additionally, the automated merging of CBCT and optical scans creates a realistic 3D digital rendering of a patient's dentition for accurate treatment planning.

Clinicians have the freedom to customize their workflow, while ensuring that patients, labs, and staff have the visibility they need for a seamless experience. This is accomplished through a variety of tools and features, including:

  • AI-assisted case setup for chairside diagnostics and treatment planning
  • Dynamic view of images, findings and treatment plans all on one screen
  • Automatic merging of CBCT and intraoral scans
  • AI-powered powered tooth number recognition
  • AI-powered automated tooth setup
  • AI-powered focus area identification
  • Assisted mandibular nerve canal tracing
  • Assisted airway identification
  • Easy partner access to all digital files
  • Cross-practice access to all information from any computer
  • Virtual implant library
  • Surgical guide creation to 3D print in-house or for outsourcing
  • Dynamic surgery with X-Guide

The DEXIS digital ecosystem empowers clinicians to manage their entire implant process with one, integrated toolset, while preserving complete flexibility to adapt their workflows based on the individual needs of each case. With this uniquely connected platform, clinicians now have the freedom to personalize their workflows and the standardization to scale them.

Explore the DEXIS digital ecosystem here.


DEXIS has been a global leading brand in digital radiography for 70+ years. Today, DEXIS has brought together the most trusted brands in 3D imaging, intraoral scanning solutions, and diagnostic software to provide you with a complete digital diagnostic solution under a brand name. Our innovative award-winning technology enhances the way you diagnose, accelerates your workflow, and delivers simpler treatment paths with better patient outcomes. For more information, please visit

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DEXIS introduced an interconnected, AI-powered digital ecosystem for digital implants, combining CBCT, intraoral scanning, diagnostics, and treatment planning.

DEXIS launched the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D LX, a cone beam computed tomography technology with flexible FOV options and short scan times.

The new full arch workflow in IS ScanFlow provides step-by-step guidance for obtaining scan data for full-mouth rehabilitations, aiding users in complex scanning situations.

DTX Studio Clinic is an AI-driven diagnostic and treatment planning software that seamlessly integrates with the DEXIS intraoral scanning solution, serving as a central hub for managing patient data and files.

DTX Studio Clinic offers AI-assisted case setup, dynamic view of images and treatment plans, automatic merging of CBCT and intraoral scans, AI-powered tooth number recognition, and more.
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