Schneider Electric Announces 'SpecLive Collaborate', A First-of-its-Kind Platform Streamlining Specification Development Process

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Schneider Electric has launched 'SpecLive Collaborate,' a pioneering platform designed to modernize and streamline the product specification process for architectural, engineering, and construction professionals.

Developed with RIB Software, this cloud-based workspace offers real-time access to technical product data, reducing coordination gaps and enhancing collaboration. The tool provides specifiers with accurate, up-to-date information, improving project transparency and efficiency without requiring new workflows.

Available via the MySchneider portal, SpecLive Collaborate is free for users enrolled in the program.

  • Launch of SpecLive Collaborate, a first-of-its-kind platform, modernizing the specification process.
  • Cloud-based workspace offers real-time access to technical data, reducing coordination gaps.
  • Developed with RIB Software, improving accuracy and transparency in projects.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface saves time and enhances efficiency.
  • SpecLive Collaborate is free for MySchneider program members.
  • No direct financial data or expected revenue impact from the platform's launch.
  • Potential market adoption risks due to novelty and industry hesitation in adopting new tools.
  • Lack of detailed performance metrics or pilot results to validate claims.
  • Industry's first platform for Specifiers that provides complete, up-to-date information to increase accuracy for architectural, engineering, and construction specifications
  • Developed in partnership with RIB Software, next-generation platform provides new levels of simplicity, transparency, and version control for modern design and engineering firms
  • Intuitive, cloud-based workspace to easily manage project specifications, track progress, and seamlessly download data

BOSTON, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today launched SpecLive Collaborate, a first-of-its-kind platform, to modernize and streamline product specification and content integration for professionals. Developed in partnership with RIB Software, SpecLive Collaborate represents the next generation of collaborative, prescriptive solutions and is the latest offer in the Schneider Electric Specifier toolkit.

Developing specifications is often a disjointed, manual process that relies on templatized content based on potentially outdated office files where the latest or most pertinent information can often get lost in version control. SpecLive Collaborate provides specifiers and engineers with a simple, streamlined experience for evaluating Schneider Electric's cutting-edge solutions. This platform keeps essential technical product data intact by providing real time access to cloud-hosted specification content, reducing coordination gaps for the duration of the specification process. By improving upon static document-based processes, SpecLive Collaborate empowers teams with a shared, cloud-based workspace to develop more accurate specifications more collaboratively and more efficiently.

"Effective collaboration in the commercial construction industry can be difficult, even with modern technology," said Kelly Sinovich, Director, U.S. Specifier Channel, Schneider Electric. "SpecLive Collaborate addresses the need for easy-to-use collaboration tools as the industry's first side-by-side coediting platform offering a single source of truth with complete, current content and access to Schneider Electric experts for potential questions. We thank the RIB team for their partnership on this endeavor as we aim to make specification development as frictionless and efficient as possible."

Schneider Electric engaged RIB to develop the SpecLive Collaborate platform to address an unmet need in the specifier marketplace for those still using multiple documents and sources to complete their project specifications.  

SpecLive Collaborate improves project accuracy, transparency

Commercial firms are increasingly digitizing their operations. The inclusion of new systems with interconnected products can add complexity to both the modeling and specifications stages, as these systems must be supported by context-specific specification language, supporting technical data, and often access to a representative. To answer these demands, SpecLive Collaborate:

  • Keeps firms engaged. SpecLive Collaborate allows stakeholders to work side-by-side on the same specification and automatically updates every file, providing visibility beyond typical rote selection and configuration. This transparency empowers end users to engage with the process as they develop specifications.
  • Expands stakeholder audience. SpecLive Collaborate integrates with RIB SpecLink, providing access to Schneider Electric's products and curated prescriptive specification content, directly into the workflows of a burgeoning list of owners, specifiers, architects, and engineers.
  • Moves projects forward. SpecLive Collaborate provides a cloud-based workspace with simple and intuitive drag and drop interface with access to prewritten content to save time while improving accuracy and efficiency.

"At RIB, our goal is to make the engineering and construction industry more digital, efficient, and sustainable and we're proud to partner with Schneider Electric, a future-looking leader in the industry, on this innovative technology," said Daimon Bridge, Managing Director, RIB North America. "We are redefining collaboration by seamlessly embedding high-quality content directly into the workflow of design and engineering firms to ensure precision in every specification, empowering end users to effortlessly integrate trusted content, thereby expediting the creation of construction specs with unparalleled accuracy."

SpecLive Collaborate platform provides real time collaboration with Schneider Electric Experts and access to up-to-date specification content to increase accuracy and manage version control.

SpecLive Collaborate is part of Schneider Electric's Specifier toolkit, made available via the MySchneider portal and your local consulting application engineers to provide users with the information to easily generate accurate and comprehensive specifications. SpecLive Collaborate does not require new workflows, and if the specifier has questions about a product or other information in the tool, they can request help directly through the platform.

Like all tools in the Specifier Toolkit, SpecLive Collaborate is free to Specifiers enrolled in the MySchneider program. To learn more about SpecLive Collaborate and other RIB manufacturer solutions, reach out to RIB at (888) 273-7638, or visit RIB online.

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What is SpecLive Collaborate?

SpecLive Collaborate is a new platform by Schneider Electric designed to streamline the product specification process for architectural, engineering, and construction professionals.

When was SpecLive Collaborate launched?

SpecLive Collaborate was launched on May 22, 2024.

Who developed SpecLive Collaborate?

SpecLive Collaborate was developed by Schneider Electric in partnership with RIB Software.

What are the features of SpecLive Collaborate?

SpecLive Collaborate offers real-time access to technical data, a cloud-based workspace, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and integration with RIB SpecLink.

Is SpecLive Collaborate free to use?

Yes, SpecLive Collaborate is free for users enrolled in the MySchneider program.

How does SpecLive Collaborate improve project specifications?

SpecLive Collaborate improves project specifications by providing accurate, up-to-date information and reducing coordination gaps through real-time data access and cloud-based collaboration.

Where can I access SpecLive Collaborate?

SpecLive Collaborate can be accessed via the MySchneider portal.

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