AMN Healthcare Enhances Internal Resource Pool Management for Health Systems with Vendor Neutral Technology Capabilities

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AMN Healthcare announces enhanced capabilities of ShiftWise Flex, a workforce management platform, to meet the increasing needs of the healthcare industry. The platform enables healthcare systems to efficiently manage internal float pools and agencies, providing transparency, visibility, and data-driven decision-making.
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The announcement by AMN Healthcare regarding the expansion of its ShiftWise Flex platform represents a significant advancement in healthcare workforce management technology. The integration of this platform with internal talent management systems and the addition of data-driven decision-making tools are key developments. These enhancements stand to improve operational efficiency and quality of care by enabling healthcare organizations to better manage their internal float pools and agency staff.

From a technology perspective, the introduction of customizable workflows and real-time reporting capabilities indicates a shift towards more agile and responsive workforce management solutions. This could lead to a reduction in labor costs and an increase in productivity for healthcare providers. Moreover, the compliance and credentialing management feature is critical, as it addresses the stringent regulatory requirements within the healthcare industry. By streamlining these processes, hospitals can ensure that they meet industry standards while also saving time and resources.

For stakeholders, this platform could provide a competitive edge to AMN Healthcare in the healthcare staffing market. The increased efficiency and potential cost savings for healthcare systems might translate into financial gains for AMN Healthcare, possibly impacting its stock positively if the market perceives the value in these enhancements.

The healthcare industry is experiencing a significant transformation driven by technology and AMN Healthcare's enhancement of ShiftWise Flex aligns with this trend. By offering a vendor-neutral workforce management solution, AMN is positioning itself to capture a larger market share within the healthcare staffing industry, which is a critical factor for investors to consider.

Moreover, the integration with the AMN Passport app, described as the most downloaded clinician engagement app, indicates a strategic move to increase user engagement and adoption rates. This user-centric approach may lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates among clinicians, which is essential in an industry facing a shortage of healthcare professionals. The ability for clinicians to engage with the platform through self-service capabilities could also lead to a more streamlined staffing process, reducing the time-to-fill for critical roles and enhancing the overall effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Investors should monitor the adoption rates of the ShiftWise Flex platform and the subsequent financial performance of AMN Healthcare. The success of this platform could serve as an indicator of the company's innovation capabilities and its potential to lead in the evolving healthcare staffing market.

The enhanced capabilities of AMN Healthcare's ShiftWise Flex platform, particularly in compliance and credentialing management, address a critical aspect of healthcare staffing. Compliance with healthcare regulations and the credentialing of clinical staff are complex and labor-intensive processes. By automating and centralizing these functions, the platform could significantly reduce the administrative burden on healthcare organizations.

Efficient compliance management is not only a matter of adhering to regulations but also plays a crucial role in patient safety and quality of care. The ability to manage and verify clinician credentials in real-time can prevent lapses in compliance that might otherwise lead to legal liabilities or jeopardize patient outcomes. This aspect of the platform could be particularly appealing to healthcare organizations that operate in multiple jurisdictions with varying regulations.

From a long-term perspective, the emphasis on compliance could improve the reputation of AMN Healthcare as a provider of reliable and safe staffing solutions. This could be a deciding factor for healthcare organizations when choosing a staffing partner, potentially leading to increased business for AMN Healthcare and positive implications for its financial stability.

DALLAS, March 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In response to the healthcare industry’s increasing needs for innovative workforce solutions, AMN Healthcare, the leader in total talent solutions for healthcare organizations, announces expanded capabilities of its vendor neutral workforce management platform, ShiftWise Flex. This enhancement enables healthcare systems to expertly manage their internal float pools and agencies, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in staffing processes.

“ShiftWise Flex revolutionizes how we empower healthcare systems to manage their internal resource pools. With these added capabilities, we're putting healthcare organizations in control by providing unparalleled transparency and visibility into their workforce, enabling data-driven decisions that optimize efficiency and quality of care," said Nishan Sivathasan, Division President, Technology and Workforce Solutions for AMN Healthcare.

ShiftWise Flex seamlessly integrates with hospitals' internal talent management systems and talent pools. These integrations bring workforce technology into hospitals’ ecosystems, while unlocking candidate self-service capabilities through the most downloaded clinician engagement app, AMN Passport. ShiftWise Flex is a hub for hospitals to manage their workforce needs and directly source, engage and match clinicians through AMN Passport. These capabilities provide hospitals with comprehensive, end-to-end staffing technology for their internal float pools and internal agencies.

Key features include centralized workforce visibility, customizable workflows, compliance and credentialing management, and real-time reporting and analytics.

“By unlocking agility in workforce management, the platform enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly stand up and manage internal resources and float pools, adapt to evolving demands, and elevate the efficiency of healthcare operations,” Sivathasan said. “Our clients have evolving needs in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, which is why we are committed to adapting and delivering modern solutions through cutting-edge technology.”

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About AMN Healthcare
AMN Healthcare is the leader and innovator in total talent solutions for healthcare organizations across the United States. The Company provides access to the most comprehensive network of quality healthcare professionals through its innovative recruitment strategies and breadth of career opportunities. With insights and expertise, AMN Healthcare helps providers optimize their workforce to successfully reduce complexity, increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. AMN total talent solutions include managed services programs, clinical and interim healthcare leaders, temporary staffing, permanent placement, executive search solutions, vendor management systems, recruitment process outsourcing, predictive modeling, language interpretation services, revenue cycle solutions, and other services. Clients include acute-care hospitals, community health centers and clinics, physician practice groups, retail and urgent care centers, home health facilities, schools, and many other healthcare settings. AMN Healthcare is committed to fostering and maintaining a diverse team that reflects the communities we serve. Our commitment to the inclusion of many different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives enables our innovation and leadership in the healthcare services industry. For more information about AMN Healthcare, visit

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What is the name of the workforce management platform announced by AMN Healthcare?

The workforce management platform announced by AMN Healthcare is ShiftWise Flex.

What are the key features of ShiftWise Flex?

Key features of ShiftWise Flex include centralized workforce visibility, customizable workflows, compliance and credentialing management, and real-time reporting and analytics.

Who is the Division President of Technology and Workforce Solutions for AMN Healthcare?

Nishan Sivathasan is the Division President of Technology and Workforce Solutions for AMN Healthcare.

How does ShiftWise Flex integrate with hospitals' internal talent management systems?

ShiftWise Flex seamlessly integrates with hospitals' internal talent management systems and talent pools, bringing workforce technology into hospitals' ecosystems.

What is the clinician engagement app used by AMN Healthcare?

AMN Passport is the clinician engagement app used by AMN Healthcare.

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