OneMedNet Sees Real World Data Growth in Women’s Health

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OneMedNet Corporation (ONMD) announces a growth initiative supporting women's health research, catering to increasing demand from Life Science innovators. The company has a vast regulatory-grade imaging Real World Data database, benefiting patients and organizations. With a focus on women's health issues like cancer, cardiac disease, and Alzheimer's, OneMedNet aims to provide dedicated resources for better understanding and opportunities in this sector.
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OneMedNet Corporation's announcement of a growth initiative focused on women's health research signifies an expansion into a vital and potentially lucrative segment of the healthcare market. By leveraging their substantial regulatory-grade imaging Real World Data (RWD) database, OneMedNet is positioning itself as a key player in the burgeoning field of data-driven healthcare solutions. The emphasis on women's health taps into a growing awareness and investment in gender-specific healthcare needs, which is a trend gaining momentum across the healthcare industry.

The strategic move to cater to Life Science innovators and pharmaceutical companies indicates a recognition of the increasing demand for high-quality RWD in developing treatments and drugs. This could lead to sustained revenue growth and stronger partnerships within the healthcare sector. The initiative's success will hinge on the company's ability to maintain data integrity and privacy while meeting the specific research requirements of its clients. The mention of a 'complete folder of de-identified data' underscores the importance of patient confidentiality in the handling of sensitive health information.

For investors, the key factors to monitor would be the rate of new business generated from this initiative and its impact on the company's overall financial performance. The ability to fill multiple orders from major pharmaceutical companies is an encouraging sign that could indicate future revenue streams and possibly affect the stock's performance positively if the trend continues.

The utilization of regulatory-grade imaging RWD in women's health research is a significant development for OneMedNet, given the critical role that clinical imaging plays in diagnosing and researching diseases. With over 235 healthcare providers in their network, the company's access to diverse data sets could accelerate research in areas such as cancer, cardiac disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's specifically affecting women. The depth and breadth of data available can enhance the quality of observational studies and potentially expedite the development of new therapies and diagnostic tools.

From a research perspective, the ability to dive deeper into de-identified data ensures that researchers can conduct more granular analysis without compromising patient privacy. This could lead to more precise cohort studies and tailored healthcare solutions. The specialized in-house data curation team adds another layer of value, ensuring that the data meets the exacting standards required for regulatory compliance and research efficacy. These factors combined could position OneMedNet as a preferred partner for organizations seeking high-quality data for women's health research.

OneMedNet's initiative in women's health research represents a strategic investment that could have long-term financial implications for the company. By establishing a dedicated resource for this sector, OneMedNet is not only expanding its market reach but also potentially enhancing its competitive edge. The company's ability to secure and fulfill orders from leading pharmaceutical companies is a testament to its operational capabilities and the perceived value of its RWD.

Investors should evaluate the potential return on investment from this growth initiative by considering the scale of the women's health market and the increasing reliance on RWD by pharmaceutical companies for drug development and approval processes. The financial health of OneMedNet will be influenced by the efficiency of its data curation process and the scalability of its iRWD® network. As the company captures a larger share of the women's health research market, its financial position could strengthen, potentially leading to increased shareholder value. However, investors must also weigh the risks associated with the costs of expanding the initiative and the potential for market saturation or shifts in regulatory policies affecting the use of RWD.

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OneMedNet Corporation (Nasdaq: ONMD) (“OneMedNet” or the “Company”), the leading curator of regulatory-grade imaging Real World Data (“RWD”), today announced a growth initiative supporting women’s health research. The company is seeing increasing business and new opportunities from Life Science innovators including leading pharmaceutical companies requiring RWD for women’s health programs and has already filled multiple orders.

“Clinical imaging is the gold standard diagnostic tool for evaluating a large number of women’s health issues,” said Aaron Green, OneMedNet President. “Importantly, we have one of the largest regulatory-grade, image-centric RWD databases available and Life Science organizations and ultimately patients are benefiting from access.”

Women’s health research utilizing RWD includes several cancer types, cardiac disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, as well as other disease states. OneMedNet’s women’s health initiative will include dedicated resources aimed at better understanding the needs and opportunities in this critical sector.

OneMedNet features over 235+ healthcare providers within the iRWD® network. All data remains local to provider sites allowing researchers to dive deeper and/or expand their analysis with a complete folder of de-identified data available. The in-house data curation team are all clinically certified and ensure that every aspect of a requested cohort specification is met to exact detail.

About OneMedNet Corporation

OneMedNet was the first company to trademark a RWD offering through its OneMedNet iRWD™ solution that utilizes AI to securely de-identify, search, and curate imaging data for the benefit of its partner network consisting of medical and academic research institutions to generate progression in stages of medical research, discovery and diagnostics that span the field of life sciences. OneMedNet integrates AI and other digital technologies into their existing development processes to enhance data anomaly detection, standardization, and quality checking at the pre-processing stage. AI offers OneMedNet’s partners and customers the ability to increase meaningful Real World Evidence output, decrease time to insights, and make the most of the available vast data sources.

The OneMedNet iRWD network consists of more than 200 healthcare systems and providers. Founded in 2009, OneMedNet provides innovative solutions that unlock the significant value contained within the clinical image archives of healthcare providers. By leveraging this extensive federated provider network, together with industry leading technology and in-house clinical expertise, OneMedNet successfully meets the most rigorous RWD Life Science requirements. For more information, please visit

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Shannon Devine
MZ Group North America



What is the focus of OneMedNet Corporation's growth initiative?

OneMedNet Corporation's growth initiative focuses on supporting women's health research.

Which ticker symbol represents OneMedNet Corporation?

The ticker symbol for OneMedNet Corporation is ONMD.

What type of data does OneMedNet provide for Life Science innovators?

OneMedNet provides regulatory-grade imaging Real World Data (RWD) for Life Science innovators.

How many healthcare providers are featured within OneMedNet's iRWD network?

OneMedNet features over 235+ healthcare providers within the iRWD network.

What are some of the women's health issues covered by OneMedNet's RWD database?

Women's health issues covered by OneMedNet's RWD database include cancer types, cardiac disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, and other disease states.

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