S&P Global Market Intelligence Launches RiskGauge™ Desktop Solution Designed for Corporates to Effectively Manage and Monetize Credit Risk Across Volatility Levels, Geographies and Sectors

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S&P Global Market Intelligence has announced the launch of RiskGauge™ Desktop, a new solution aimed at enhancing credit risk management for corporations. Combining S&P Capital IQ data, advanced analytics, and an intuitive user interface, RiskGauge Desktop is designed to streamline credit risk assessment workflows across various sectors and geographies. Key features include proprietary scoring methodologies, early warning signals, and comprehensive reports for over 50 million companies. This tool aims to provide credit professionals with actionable insights to mitigate risk and identify new opportunities in a dynamic market environment.

  • Launch of RiskGauge Desktop to enhance credit risk management.
  • Combines S&P Capital IQ data, analytics, and user-friendly interface.
  • Proprietary scoring methodology for accurate credit risk assessment.
  • Early warning signals to enable quicker risk mitigation actions.
  • Comprehensive data covering over 50 million companies.
  • Aimed at improving credit risk management for corporations of all sizes.
  • No direct mention of user feedback or trials to validate effectiveness.
  • Potential high cost of implementation for smaller corporations.
  • Risk of data overload and complexity for less sophisticated users.

Newly launched solution enables navigation of sectors across low to high probabilities of default including utilities, energy, communications services and consumer discretionary

NEW YORK, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Global Market Intelligence, a provider of information services and solutions to global markets, today announced the launch of RiskGauge™ Desktop, a scalable solution designed to streamline the credit risk assessment workflows of corporations of all scopes and sizes. RiskGauge Desktop combines deep credit expertise, S&P Capital IQ's extensive data assets, cutting edge analytics and an intuitive user workflow to provide credit professionals with a clear, tailored view of their credit risk exposures.

"Bringing our vast credit data, advanced analytics and real-time portfolio surveillance into a single desktop application optimizes complex credit risk management for any organization," said Whit McGraw, Head of Credit and Risk Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence. "RiskGauge Desktop provides data-based insights that help credit leaders mitigate risk, identify new opportunities and enhance their overall credit risk management capabilities. Our goal was to build a product that forms the backbone for sustainable growth for organizations of all sizes and levels of sophistication, especially important in today's dynamic market environment."

Key features of RiskGauge Desktop include:

  • Proprietary scoring methodology combining market, financial and business risk inputs to offer a more accurate read on entity and portfolio risks.
  • An innovative model combining financial, business and market risk for millions of companies with the option of macroeconomic scenario, qualitative adjustment and loss given default overlays, to provide a more comprehensive view of risk.
  • At-a-glance view of critical entity and portfolio risk, enabling quicker action through early warning signals.
  • Ability to view customer trends and stratify risk by country, industry and risk scores and analysis across key segments and peer groups, allowing for the identification of potential risk hot spots.
  • RiskGauge reports for more than 50 million companies with detailed historical performance and key developments.
  • Access to S&P Capital IQ extensive data assets, including financial statements for over 12 million public and private companies, news, key developments, ownership and transactions data.

For more information about RiskGauge Desktop, click here.

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What is the new product launched by S&P Global Market Intelligence?

S&P Global Market Intelligence has launched RiskGauge™ Desktop, a solution designed to enhance credit risk management.

What are the key features of RiskGauge Desktop?

Key features include proprietary scoring methodologies, early warning signals, and comprehensive reports for over 50 million companies.

How does RiskGauge Desktop help credit professionals?

RiskGauge Desktop provides actionable insights to mitigate risk, identify new opportunities, and enhance credit risk management capabilities.

What data does RiskGauge Desktop utilize?

RiskGauge Desktop utilizes S&P Capital IQ's extensive data assets, including financial statements for over 12 million companies.

When was RiskGauge Desktop launched?

RiskGauge Desktop was launched on June 17, 2024.

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