Roche and Hitachi High-Tech extend their 46-year partnership, paving the way for further breakthroughs in diagnostic testing

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Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have extended their 46-year partnership for an additional 10 years, focusing on innovations in diagnostic testing. The collaboration, which has resulted in significant technological advancements, aims to enhance patient care and laboratory efficiency.

This renewed agreement will introduce new diagnostic units like cobas® c 703, cobas® ISE neo, and cobas® Mass Spec, emphasizing automation and accuracy. With over 84,000 diagnostic platforms installed globally and 21 billion tests conducted annually, the partnership aims to deliver new solutions quickly and efficiently to healthcare systems worldwide.

  • Renewed 10-year partnership promises continued innovation in diagnostics.
  • Introduction of cobas® c 703 and cobas® ISE neo units to enhance testing capacity.
  • Launch of cobas® Mass Spec solution for fully automated mass spectrometry.
  • Over 84,000 diagnostic platforms installed globally.
  • 21 billion tests performed annually on Roche systems.
  • Increased automation in diagnostics improves efficiency and accuracy.
  • Shared vision to advance sustainability and resilience in healthcare systems.
  • Potential risks in executing the new technologies on a global scale.
  • High dependency on the successful launch and adoption of new products.
  • Operation costs could increase with the development and integration of new solutions.
  • Market competition may impact the revenue growth despite innovations.
  • Financial pressure on maintaining and upgrading an extensive installed base.
  • Renewed partnership combines best in class engineering capabilities with cutting edge science to accelerate the availability of new solutions for customers and patients worldwide
  • Upcoming launches of the new cobas® c703 & ISE neo units and cobas® Mass Spec solution are testament to the partnership's dedication to continued innovation
  • The new 10-year contract will focus on strengthening the partnership for continued transformative innovation for patients

BASEL, Switzerland, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Roche announced today that Hitachi High-Tech and Roche have extended their partnership, committing to at least 10 years of additional collaboration. Bringing together the companies' expertise and track record in diagnostics innovation, engineering and manufacturing, the renewed contract further strengthens the two companies' long lasting partnership.

Together, the companies have delivered significant innovations that paved the way for industry-leading in-vitro diagnostic solutions. From revolutionising the clinical lab with the world's first multi-channel analyser, to the automation of immunology, the collaboration has led to groundbreaking innovations that have enabled labs and healthcare systems to overcome delivery challenges and get patients the care they need.

"I am delighted that with this new agreement, Roche and Hitachi High-Tech can continue to push the boundaries of medical technology and transform patient care", commented Palani Kumaresan, Head of Roche Diagnostic Solutions. "Together, we have built an unrivalled installed base of more than 84,000 diagnostic platforms around the globe. This brings both speed and scale to testing for our customers, helping them to better serve patients' needs."

"Hitachi High-Tech and Roche have worked together to expand in the field of in-vitro diagnostics by boldly pursuing innovations. The renewal of this agreement demonstrates both companies' commitment to the future of the global diagnostics market. We look forward to continuing to work together to further expand the utility of in-vitro diagnostics in healthcare," said Taku Sakazume, Executive Officer, Head of Diagnostic System Business, Hitachi High-Tech Corporation.

Today, more than 21 billion tests are performed on Roche systems covered under this collaboration every year, a number that is expected to continue to grow with this new agreement. The scale and reach of existing operations allow the rapid delivery of new tests and new technologies across the world. At the same time, automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention, increasing efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

Later this year, Roche and Hitachi High-Tech plan to introduce exciting new innovations including the new analytical units cobas® c 703 and cobas® ISE neo for cobas® pro integrated solutions, to increase potential testing capacity for labs and provide accurate and timely diagnosis for millions of patients around the world. By the end of the year, the introduction of the new cobas® Mass Spec solution will mark another exciting milestone by integrating fully-automated mass spectrometry into the routine lab. This will make this gold standard technology available to more people around the world across various clinical applications.

Innovations like these are redefining how and where diagnostics are delivered, and helping to improve sustainability and resilience in health systems worldwide. The renewed partnership reinforces the shared vision of Roche and Hitachi High-Tech to continue exploring new technologies that can deliver much needed efficiencies in labs, support clinicians in their decision-making, and enable people to access the rapid and reliable diagnostics they need to live longer, healthier lives.

About the Partnership
Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have been collaborating to bring innovative new diagnostics to those that need them most since 1978. Today the collaboration has resulted in an unrivalled global reach of over 84,000 installed diagnostic units worldwide.

Together Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have brought numerous innovations to the field of in-vitro diagnostics including the pioneering 'serum work area' concept that integrates clinical chemistry, ISE and immunochemistry into one system. In addition to innovation in testing, the long-standing partnership is also highly focused on improving sustainability within diagnostics, with new generation systems being able to reduce plastic waste by up to 80 percent.

Both Roche and Hitachi High-Tech share the vision to drive innovation in in-vitro diagnostics to solve healthcare challenges of today and in the future.

About Roche
Founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland, as one of the first industrial manufacturers of branded medicines, Roche has grown into the world's largest biotechnology company and the global leader in in-vitro diagnostics. The company pursues scientific excellence to discover and develop medicines and diagnostics for improving and saving the lives of people around the world. We are a pioneer in personalised healthcare and want to further transform how healthcare is delivered to have an even greater impact. To provide the best care for each person we partner with many stakeholders and combine our strengths in Diagnostics and Pharma with data insights from the clinical practice.

In recognising our endeavour to pursue a long-term perspective in all we do, Roche has been named one of the most sustainable companies in the pharmaceuticals industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the thirteenth consecutive year. This distinction also reflects our efforts to improve access to healthcare together with local partners in every country we work.

Genentech, in the United States, is a wholly owned member of the Roche Group. Roche is the majority shareholder in Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan.

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What is the latest news about Roche's partnership with Hitachi High-Tech?

Roche and Hitachi High-Tech have extended their partnership for another 10 years, focusing on innovations in diagnostic testing.

What new products are Roche and Hitachi High-Tech planning to launch?

They are planning to launch the cobas® c 703, cobas® ISE neo, and cobas® Mass Spec diagnostic units.

How many diagnostic platforms have Roche and Hitachi High-Tech installed globally?

They have installed over 84,000 diagnostic platforms globally.

How many tests are performed annually on Roche systems under this partnership?

More than 21 billion tests are performed annually.

What are the benefits of the renewed Roche and Hitachi High-Tech partnership?

The partnership aims to improve diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and the delivery speed of new solutions.

What is the focus of the new 10-year contract between Roche and Hitachi High-Tech?

The focus is on continued transformative innovation in diagnostics for better patient care and laboratory efficiency.

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