AGBA Stands Firm: The AGBA-Triller Merger is Value-Enhancing to All Stakeholders

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AGBA Group Holding (NASDAQ: AGBA) refutes claims made by Brodsky & Smith and Halper Sadeh regarding an investigation into its merger agreement with Triller Corp. AGBA asserts the allegations are baseless and vows to defend itself legally. The merger is seen as a value-enhancing move for all stakeholders, with Triller well-positioned to benefit from the evolving social media landscape.
AGBA Group Holding (NASDAQ: AGBA) nega le accuse fatte da Brodsky & Smith e Halper Sadeh riguardo a un'indagine sulla fusione con Triller Corp. AGBA afferma che le denunce sono infondate e si impegna a difendersi legalmente. La fusione è considerata un'operazione che aumenterà il valore per tutti gli stakeholders, con Triller ben posizionata per trarre vantaggio dall'evoluzione del panorama dei social media.
AGBA Group Holding (NASDAQ: AGBA) refuta las afirmaciones hechas por Brodsky & Smith y Halper Sadeh sobre una investigación en su acuerdo de fusión con Triller Corp. AGBA asegura que las alegaciones son infundadas y promete defenderse legalmente. La fusión se ve como una movida que aumenta el valor para todos los interesados, con Triller bien posicionada para beneficiarse del paisaje mediático social en evolución.
AGBA 그룹 홀딩(NASDAQ: AGBA)은 Brodsky & Smith 및 Halper Sadeh가 Triller Corp와의 합병에 관한 조사에 대해 제기한 주장을 반박합니다. AGBA는 이러한 주장이 근거가 없다고 주장하며 법적으로 자신을 방어할 것임을 다짐합니다. 이 합병은 모든 이해 관계자에게 가치를 증대시키는 움직임으로 보이며, Triller는 진화하는 소셜 미디어 환경에서 혜택을 받을 수 있는 좋은 위치에 있습니다.
AGBA Group Holding (NASDAQ: AGBA) réfute les allégations faites par Brodsky & Smith et Halper Sadeh concernant une enquête sur son accord de fusion avec Triller Corp. AGBA affirme que les allégations sont sans fondement et s'engage à se défendre légalement. La fusion est vue comme un mouvement qui augmentera la valeur pour tous les parties prenantes, avec Triller bien positionné pour bénéficier de l'évolution du paysage des médias sociaux.
AGBA Group Holding (NASDAQ: AGBA) weist die von Brodsky & Smith und Halper Sadeh erhobenen Behauptungen zurück, welche eine Untersuchung ihrer Fusionsvereinbarung mit Triller Corp betreffen. AGBA behauptet, die Vorwürfe seien grundlos und verspricht, sich rechtlich zu verteidigen. Die Fusion wird als wertsteigernde Maßnahme für alle Stakeholder angesehen, wobei Triller gut positioniert ist, um von der sich entwickelnden Landschaft der sozialen Medien zu profitieren.
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LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AGBA Group Holding Limited (NASDAQ: AGBA) has become aware of a press release issued by Brodsky & Smith (“BS”) on April 23, 2024 which claims that BS is conducting an “investigation” of AGBA in connection with its signing of a merger agreement with Triller Corp. that was announced on April 18, 2024.

AGBA also has become aware of a similar press release issued by Halper Sadeh LLC (“HS”) on April 22, 2024. AGBA wishes to emphasize that the statements in the BS and HS press releases are frivolous and totally without merit, and if BS or HS initiates any legal claims based on the allegations in their press releases, AGBA will vigorously defend itself to the fullest extent permitted by law, and will seek any and all legally available remedies against such claimants as well as reimbursement of AGBA’s legal fees incurred in defending itself against these meritless claims.

AGBA believes that the proposed merger with Triller Corp will create significant value for all shareholders. Given the rapidly changing landscape in the social media industry, AGBA is confident that Triller is well-positioned to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities. The proposed merger represents a unique combination of social media and content, as well as fintech and healthtech, leveraging the AI capabilities of the combined group.

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What is the ticker symbol for AGBA Group Holding ?

The ticker symbol for AGBA Group Holding is NASDAQ: AGBA.

When was the merger agreement between AGBA and Triller Corp. announced?

The merger agreement between AGBA and Triller Corp. was announced on April 18, 2024.

Why does AGBA refute the claims made by Brodsky & Smith and Halper Sadeh ?

AGBA refutes the claims as baseless and without merit, and vows to defend itself legally.

How does AGBA view the proposed merger with Triller Corp in terms of shareholder value?

AGBA believes the proposed merger with Triller Corp will create significant value for all shareholders.

What industries will the proposed merger between AGBA and Triller Corp. combine?

The proposed merger will combine social media, content, fintech, and healthtech industries.

What capabilities will be leveraged in the combined group after the merger?

The AI capabilities of the combined group will be leveraged after the merger.

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