Barnes Aerospace Announces Two Extended Long-Term Agreements with Safran

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Barnes Aerospace extends long-term agreement with Safran Aircraft Engines for LEAP and CFM engine programs, solidifying its position as a key supplier in the aerospace industry. Agreement enables Barnes Aerospace to broaden its portfolio of products on LEAP engines and strengthens its position in the LEAP engine market. CFM56 Component Repair Agreement also extended. Barnes Aerospace's ongoing commitment to excellence and ability to meet aviation industry's demanding requirements highlighted.
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BRISTOL, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Barnes Aerospace is pleased to announce significant milestones in partnering with Safran Aircraft Engines. The two businesses extended a long-term agreement for the repair and overhaul of components for the highly regarded LEAP and CFM engine programs. This agreement solidifies Barnes Aerospace's position as a key supplier in the aerospace industry and highlights its expertise in machining and assembly of complex engine components.

Under the terms of the agreement, Barnes Aerospace will extend its relationship with Safran Aircraft Engines on the Aftermarket services for LEAP Casings, further enhancing its contribution to the program's success. This agreement will enable Barnes Aerospace to broaden its portfolio of products on LEAP engines, demonstrating its continued commitment to innovation and technological excellence and strengthening Barnes Aerospace's position in the LEAP engine market.

Safran Aircraft Engines and Barnes Aerospace have also extended their CFM56 Component Repair Agreement, which will secure this mutually beneficial program for both parties in the long term. Barnes Aerospace performs these repair services for Safran Aircraft Engines in our Singapore and West Chester, Ohio facilities.

"Barnes Aerospace is honored to be a key supplier on both the LEAP and CFM56 programs for Safran Aircraft Engines,” said Ian Reason, Senior Vice President, Barnes and President, Barnes Aerospace. “Our relentless focus on innovation, technical expertise, and aftermarket capabilities has earned us this position. We are grateful and proud of Safran’s continued trust and confidence in our longstanding relationship."

These agreements signify Barnes Aerospace's ongoing commitment to excellence and its ability to meet the demanding requirements of the aviation industry. By leveraging its extensive experience and capabilities, Barnes Aerospace is well-positioned to contribute to the continued success of the LEAP and the CFM56 engine programs.

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Barnes Aerospace, a business of Barnes, manufactures and maintains highly engineered parts for the aerospace and related industries globally. With elevated experience, Barnes Aerospace has a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of next. Barnes Aerospace offers strict compliance with customer, regulatory, and third-party standards (e.g., ISO, AS, NADCAP) for the Commercial Aerospace, Defense/Military, Energy, and Space industries where quality is crucial.
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